Working out of the Unified Theory

What is Gravity - unraveling the mystery

Gravity, your power is amazing!

What is Gravity - the most interesting secret. Let's try to reveal it on the basis of the properties of Space and ether (see above). Let's start with a force.

A force. The definition: Force is the property of the material objects (mediums) to affect against each other at cross of their movements. By that the motion with the greater stability is changed less, but with the smaller stability is changed more. If the intercrossed motions are close on degree of stability, then at the greater degrees of stability of these movements arise the oscillations of these 2 movements. At the smaller degree of stability there is a new motion instead of were two or both disappear, recovering maternal ether (Ether properties see) The force as the quantity of the indicated influence is the sum of the elementary shocks of particles(for ether – of the quasi-particles, "Ether properties" see above), i.e. it is the sum of quantities of movements mivi on the certain area in the phase of the cross of movements of objects. The pressure this is same, but on the area equal to unity.  

Essence of Gravity. The definition of Gravity in modern science is unsatisfactory. This can be seen directly from all existing definitions of concepts: Gravity and Attraction. Each of these two concepts is expressed back through the other, but each of them is not known separately. So how can you find the essence of Gravity, if not even its phenomenological definition ?! Let us give this definition. The Gravity as the phenomenon is the continuous unilateral force action on all bodies and their parts. But now we will proceed to the disclosure of the essence of Gravity on the basis of the properties of ether and Space established above.  

From unequality of ethereous Space (World is dissimilar see) the consequence streams: in one places ether is squeezed in a greater degree, in others in the smaller. There, where in the greater, the clots (microparticles, bodies) are formed. Ones clots are the greater, others are the smaller. The greaterclots were formed in the greater volumes, including the smaller clots also, formed because of unequalities ("Spase - with what to begin" see above) inside of the greater volume. Then squeezing of the greater volume of the material Space concerning the smaller volume of a clot – a body, which are inside the greater, is fluxion of the greater volume of Material Space (of ether) through the smaller volume-clot – a body: through Earth to Sun, to Earth and to Sun through a person. Through the smaller bodies – to the greater (including through an electron to a proton) and through the greater to making it the smallers (through Earth to protons).

But the fluxion of one medium through another is a filtration. And as the filtration of the viscous medium ("Ether properties" see above) creates filtration pressure, then this pressure is the Gravity. From the synphase (simultaneity, see Guess of Paul Davis and "Ether properties" see above)  of squeezing of ether in the great volume and in the smalls, entering in it, streams that the bodies and particles are subordinated to Gravity, being inthe macrocompression zone. But since the filtering "particles" of the ether are extremelysmall (see Ether microvibration), they possess an all-penetrating ability (even through an electron to the proton). It follows that all the material (the all filters) are subject to Gravitation, except for the ether itself (which filters through these filters).

The secrets of Gravity revealed here has already made it possible to develop a way to protect the Earth's population from volcanic eruptions and other cataclysms.(see Cyclone, tornado, eruption - rescue).

Consequence 1. Gravity is not everywhere in Universe and not always, but only there and then, where and when the phase of squeezing of ether proceeds. That is so-called Universal Gravity is not the universal. Accordingly, Gravity can be local.

Consequence 2. The known centripetal force between Earth and Sun, an electron (not the free) and an atom kern, Moon and Earth is not the attraction of these bodies, but the unilateral filtration pressure of ether (see section A force above)  on the material objects: Earth, Moon, an electron accordingly.

Consequence 3. And revertively – If you move a body in ether then in the body (similarly featured above) there will be also the filtration pressure, i.e. the Gravity. However, it will be significantly different from that described. This Gravity guided towards to the motion of the body, namely, by the way of the filtration. This is  – the return Gravity. Accordingly the ether will deviate from the former direction by the filtration pressure of the body on the ether. By this the more mass of the body and its velocity, the more of ether deviates from its former fluxion – becomes less  the weight of those bodies which were in the former flow of ether.

Consequence 4.From the consequence 3 streams that the body motion on Inertia (see further Essence of Inertia) will lead to its stopping(!) because of inhibiting action by the gravitational filtration of ether towards to the body motion. However this inhibiting action will be appreciable to us only at rather high speeds of motion of a body, the commensurable with the travelling speeds of maternal ether about Earth (Speeds of movement in Universe see). However I.Newton's first law - law of Inertia is observed not always (more precisely – it is true only in our Earth operational use).

The secret of occurrence of life. Life ("Space - with what to begin" see above), i.e. the stability of an object, only then is , when there is the ether squeezing, that causes Gravity ("Consequence 1" see above). Namely then the stable linkings are possible, including the live organisms. Squeezing has generated the stability. 



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