Universality of the Theory

How to Find the True Unified Theory

In connection with the presence of a multitude of "Unified Theories" (Theory of Everything, Unified Field Theory and others) in the information space, I offer the reader four mandatory criteria on how to find among them the only one - the true Theory, which Humanity needs so much to overcome impending threats. 

The first criterion. The basics of the Unified Theory should be simple and their number small. 

Second. The Unified Theory, since it is unified, must have the ability to reveal any secrets of the Universe, unravel and explain any phenomena and properties of the Material World. 

Third. Unified Theory must have experimental evidence of its basic concepts. 

Fourth. The Unified Theory must have the ability to predict the future behavior of real objects of Nature. 

None of the published theories does not match the above criteria. So, due to the discrepancy with the first criterion, none of them possesses either simplicity or accessibility of application. None of them is confirmed by its application on the successful disclosure of the accumulated secrets of the Universe. None of the authors of published theories experimentally confirmed the basic concepts of their unified theory. None of them dare to make predictions that could be verified by observation or experiment. 

Conversely, the Unified Theory of Nature described here corresponds to all the specified requirements. It relies on only two simple foundations (Gravity - how Unified Theory revealed its Nature and Unique Concepts see), explains any mysterious phenomena (tested on 140 examples, Universality of the Theory see). Its main concepts are tested experimentally  Theory and Experiments see). It gives 29 predictions (see Predictions of the Theory). 

Using the Unified Theory of Nature described here, you can control the most powerful phenomenon of Nature by Gravity. Having comprehended the secret of Gravity, you can quickly extinguish dangerous forest fires, exclude catastrophic floods and mudflows sweeping all in its path. Eliminate droughts and cause fruitful rains. In the ice you will swim without an icebreaker. You can create an spacecraft in an ordinary workshop that allows you to fly to other planets or meet an asteroid and deflect it from a collision with the Earth. You will be able to the such that no one dreamed (Prevention of the catastrophes see).  

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