The Theory and the experiments

Consequences from the Unified Theory and a magnetic needle

"Amper's rule" violation. From Unified Тheory of Nature (Ampere's rule is observed not always see) follows that at the reduction of diameter (or the flattening) of the densely reeled by a wire single-layer reel and fed by the constant electric current, the magnetic field about the reel will be guided not along the reel axis, but across.

A magnetic needle and the "right-hand rule". According to Unified Тheory of Nature at the vertical travel of the free magnetic needle across the magnetic lines of force (for example, along the reel under  previous paragraph ) its polarised microvortexes (the electrons) will be turned together with the needle (The right-hand rule see). By that the maximum rotational displacement of the magnetic needle will be equal 900.

P.N.Lebedev's modified experience. The known indirect and rather difficult P.N.Lebedev's experience on the detection of the pressure of light is exchanged on the simple direct. In the experience are used the up-to-date precision lever balance. The thickness (mass) of the screen over the load on the dark cup the different. It according to Unified Тheory will upset the equlibrium. The light both through the thin, and through the thick screen is impeded equally – it does not transit in the both cases according to the modern physics on 100 %. But according to Unified Тheory the making through all (and throngh any thickness) the ether flow in the thick screen (or in the more dense, for example, the lead in comparison with the aluminium) will lose more of the filtration pressure (Gravity), than in the thin. Besides, on Unified Тheory, the quantity of ether, of the inflowing to load on the dark bowl of the balance – the ether density becomes less on its branching in the shading body.

For exception of interpretation of the gained effect, as the effect of the gravitation on  I.Njuton the experience is iterated with arrangement of the same screen about that load, but not from above, but sideways from the load. By that the power moment on the balance is maintained at the expense of attachment of the vertical post to the horizontal lever of the balance. The post have the same length as the horizontal lever,

Gravity and a solenoid. As the "magnetic field" is the ether flow (What is the magnetic field?  see), then the orientation of the local flow of ether in a usual  solenoid towards or on the fluxion of the basic flow to Earth should lead to the easing or accordingly to the amplification of interaction of these streams. Hence the solenoid, fed by the constant electric current, over the bowl of balance of the smaller its diameter, will change the equilibrium in one or other side, depending on the orientation of  its poles.

It is necessary the precision lever balance for the effect detection, and the solenoid should be long enough and/or the electric current in it the strong enough.

Gravity and a permanent magnet. As the magnetic field (the ethereous flow) partially dissipates outside of a magnet, then the previous experience can be modified. The magnet will "weigh" less or more, depending on what the pole is guided upwards.

The magnetic screen. The not weighted lever balance is counterpoised and the immovability of the scale pans is checked up at the entering of the magnet into the space over (for example) the left cup. Then on this left cup the copper rod is put. This rod is counterpoised by the weights on the right cup.

Then over the copper rod close to it, but without concerning it, the same magnet with the vertical orientation of poles is placed. According to Unified Тheory at the concurrence of fluxion of ether in the magnet with the ether fluxion to Earth the cups can not move off from the rest at all from a place since the permeability of the body – the magnet in this direction will be the major (unlike the massive lead screen with the disorder fluxions of ether, "P.N.Lebedev's modified experience" see above).

At the towards current (that is done by the magnet rotational displacement – by the  reverse) the copper  becomes easier – the cup with the rod will go upwards.

If to suppose that the magnet could act on the copper (because of the impurities in it) as it does with iron, then the magnet here at its reverse should act by both poles. However it is above indicated – the magnet should act at the present of one pole.

Besides for the preliminary control of the lack of the activity of the magnet on the copper it is executed the monitoring – rather sensitive experience. In a low plastic bath with water put the smaller plastic tray with the lying and fixed in it rod from the electrolytic copper. By that the smaller tray is erected approximately in the middle of greatest bath on the extension  of the cottonous hairline with its feeble tension. At the magnet present to one and then the second pole to any extremity of the rod the tray with the rod from pure copper will not move off from the place in the bath with water.

N.Maskelin's modified experience. Between two parallel plates from the dielectric material, for example, a termazote, the single-layer flat reel (Archimed’s spiral) is reeled.

At passing on the spiral of the constant electric current it is formed the locked flow of ether (Ampere's rule is observed not always, Magnet, Gravitation and Inertia see) from two sides about the spiral plane. The flow will be the impenetrable for the natural flow of ether to a massive body, to Earth, to other planets. The impenetrable  for ether veil is formed.

The arrangement of the indicated veil between a mountain and a bob (N.Maskelin's experience see) will give on Unified Тheory to the neutralization of influence of Gravity of the mountain on the bob. 

G.Galilej's modified experience – the ethereous pipe. On the glass tube densely an coil to another coil with the consecutive passage of a wire inside and outside of the tube is reeled the copper wire forming the high flattened toroidal reel. The reel are actuated in the direct-current circuit that in the tube creates, according to Unified Тheory ("Magnet, Gravitation and Inertia", "Ampere's rule is observed not always" see above), the longitudinal flow of ether. At the vertical arrangement of the centerline of the tube and the polarity change on the extremities of the reel the flow in the reel will influence on the velocity of fall of  bodies from the various nonferromagnetic materials, including the dielectrics.


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