salvation of humanity


At present mortal threats are looming over Earth and mankind. These are global warming, energy hunger, forest fires, cyclones, tornadoes, asteroids, volcanic eruptions and explosions of the nuclear power plants. The reason for that is the lack of knowledge of Nature. So  stars and galaxies and planet Earth are filled with riddles. The atomic nucleus is a mystery. Gravitation is a mystery. Inertia is a mystery. For the first time, the Unified Theory was developed, which revealed these and many other secrets. For the first time, antigravitational kettles are developed and described for moving near the Earth and in Space with the speed of a meteor and with the speed of light. For the first time, means of instantaneous shutdown of a nuclear reactor that has left obedience are developed and described, as well as methods for taking heat from the environment and many many others.                              


           where did the neutrons come from       The gravekettle "Drill"               The generator of  energy "Ray"                                                                                                                   


The Unified Theory, unlike all known theories, is all-powerful and universal ( Prevention of the catastrophes and Universality of the Theory see) and its applications are simple to implementThey give means of saving the Earth and salvation a person from impending threats and will be useful to organizations involved in the global problems of planet Earth and space exploration and can also be used individually.  


                                                                         New article (About accelerating of space probes)                                                                                                and see below 3.6. UFO and spacecraft Umbrella 


Unified Theory of Nature and its advantages 

In connection with the presence of a multitude of "Unified Theories" (Theory of Everything, Unified Field Theory and others) in the information space, I offer the reader four mandatory criteria on how to find among them the only one - the true Theory, which Humanity needs so much to overcome impending threats.

The first criterion. The basics of the Unified Theory should be simple and their number small.

Second. The Unified Theory, since it is unified, must have the ability to reveal any secrets of the Universe, unravel and explain any phenomena and properties of the Material World.

Third. Unified Theory must have experimental evidence of its basic concepts.

Fourth. The Unified Theory must have the ability to predict the future behavior of real objects of Nature.

None of the published theories does not match the above criteria. So, due to the discrepancy with the first criterion, none of them possesses either simplicity or accessibility of application. None of them is confirmed by its application on the successful disclosure of the accumulated secrets of the Universe. None of the authors of published theories experimentally confirmed the basic concepts of their unified theory. None of them dare to make predictions that could be verified by observation or experiment.

Conversely, the Unified Theory of Nature described here corresponds to all the specified requirements. It relies on only two simple foundations (Gravitation - how Unified Theory revealed its Nature and Unique Concepts see), explains any mysterious phenomena (tested on 140 examples, Universality of the Theory see). Its main concepts are tested experimentally  Theory and Experiments see). It gives 29 predictions (see Predictions of the Theory).

Using the Unified Theory of Nature described here, you can control the most powerful phenomenon of Nature by Gravity. Having comprehended the secret of Gravity, you can quickly extinguish dangerous forest fires, exclude catastrophic floods and mudflows sweeping all in its path. Eliminate droughts and cause fruitful rains. In the ice you will swim without an icebreaker. You can create an spacecraft in an ordinary workshop that allows you to fly to other planets or meet an asteroid and deflect it from a collision with the Earth. You will be able to the such that no one dreamed (see Prevention of the catastrophes). 


Sections of the home page and articles:


1. Natural hazards and the Unified Theory 

1.1. The Unified Theory and taming cyclones and tornadoes  

1.2. How to escape from space threats 

1.3. The Unified Theory and how to protect the Earth from global warming

1.4. Coronovirus - what does the Unified Theory give?


2. MicroWorld and nuclear energy 

2.1. The Gravitation secret and Chernobyl

2.2. The Unified Theory and disaster prevention at the nuclear power plants 

2.3. Dangerous uncertainty in the microWorld  

2.4. Is the quark nucleon model true?

2.5. Mysteries of the CERN diagram



3. Gravitation control and flying in the Universe 

3.1. What gave the discovery of the essence of Gravitation  

3.2. What is bad with a solar sail?

3.3.The Unified Theory and designing of flying antigravitational kettles 

3.4. The Unified Theory and how to raise controllability and velocity of the gravekettles 

3.5. Travelings to Space and protection against fatal dangers  

3.6. UFO and spacecraft Umbrella 



4. Unsolved secrets of the Universe and the Unified Theory 

4.1.Explosion of the supernova

4.2. Secrets of the Northern Lights and Earth's magnetic poles

4.3. The mysterious star 

4.4. Unsolved mysteries of Sun  

4.5. Why Space of the Universe is either quadratic or exponential?

4.6. The Secret of a Black Hole

4.7. What is a pulsar - a mystery


5. The cardinal novelty of the Unified Theory 

5.1. The most cardinal in the Unified Theory

5.2. Why has modern physics still not created a Unified Theory?   

5.3. The Unified Theory proves that slowing Down Time is an Illusion

5.4. Contradictions of modern theories about the origin of the Universe  

5.5. Gravitational field does not exist

5.6. E.Mach's principle - not the Inertia principle

5.7. Magnetic monopoly does not exist

5.8. Defects of the concept of dark matter

5.9. What is a Neutrino – News 

5.10. The elimination of dualism



6. Some literature for inquiries




1. Natural hazards and the Unified Theory 

(riddles, solutions, protection)  

1.1. The Unified Theory and taming cyclones and tornadoes. The Unified Theory allows to develop methods controlling cyclones (Tropical cyclone and its deep secrets see) and tornadoes (Tornado in America see). Obviously, the most effective methods will be those that will allow to control the development of these vortices in the initial phase of their nucleation. Here is one of these methods.  

In the mother cloud the ether-drop pump turns on before tornado development (see Hurricane and ether-drop pump). The cloud begins to unload from the water - it melts and ceases to be maternal. No mother - no mother in childbirth - no tornado. 

For the cyclone. In the array of accumulated atmospheric water occupying a large area, include air-drop pumps. The mass of water in this zone falls. The filtration permeability of the zone for ether increases (see Gravitation is not attraction ). The antigravity effect of the zone on the region near the surface of the Earth is reduced. The pressure in this area starts to increase. The cause of the cyclone disappears.
An air-drop pump here has a second impact on the dangerous cyclone zone. The pump in the area of its action creates a downward flow of air. This stream inevitably spreads around the surface of the Earth towards the streams of a cyclone beginning to form (see above "Tropical cyclone"). As a result, the movement of air that began to form toward the center of the vortex is extinguished.  The development of the cyclone is inhibited in the embryo (see above "Hurricane and ether-drop pump"). 

To maximize the efficiency of the described method, as well as to prevent significant wind speeds in the process of their extinguishing, the ether-drop pump should be started before the cyclone reaches the mainland.


 1.2. How to escape from space threats. 

The  majority of people lives and rejoices, knowing nothing that waits for them in the near future. However the scientific world is diped in the extreme anxiety. In scientific publications with alarm it is reported that a fall of a comet or a large asteroid to Earth can lead to origin on Earth huge fiery tornadoes and enormous oceanic tsunami,  that will sweep away from Earth all the live and the lifeless. Here it – the mysterious "Doomsday". "Doomsday" approaches from the Sky – from Space. Those who knows about these extreme dangers, with the hope immixed with fear, look at the advanced countries of planet Earth. Yes, in these countries already the long time is made hard work on protection against threats from Space. However both to scientists, and to engineers it follows to admit urgently, that they are rather far from success. The reason for this is unconquered Gravitation.              

The Unified Theory of Nature provides a solution to this fateful task (Gravitation and asteroid see).


1.3. The Unified Theory and how to protect the Earth from global warming


The modern inhabitant of the Earth is a powerless observer of a steadily approaching catastrophe - global warming. Attempts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere still do not lead to a positive effect. So maybe other, not yet established causes, affect global warming on Earth? These reasons may be even more significant than the greenhouse effect. The situation is alarming. 

However, a person should not be in awe of these undetermined causes and it is not at all necessary to worry about the inefficiency of reducing emissions. The dangerous problem that has arisen should be tried to solve in a fundamentally different way, including, regardless of the causes of climate warming. To do this, you need to be able to control the temperature of the huge, with a very high specific and integral heat capacity, World Ocean. 

Based on the known laws of thermodynamics, it seems that this is impossible, since the World Ocean belongs to our environment. However, since water plays the main role in this decision, the ways to get out of this dangerous situation should be sought in the secrets of water that have not yet been revealed. Are there still such secrets? It turns out there is, and even what! Among them, one of the most inveterate secrets is cavitation (see [50]). So, there are still no effective means of protection against cavitation erosion of parts working in water. There is still no unified theory of cavitation destruction of materials. It is not known why, with bubble cavitation, difficult to explain sonoluminescence occurs. It is not known why, when collapsing, a bubble moves not to where it should? It is not known why in the area of collapse of a cavity, water can turn into a solid state of aggregation. A number of other secrets of water have not yet been discovered. All these secrets exist when the fluid works on the basis of the laws of thermodynamics. It follows that for a fluid thermodynamics is not a powerful enough theory. 

Let us try to uncover these secrets of water on the basis of the Unified Theory. Revealing the secrets of water should not only solve the problems of cavitation of the liquid, but also indicate ways to control the temperature of the water. This will allow you to control the temperature of World Ocean, which means protecting humanity from the impending threat (Energy of water and The energy generator see). 


1.4. Coronovirus - what does the Unified Theory give?

Летучая Мышь, Зависание, Эпидемия

The pandemic of this virus is horrific and uncontrollable. In all countries, epidemic control institutions have been completely powerless. Microbiologists and virologists are looking for, promising through the years, and during the raging pandemic they offer to wait, to get sick - to die! So what is the reason for this general impotence? It is obvious that the deep Nature of these living organisms extremely dangerous for humans remains unknown to modern science. 

The Unified Theory has established that the secret of these dangerous organisms lies in the main acting force, which is the cause of the origin and formation of all living organisms - in Gravity (The secret of occurrence of life see). However, the mystery of Gravitation itself has not yet been revealed by modern science. It has also been established (Prevention of the catastrophes see) that due to the inability to control Gravity, unquenchable forest fires burn, cyclones and tornadoes rage, and nuclear power plants explode.

The mystery of Gravitation is revealed by the Unified Theory of Nature (Gravitation is not attraction see). The discovered essence of Gravitation is confirmed by numerous examples of its application ("Prevention of the catastrophes" see above ) and (Universality of the Theory see). Knowing its essence, one can control the life and reproduction of any living organisms, including microorganisms - viruses. Can be controlled locally - for the safety of an individual. It is possible in a certain area. It is possible everywhere. The disclosed essence of Gravitation has already allowed the development of effective methods of protection against disasters ("Prevention of the catastrophes" see above). One of the ways to combat coronavirus, based on the Unified Theory of Nature, is described here (Coronovirus - Gravity treatment see).




2.  MicroWorld and nuclear energy

(secrets, new solutions, alternative energy sources) 

2.1. The Gravity secret and Chernobyl 



Now the mankind is threatened with two fatal dangers: asteroids and energy hunger. Real protection against the first danger of death is featured above in paper «How to escape from space threats». The second danger is the same terrible, however more latent, so, insidious. 

Naphtha on Earth remains a little, combustible slates and gas hardly it is more than naphtha. This naphtha and gas is used promptly by us, and we will not leave anything to our proximate descendants. We doom them to the awful future.

- Do not rustle, we have an atomic energy!

- And what, you did not hear a disturbing ring of atomic bells by names: Chernobyl, Fukushima, …? With present atomic power stations prospect of Earth - Mars.

- Wait, physicists  will invent something.

- For what to wait - the Doomsday as in December 2012, when Earth was sweepped by a global panic, and physicists were silent. 

Why they were silent ? Because under the fundamental concepts, taken over by modern physics, in December 2012 during the Favourable opposition of planets Gravitation should break off  Earth. Why physicists have again kept silent, when the December has transited as usual? Because it is became obvious the inaccuracy of the physical concepts, taken over by the up-to-date science about World, as a whole, and about Gravitation in particular. 

- And how now to be with the huge asteroid, coming nearer to Earth, which can transmute Earth into Mars already in the near future? How to be protected from it?

- May it will carry by, how in December of 2012 ? 

- And how not to blow up Earth the atomic power stations, after all they blow up even in the most developed countries?!

Physicists yet do not offer anything for the physics riddles (!!!). 

In 2005 I have published the monography about discovered by me in 1975 and the most interesting appearance, confirmed experimentally «Heat-mechanical shock in a fluid» ([45] see below). Papers about heat-mechanical shock were published in an open press since 1976, and in 1980 the original materials have arrived in Academy of Sciences of USSR - sector of a mechanics of continua. The discovered essence of the appearance yielded the solution of many physics riddles and allows to develop the perspective in essence the new drives and generators. Gives the chance to gainenergy from water of World Ocean, rivers, lakes. Allows to pick up the loss heat from all devices, having cooling systems and, that is especially important, gives the chance to discontinue the taken the fling nuclear reactor almost instantaneously. 

Here, that would exclude both Chernobyl, and Fukushima, after all even to Chernobyl there were 10 years of a reserve, and to Fukushima it is even more. Accordingly now after the lapse of the years from the date of the termed publications the energy problem already essentially would be solved.

The monography in 2005 has arrived in many libraries. The community of physicists should see this monography. However physicists have kept silent proudly. Not surprises, not declaimings, neither pro, nor contra.   

In 2011 my monography "Gravitation. The principles of Unified Theory of Nature" was published.  I have begun the working on this theory in 1975. Firmly following A.Einstein's fair statement: «the Mathematics is a unique perfect method to fool itself», I developed the indicated Theory practically without mathematics use. I very strongly risked, because nobody dared to concern to mathematics how it was made by me. And here, for my unusual impudence – the unexpected fee. I managed to reveal a secret of Gravitation. The indicated discovery is extremely important right now. It allows not only to be protected from a dangerous asteroid, but also gives the chance to gain the solution of many physics riddles, including the energy problem of mankind without kernel power stations. The up-to-date fierce wars will be cancelled, the latent parent of which is the occurring energy hunger. The mankind will be saved of explosions of atomic stations. 

In March, 2013 I have stated in English the basic essence of the created Unified Theory. Then has delivered on one copy of the monography together with the indicated English translation in libraries of leaders in field of physics of universities. In Austin - in library of the Texas University. In Arizonsky State University (Temple, Glendejl). In the Californian University (Santa Barbara). In royal College (London). The Californian University (Berkeley). The Cambridge University (Cambridge, GB). The Harward University (Cambridge,  USA). The Oxford University (Oxford). Cornell University (Itaka) and many others.

Silence (?!). 


2.2.  The Unified Theory and disaster prevention at the nuclear power plants. The explosion of an atomic station is a сatastrophe for humanity. Atomic power station explosions originate in the conditions of nuclear reactor excessive heating. Cooling of the modern atomic boilers is carried out by water, pumping in the reactor chamber. A fatal deficiency of an existing expedient is small efficiency of cooling of the reactor in breakdown regimes. It is caused by low thermal conductivity of water and small velocity of its transportation. In an existing expedient of cooling the large supplies of fresh not warmed water are required. But as these reserves are on the considerable distance from the reactor it is impossible to put water operatively from a place of its storage to the reactor. All it in aggregate leads to atomic power station explosions - catastrophe.  

Water from the mentioned conservation reservoir, which has natural temperature, is used for cooling of a condenser of the atomic power station. Delivery of a major water discharge from the conservation reservoir and the subsequent dumping of waste warm water in a surrounding medium is required for a condenser. Building of such conservation reservoirs, occupying major territory, essentially breaks ecological equilibrium of medium. Besides, as energy of a nuclear reactor is spent for heating of the dumped water, then efficiency of the reactor decreases accordingly. The Unified Theory of Nature made it possible to develop the expedient of preventing explosion of a nuclear reactor.    


2.3. Dangerous uncertainty in the microWorld.  

In Chaos do not search for true since true it that is correct, and is correct that is ranked. Namely in order it is possible to distinguish one from another, each of which is unique - truly. 



When there was a thermodynamics, its triumphal procession has begun. There were thermal cars: drives, generators. Their bottom - thermodynamics laws. It has led to a failure of human thought from attempts of the complicated representation about an atomism of material mediums. However there was a small trouble – entropy. Entropy – a degree of uncertainty of system. Mind of any person is settled on the definiteness, but here is the uncertainty. Nevertheless engines and generators reached the increasing perfection and the thermodynamics prolonged the triumphal driving.   

However there were also very serious difficulties. So, afterwards atomic reactors blew up because of very slow operation of heat exchangers of the cooling systems, working on the basis of laws of thermodynamics. Besides the fluid cavitation annoyed more and more. It destroyed any materials. Triumphal procession of thermal  cars stumbled, when in their cooling systems there was the cavitation erosion. Especially it was essential in the strategically important objects – space  kettles. Theorists of  cavitation eveloped the theory of  cavitation of a fluid on the same bottoms on which there is a thermodynamics also. That is a fluid – the practically continuous medium, in which atoms move chaotically, i.e. individually indefinite fashion. This uncertainty troubleed nobody, since it was not considered the cause of dangerous accidents. Cavitation remained invincible. It as tore all materials, so tears, and disasters at nuclear reactors began to become more frequent.  

In addition to the uncertainty in thermodynamic processes, another dangerous uncertainty has arisen - in an even deeper microcosm - the world of elementary particles (Defects of the uncertainty principle see). 


2.4. Is the quark nucleon model true? 


Nuclear interaction is one of the most interesting and mysterious phenomena in Nature. In modern theoretical physics, nuclear interaction is considered fundamental. It is believed that strong nuclear interaction is an attraction and its main reason lies in the structure of protons and neutrons, which consist of quarks and gluons. However, the model of the quark structure of the proton and neutron existing in theoretical physics is very complex. In addition, no one could explain why quarks are never knocked out of hadrons. This fact raises legitimate doubts about the truth of the quark nucleon model (Nuclear Interaction and Theoretical Physics see).


2.5. Mysteries of the CERN diagram. Some of the mysteries of the diagram obtained in the CERN experiments are solved by the Unified Theory of Nature (Why are there fewer protons than neutrons? see). In addition, the Unified Theory makes it possible to solve one more riddle: why does the band of stable nuclei on the indicated diagram remain narrow for all values of Z?

Let's start with the fact that the narrow band in the middle of the diagram is explained by the fact that the stability of the nuclei located in this band is conditioned by the strongest linking of protons and neutrons - etheric tori (see How a neutron star has been organized - new). 


But this also means that the entanglement in nucleon collisions can be of different strength. However, according to the Unified Theory, the strength of the engagement of protons and neutrons is determined by the strength of the ether torus - a proton and a neutron, but nucleons, as you know, are stable in size. Then this different strength indicates only that sáveral tori are engaged with one torus. This is where the answer to the diagram on the narrowness of the band of stable nuclei lies (see further Riddle of protons and neutrons). 




3. Gravity control and flying in the Universe 

3.1. What gave the discovery of the essence of Gravitation. Author erects essence of Gravitation (What is Gravitation see). The mechanism of this phenomenon is mustered in special experiments (Inertia and Gravitation - unique experiences see). However author not so much was delighted by experimental verification of the discovered essence Gravitation, how the discovered essence is confirmed by the fruitfulness of its discovery. Its essence has allowed to explain a major series of physical, astonomical, meteorological and other phenomena and properties of the Material World (including the inexplicable before!). Look at them.  

So, on the basis of the open essence of Gravitation the major in the physicist the solution is gained - 4 known capricious fundamental interactings are related together. 

The inexplicable surprising paradox of planet OGLE-ТВ56в is eliminated. The deep-seated essence of magnetic field, till now mysterious, is unclosed. It has allowed to open at once also variety of distressing scientists of secrets of the aurora borealis. 

On the basis of essence of Gravitation the deep-seated essence of a chemical bond is unclosed. It has allowed to open for a long time existing the secret of origination and disappearrance of substance, secret of the barrier effect,the puzzle of a multiplicity of a charge of fundamental particles. 

On the basis of the open essence of Gravitation, the secrets of cyclones and anticyclones are revealed (Cyclone and anticyclone  see). This allowed us to find ways to create reliable protection and rescue from hurricanes and safe flights in cyclones. 

The opened essence of Gravitation has unveiled secrets globe and a streak lightning, that allows to gain well-tried remedies of protection against lightnings and to drive lightnings. 

The Gravitation mechanism has opened old puzzles of a tornado and has specified trajectories of guidance of a tornado. 

On this bottom puzzles of lunar tides, incurving of edge of a disk of Galactic, a puzzle of the scattered and globe aggregations of stars, a leaving of stars from globe aggregations are solved also. 

On the basis of the detected essence of Gravitation secrets of neutron stars, secrets of "a black hole», secret of emissions of substance from centre of Galactics, secret of a magnetic field of the Earth and a lot of any other secrets are opened also. 

Thus, the truth of the concept of Gravitation is proved by the well-tried remedies. The best expedients of the demonstration of true does not happen. 

Accordingly the essence of Gravitation featured in the site allows author and those who has attentively familiarised with the site materials, not only to develop on its bottom antigravitational kettles, but also to be assured of physical practicability of these kettles. 

The stated bottoms of making of gravekettles give the unattainable before the possibility of protection from dangerous asteroids. The velocity, of the featured here developed gravekettles, can attain the velocity of an asteroids. Therefore there is a possibility of realisation of lateral action on an asteroid in the course of a motion a parallel heading. 

However, the technical possibility to meet an asteroid long before its approach to Earth would be even more effective and then to catch up with it, following behind. If to catch up with an asteroid at approach to it, then for the guidance of its flight it is possible to use the gravekettle "Umbrella", featured here in the paper with the same name. By that there is no necessity of contact to the asteroid. But at once there is the question: how to catch up with an asteroid, if the velocity of an asteroid is equal to the velocity of maternal ether, leaking to Earth (Speeds of movement in Universe see), and the velocity of gravekettle does not exceed of this velocity (Velocity of gravekettle see). The Unified Theory gives such solutions (see further). 


3.2. What is bad with a solar sail? To date, the use of the solar sail is considered the most promising way to move in outer space. However, until now, success in its use is very small. One of the reasons for this state of space exploration is the very modest purpose of using the solar sail compared to the grandeur of the cosmos. This is maintaining the Earth’s satellite in its orbit, maneuvering the spacecraft with a small mass in near Space, warning the Earth about an impending solar storm. The second reason is a mysterious light, still not solved by modern science. The first developments of the solar sail showed that it requires a huge area. This caused very great difficulties, including with its deployment. With this large area, the traction of the sail reaches only hundredths of a Newton. As a result, it takes an unacceptably long time for practical flights in outer space to gain significant speed of movement even of a low-mass vehicle. It is reported that the apparatus with a solar sail can gain altitude of 1 km in one day. Obviously, with such speeds you don’t even need to dream about human flights outside the Solar System. 

The Unified Theory of Nature establishes the reasons why such weak achievements are in the development of a solar sail and indicates promising ways of exploring the Universe (see Solar sail - illusion).               


3.3. The Unified Theory and designing of flying antigravitational kettles. According to the Unified Theory antigravitational kettles should affect at the stream of a gravitating ether, in which the specified kettle gets. In the given requirements this stream is guided to Earth.  


The following expedients of action at gravitating ether have erected (Gravity control see):  

1. By an artificial stream of ether - a magnetic flux.  

2. By stream of the free microvortexes of ether - free electrons. 

3. By travel of the bound microvortexes (body travel).  

By that the activity of ether on a natural stream can be carried out in one of two directions: a) in the direction of the main stream of ether and b) across the main stream. We will view the specified cases.  

Case 1 a. In such combination the artificial magnetic flux will destroy the natural stream of ether by the activity. It will lead to exclusion of a filtering of the gravitating ether through the kettle, that does it the unweighable. 

The specified magnetic flux can be created a constant magnet or the cylindrical reel reeled from a wire ("Gravity control" see). 

Case 1 b. In this case the gravitating stream of ether deviates from the direction to Earth at its approach to the kettle. It excludes an ether filtering through the kettle so, Gravity disappears in it. 

Here the magnetic flux can be created by a constant magnet, the cylindrical reel or by the densely reeled wire Archimedes spiral (Guidance of Inertia see).                                   

Cases 2 a and 2 b. Here the density and the electron stream cross-section should have rather great values. Therefore the electron stream is necessary for girdling. Thereupon the specified 2 cases are favourable for carrying out in unison. The motion of the dense electron stream towards or across the gravitating stream of an ether will create local return Gravity (Return Gravity look). The local Gravity will quench (case 2 a) the basic Gravity or to decline it (case 2 b) from the direction on the kettle. 

For making of the electron stream with the specified performances  the use of materials in a regime of superconductivity and-or use of fine vacuum cabinets is required.  

Case 3 a. Travel of the bound microvortexes (body travel, chemical bond see) towards to the main stream of an ether for the Gravity counteraction is impracticable in the kettles. 

Case 3 b. Travel of the bound microvortexes across the gravitating stream of an ether leads to transformation of the basic Gravity to the local Gravity. This Gravity will be guided aside from the kettle. 

The specified case can be carried out by gyration of the massive disk or the cylindrical ring ("Gravity control" see). 


3.4. The Unified Theory and how to raise controllability and velocity of the gravekettles. 

By working out of the gravecettles, grounded on a diversion of a gravitating stream of a maternal ether (look above), it is necessary to increase, according to the Unifiued Theory of Nature, the velocity of microstreams of a magnetic ether. The specified velocity is caused by the charging velocity of gyration of the torus ether microvortexes in a magnet (What is the magnetic field? see). But as this velocity is stable, the specified problem can be solved by an additional motion of a magnetic ether in the direction of its fluxion, that is in the direction Z - N of a magnet. This activity magnificates viscous friction of the driving magnetic microstreams about a maternal ether, i.e. the power gravitational action to the maternal ether is increased. Controllability of a gravitating parent aether as a result raises. Controllability of the gravecettle raises accordingly.

Analysing features of known magnets, it becomes clear that the featured trajectory of raise of controllability with direct rod magnet practically we can not execute. With a magnet - a plate also we will not execute. The parent of it is that in a direct magnet the current of ether microstreams is guided to one side, and outside - in others. That is here it is necessary there are ring ethero streams with their opposite direction.

With a known annular magnet the gyration concerning any of its three axes, including, concerning the Z- N, also will not solve the task in view - will not increase the velocity of a magnetic driving ether.

Studying of features of various magnetic objects shows, that there are magnetic objects, which only are similar to a magnet, but are not the magnet in its existing physical understanding. The long-term careful analysis of possibilities of their application for the specified problem has shown, that these objects allow to solve the problem, set by the Unified Theory of Nature. In this connection we will view the developed physically realizable constructions of gravecettles, in which the requirements of raise of their controllability, erected by the Unified Theory of Nature, and features of the termed magnetic objects are used (Spacecraft Cylinder  see).


3.5. Travelings to Space and protection against fatal dangers.


Featured in Prevention of the catastrophes the spacecrafts, grounded on gravity control  (gravekettles), allow to carry out the most secret desires and dreams of a person. These are protection against sudden dangers to Earth or the certain country and travelling on far-out planets. These are and resettlement in paradise places in Universe, and many other things of what a person dared to dream only. Each of developed spacecrafts allows to attain the solution of a certain practical problem in the best way. It is caused by a degree conformity of a construction and functionality of the spacecraft to the purposes of its use (Space flights  on the crafts see).


3.6. UFO and spacecraft Umbrella. A lot has been written and write about UFOs. All reports of their extraordinary behavior are delightful and always shrouded in many secrets. The Unified Theory of Nature makes it possible to develop spacecrafts that  according to their functions are not inferior and sometimes even superior to the mysterious UFOs. For example gravel-planes developed on the basis of the Unified Theory of Nature (Catastrophe Prevention see) can instantly disappear, can fly at cosmic speeds. Can instantly reverse flight direction (Spacecraft Umbrella see).

At the same time, the deep essence of a number of mysterious phenomena of Nature, revealed by the Unified Theory, makes it possible to significantly expand these extraordinary functions. To describe these functions, let us first consider the deep essence of the processes occurring in the power unit of the spacecraft Umbrella (Spacecraft Umbrella - processes in the power unit see). We then describe the new advanced functions of the spacercraft (see 



4. Unsolved secrets of the Universe and Unified Theory  


4.1.Explosion of the supernova. Recently on heads of scientists rather mysterious the secret has dropped. This secret wrecks even the most settled representations about life and death of stars. It is detected the supernova IPTF14hls, which blew up some times.

The dead star dies again? What nonsense! Scientists of the Californian University admit, that similar recurring explosions of a supernova it would be possible to expect during the early Universe, instead of the present. The data about the supernova IPTF14hls contradicts not only to the modern representations about supernovas, but also to all Theory of Origin of Universe. We will open this and other secrets of supernovas (look Crab nebula).


4.2. Secrets of the Northern Lights and Earth's magnetic poles. Till now the Northern Lights and magnetic-poles of Earth store variety of secrets. Here these secrets. 

Why the Northern Lights can look like beams, strips, a corona, curtains? After all the solar wind, which the modern science considers as the parent of the Lights, has no such shapes! 

It is not known, why the Lights can dance, as tongues of flame. After all intensity of a solar wind does not change with such frequency and in such rhythm! 

Why in the field of an arctic pole the Lights are very frequent, but at southern  is more rare? After all  it is indifferent to a solar wind where to ionise an aerosphere! 

Why the Lights suddenly appears and also suddenly disappears? After all intensity of a solar wind builds up not abruptly, but smoothly enough! 

Why directions of the drawn out shapes of Lights do not coincide with the direction of a stream of a solar wind and why Lights are drawn down close to a vertical? 

Why the Lights are more often observed in frosty nights? After all the low temperature at a surface of Earth changes nothing for a solar wind. 

Why the sounds, appearing simultaneously with origination of Lights, are audible at the altitude of several tensmetres from a surface of Earth? After all the Lights originates at the altitude 100 - 150 kilometres. 

Why the straight line, pairing Northern and Southern poles of Earth, does not intercross centre of Earth? After all, according to the modern science, the magnetic dipole in a kern of Earth should be symmetrical concerning centre of Earth? 

Why Northern and Southern magnetic-poles wander on a surface of Earth? 

The Unified Theory of Nature managed to unravel these secrets on the basis of a single approach (Unraveling the Secrets of the Northern Lights see).


4.3. The mysterious star. The press reported that astronomers, studying the star MWC 758, faced a number of mysteries. It is established this is a young star. But it was found that the star is surrounded by material formation. This formation on the outer outline looks like  to a disk. The internal structure of the disk has a mysterious structure. Inside the disk is a cavity. The disk has two spiral arms. 

It has been suggested that the two arms of the disk are density waves arising from the presence of two planets near the star that have a significant mass. It is believed that one of these planets is closer to the star, the second is further. It is assumed that the near planet forms the internal cavity in the disk. It is also assumed that the more distant planet forms this spiral with two arms. In addition, this planet forms a dark ring between clots of dust outside the disk. It is believed that the disk emits dust.

However, what organized the material structure, is not reported. How it arose, it is not known. It originated before the formation of the star or after - it is not known. Why the structure, surrounding the star, has the shape of a disk is not known. Why the movement of the planet formed the cavity - not known. Why the supposed inner planet moves strictly in a circular orbit - it is not known. Why there should be waves     when the planet moves, it is not known. What is the source of the dust is not known. Let's try to solve these puzzles on the basis of the nonsinglely confirmed  ability of the Unified Theory of Nature (Birth of the star MWC 758 see).


4.4. Unsolved mysteries of Sun. In an article of the site (Magnetic field of Sun see), on the basis of the Unified Theory of Nature, a number of secrets of Sun are revealed. This is the secret of various angular velocities of Sun at the poles and the equator. The shape of the magnetic field in the form of an Archimedes spiral. The mystery of the sector structure of the equatorial zone of the magnetic field. However, there are still a number of other secrets that do not give rest to the researchers of Sun. 

There are these secrets. Why the inner layers of Sun rotate faster than the surface? Why the south pole of Sun colder than the north? How arises the magnetism of Sun? How is magnetism spread in plasma causing sunspots? What raises the solar wind? Why does matter fly away from Sun with an increase in speed from zero to n · 103 km / s? Why is the crown hotter than the inner surface of Sun? Why is the wind speed above streamers significantly less than over holes? Why do the flares appear on Sun – short-term emissions of fast electrons and protons with a powerful flux of electromagnetic radiation of different wavelengths? The Unified Theory of Nature allows you to unlock these secrets (Solar activity, Unified Theory see).  


4.5. Why Space of the Universe is either quadratic or exponential? In the up-to-date science it is considered that in the macroCosm World Space is the four-regularity and in a microCosm the quantity of the measurings is even more increased. It explain by that in the macroCosm the interaction is changed depending on the distance quadrate, and in the microCosm – exponentially. Here, following the expression of F. Gauss that mathematics is the queen of sciences, it should be noted its cruelty - the detrimental effect of mathematics on physics (Paul Devies's guess see also). 

So, cardinal questions arise.  How does the real Space "jump" from one number of coordinates to another their number ??? What is this Material Space that jumps like a rabbit through the forest from one measurement system to another! Where does this transformation of quantity of measurements occur? No one tries to answer such questions. Nobody even tries to answer these questions. 

From the Unified Тheory of Nature follows that the microCosm – the World of microvortexes. But in a vortex there is a curling of fluxion of ether (Vortex formation  see).  The compaction of the filtrating ether, i.e. creating the Gravitation, grows in this field (Essence of Gravitation see). The direction of its fluxion (i.e. the gravity direction) also deviates from the rectilinear. From here there is the exponential law of the force ("the interaction") from the direct distance. Recall the analogy with a semi-logarithmic scale or with conformal transformation.  

This curling and the compaction also are available in macroCosm ("Vortex formation"  see above), but a person is so the small and so the powerless that is not capable to gain the information in the field of the essential (for mankind) curling and of the compaction of the filtrating ether: near to a kern of a galaxy, of a star. In order to feel exponentiality here, a person needs to be close to the core of a macrovortex (galaxy), a mesovortex (star). Nevertheless, the fact, mysterious for modern science, has recently been discovered, which, in accordance with the Unified Theory of Nature, confirms that exponentiality also exists in the macroWorld (Gravity and planet see).  

Thus, the Unified Тheory of Nature explains the cause of the local, so-called, «the nonsquare-low» of Space  without the treatment to the very complicated (so, the unconvincing) mathematical constructions.  


4.6. The Secret of a Black HoleAll the mysterious is coated by a gloom – blackness. Even that  is  the clearly in day, it  became the  mysterious  in black night. And as a secret attracts always, then people  often use the black for their  mystery. The black suit  hides the body outlines – does the person  more mysterious. In the fine arts, for the same causes – K.Malevich's  Black Quadrate. Stop and think and if you want, sit down and try to feel the blackness.  In cybernetics – the black box. In astrophysics –  a  black substance, black hole. What the mystery! It is possible to use the mystery of the black very long and to be happy.  And what for the outstanding persons to make the significant efforts for the luminescence to mankind if  these efforts are always painful!?  To give a little more light in this blackness, I will uncover one of these secrets – the secret of a Black Hole (Black hole – the ether vortex see).



4.7. What is a pulsar - a mystery. The recognized classical scheme of a pulsar is as shown in the figure. It is believed that the misalignment of the rotation axis and the magnetic axis of the pulsar is the cause of the pulsar radiation pulses. In addition, it is believed that the pulsar has two beams directed in opposite directions. The study of the pulsar based on the Unified Theory of Nature shows that these positions and this scheme are erroneous. 

The adopted scheme of a pulsar


In addition, in the summer of 2020, it was reported that astronomers from the United States and Poland had solved the riddle of the pulsars associated with the radio waves they emitted.

Thus, it is reported that the cause of radio waves is the interaction of electric and magnetic fields near the surface of the pulsar. However, until now in modern science it is not known what an electric field and a magnetic field are. Both of these concepts have a purely phenomenological definition. For example, there is the definition that a magnetic field is a field acting on moving electric charges and on bodies that have a magnetic moment. However, what a charge is also is unknown in modern science. And the magnetic moment is determined by returning back to the unknown concept of the magnetic field.

Thus, the deep essence of these fields is not known. Then, how can it be argued that the proposed description of the essence of the processes occurring in a pulsar is true, if the essence of the very basis of this description is not known ?!

Powerful electric fields are thought to strip electrons from the surface of the star and accelerate them to extreme speeds. However, why the (essentially unknown) electric field should have appeared on the surface of a neutron (neutral in charge) star is unknown. How electrons appeared on the surface of a neutron star is unknown. Where they came from in the Universe is even more unknown.

By analogy with ordinary rotating magnetic bodies and planets, it is assumed that the axis of rotation of a star - a pulsar may not coincide with the axis of its magnetic field. The reason for this discrepancy has no justification. In addition, as you know, the structure of a star and a planet is very different. Therefore, the accepted analogy is inadmissible.

It is reported that under the influence of charged particles, the electric field oscillates and releases a stream of electromagnetic waves. It turns out that one essentially unknown field turns into another unknown.

Thus, the explanation of the nature of pulsar radio waves is very complicated and unfounded. However, this task can be solved on the basis of the Unified Theory of Nature (Concepts of the Unified Theory and  Pulsar radiation is explained in a simpler way see).





5.The cardinal novelty of the Unified Theory  


5.1. The most cardinal in the Unified Theory (see Chapters of the site). The Unified Theory of Nature was first developed. Time is a false coordinate of movement. The Universe is not the result of the Big Bang. The maximum pressure does not appear in the center of the Earth. An electron can be repelled by a positron. Gravity is not maximum in the Black Hole, but equal to zero. The Principle of E. Mach is not the principle of Inertia. Irregular galaxies are not the first phase of galaxy formation. Material objects can instantly disappear, remaining in three-dimensional Space. The pressure of light does not exist. The previously unknown nature of ball lightning and a tornado is disclosed. 

The reason for the attraction of magnets is not a mysterious magnetic field, but Gravitation, and repulsion - Inertia. Strong nuclear interaction is not an attraction. The speed of light is not constant. 

Known fundamental interactions are not mutual. The previously unknown nature of protons and neutrons is disclosed. 

The unknown nature of the electric charge is disclosed. It has been found that neutrinos are not particles. The electric and magnetic fields are not related to the electromagnetic field. The atomic nucleus does not contain hypothetical quarks.

Сause of chemical bond is Gravitaton. Gravitation in the Universe is not everywhere. Red Shift does not speak about Universe expansion. The "elemental" particles are not an elemental. The riddle of aspiration of potential energy to a minimum first is solved. "UFO" and the soaring over earth «Coffin of Magomet» - are not myths. The expression «Went on the sea as on overland» first got the real physical basis.  


5.2. Why has modern physics still not created a Unified Theory? The history of making of an unified theory has begun very much for a long time. The ancients already found elements  of substance  its unity, which as though created the around World. They are water, fire, air, earth. The long-term time has transited and this unity began to disappear. The concerned thinkers have started to search, what elements are the initial for these former elemental objects? They have started to divide the earth, water, air into the parts, which have termed as atoms, that is not divisible. And here the success – combining the detected atoms, began to gain almost all known variety of subjects and materials. However this success has appeared also temporary. First, the mysterious fire was not the divisible, secondly, there were new inexplicable puzzles. All this strongly distressed. It was necessary to initiate with division of the indivisible, that is atom. Have shattered in thoughts and in experiments the atom - was gained by new elements - corpuscles: an electron, a proton, a neutron. Joyfully declared: «Now all!». It has appeared, that and now not all. The quantity, termed as the elemental, corpuscles grew steadily. Therefore to term their as the elemental it became inconvenient, and sometimes, and it is indecently.    

Again it was necessary to initiate with the crushing. However, this crushing could be carried out only in thoughts. As though they have gained corpuscles quarks, from which, as though, consists both a proton, and a neutron. However puzzles did not become less. Moreover everything is divided not, even in thoughts, as that it is necessary to divide, it appears is not present - the electron "is spread" round a proton - it as though, most is not present. A blind alley.   

The second trajectory of search of unity has originated not from subject medium: earth, water, air, but from vision (perception) apart - from existence of light, sound, warmth. The medium, in which these phenomena exist, has been termed. This medium have termed by ether. But the ether could not detect in any way again. Then there was the concept "field", in which there was an operation from distance. However the field has appeared not unified. The electric field, the magnetic field, the electromagnetic field, the gravitational field was revealed. They have tried to unite them – till now these tryings are vain. The second blind alley.


How to find a way out of these blind alleis? It is obviously, that  necessary to go by a new trajectory. But it is possible, only if to return back. However how it difficultly and physically, and morally! After all it is transited so much and there was so much fanfare! Moreover, to be returned back means to recognise the errors. But who is capable of it? The very few, but it is necessary to go against the many.   

The author of this site, accustomed to the fierce resistance of the natural environment (About the author see), dared to take the untraditional path (Gravitation - how Unified Theory revealed its Nature  see).   


5.3. The Unified Theory proves that slowing Down Time is an Illusion. In accordance with modern science, Time is the coordinate of movement, on an equal footing with other coordinates of movement in the World Space. It is believed (see [1]) that Time can slow down and accelerate. Stop!!! Change of time in time? Here, already initially imperceptibly for themselves, the apologists of this concept admit an unacceptable mathematical contradiction in the foundation of the concept. A function coincides with an argument! It's all! Further mathematical constructions on the foundation of this concept and experiments on its confirmation are obviously false. However, in [2] it was reported that the experiment at the installation in Darsbury at a speed close to the speed of light found a Time delay of 10 times. What did he discover in essence?  

According to the Unified Theory of Nature, there is no Time coordinate, but there is a utilitarian concept - time. As for the experience in Darsbury, close attention should be paid to the fact that the deceleration of Time at the installation was judged by the change in the frequency of the radiation. However, the frequency is related to time through the speed of light. In turn, the speed of light in accordance with the Unified Theory of Nature can vary within wide limits (see Red shift - its secrets). It follows that in this experiment, it was actually established not a “change in the speed of time” (that is, time in time !?), but a change in the speed of light. The independent coordinate of movement in the World Space "Time" does not exist and accordingly its deceleration also (The meaning of Space and Time is wrong see).


5.4. Contradictions of modern theories about the origin of the Universe  


Stephen Hawking in his book “The Great Design” indicates that it is not necessary to turn to God for the Universe to appear and, since there is a law, such as Gravity, the Universe will create itself out of nothing. He says that spontaneous occurrence is the reason why there is something and not nothing, why the Universe exists and why we exist. At the same time, it is pointed out that only the creation of the Theory of Everything will allow us to explain how the world is arranged and where it came from. This, still unfinished, Theory is now called the M-theory. It is indicated that, according to M-Theory, our Universe is not the only one, but many universes originated from nothing.  

However, the author of the Human Genome project, Francis Collins, in his book "Language of God", states a fundamentally different story. He says that the presence of uncertainty in quantum mechanics makes the world around us unpredictable in its development and completely incomprehensible. He believes that God definitely controls the processes of the universe, but these methods are elusive for modern scientists.  

What are the essential contradictions between these statements! And what about each of the authors with internal contradictions in the statements themselves? Is everything in these statements harmonious with Nature? Are the foundations of their theories strong? Only the Unified Theory of Nature can answer these questions (World Creation, Uncertainty and the Unified Theory of Nature see).


5.5.  Gravitational field does not existThe essence of Gravity has been sought for a very long time. Knowing the deep essence of Gravity, one can create space anti-gravity apparatus, control the generation and movement of a tornado, carry out proactive compensatory unloading of an erupting volcano, quickly extinguish dangerous forest fires, complete an plane crash by smooth landing, create completely new engines and generators (The guidance of Gravity on Earth see). However, in their search, thinkers have always studied the inner space between the bodies. Recently, this space has been given the name - Gravity Field. Anti-gravity tools are trying to develop for the specified inner Space. Unfortunately, this mistake was made by the most revered great Isaac Newton. He designated Gravitation as the desire of the bodies for each other - attraction. 

From the essence of Gravitation established by the Unified Theory of Nature, it follows that the modern concept of Gravitation is a fundamental error. Over the long time this erroneous concept has existed, mankind has spent tremendous efforts and resources on useless searches for anti-gravity tools, including the creation of spacecraft. 

The Unified Theory of Nature has discovered that an anti-gravity device should not be located between two bodies, but outside two bodies. In addition, she found that device should be located outside the small body. 

This corollary stems from the essence of Gravitation (Gravitation is not attraction see) and is the first necessary condition for the development of engineering antigravity devices. 


5.6. E.Mach's principle - not the Inertia principle. The essence of Inertia, like Gravitation, remains a deep mystery. Revealing this mystery would give a person extraordinary possibilities of controlling Inertia. This would avoid catastrophic collisions of ships. Eliminate the crash of the aircraft when it runs out of the landing strip. Avoid an imminent head-on collision of trains with a dispatcher error. Exclude the transformation of a residential building into a pile of debris during an earthquake. In explaining Inertia, modern science proceeds from the principle of E. Mach, which affirmed man's impotence in front of the threats of Inertia. Therefore, these catastrophes still do not stop. Let us analyze the principle of E. Mach. 

E.Mach's principle leans on that the nature of Inertia of a viewed body roots in the depths of Universe. By that the essence of the  inertial forces is considered the completely identical to the gravitational forces [2, p.235] − the principle of A.Ejnshtejn’s equivalence. However, according to his Theory of Relativity the gravitational perturbation on stars, called by the rotating body, cannot be spread more prompt then light. From here follows that «the gravitational echo» from Universe stars, will return only through millions years, but the inertial effect, as it is known, is displayed instantaneously. Thus, E.Mach's principle is erroneous. A.Ejnshtejn has overcome this rather appreciable contradiction in E.Mach's physical principle by the mathematical method, having bent the real Universe and having made it the closed (hypersphere). 

On the Unified Тheory of Nature Inertia  lurks in that place, where it is displayed. The essence of Inertia consists of the elasticity of ether (The essence of Inertia see).  


5.7. Magnetic monopoly does not exist. It is a known fact that magnetic poles are found only in pairs. Modern physics could not give a scientific explanation for this fact. Moreover, this inability of physics has turned into additional harm to it. It was accepted that in Nature there must exist a magnetic monopole - a magnet with one pole. Having put forward such a dubious postulate, physicists have been trying for several decades to prove its truth. Magnetic monopole turned out to be necessary for modern physics, like water to fish. For example, to explain the mystery of the multiplicity of electric charges of particles to the charge of an electron. To complete the theories of the great unification begun under fanfare. So, after all unsuccessful attempts to detect proton decay, now there remains the only way that could confirm the theories mentioned. This method is considered the experimental detection of a magnetic monopole. However, so far this problem has not been solved.

At present, the search for a magnetic monopole does not stop. In 2015, a message appeared that one of the universities in Finland managed to detect a point magnetic monopole, which exists in a special quantum field

Let's try to evaluate the published positive result based on the Unified Theory of Nature. First of all, we give a preliminary assessment of whether the detected object, which is interpreted on the basis of quantum mechanics, can be true. After all, it is known that quantum mechanics itself is full of secrets, riddles and paradoxes. Now there are more than two dozen of them (see Universality of the Theory). This is wave-particle duality, and the conversion of ghostly energy into matter, and the secret of the internal structure of fundamental particles, and the secret of the pair formation of particles in experiments, and the deep secret of particle annihilation, and the uncertainty covered with deep darkness, and the barrier effect, and the secret of the particle charge ratio, and the deep secret of the charge itself, and the multiplicity of body masses, and the deep secret of attraction and repulsion of bodies with different charges, and the secret of the essence of the electric field, and the deep secret of the magnetic field, and powerlessness before the unification of fundamental forces, and the deep nature of quantum numbers, and the deep essence of energy, and the deep nature of the aspiration of potential energy to a minimum, and the secrets of nucleon production, and the secrets of the growing multiplicity of elementary particles, and much more. 

By the Unified Theory of Nature all these tasks have been successfully solved (see above "Universality of the Theory"). It was also established (see Secrets of a particle charge) that the multiplicity of charge mentioned at the beginning of the article has a strict explanation without involving a magnetic monopole. The chapter Working out of the Unified Theory describes in detail the construction of the Unified Theory of Nature, which is identical in purpose to the aforementioned incomplete Theories of the Great Unification. However, the Unified Theory of Nature, unlike the indicated incomplete theories, did not require any magnetic monopole for its construction. In addition, the Unified Theory of Nature provides additional evidence of the fallacy of the search for a magnetic monopole (see Magnetic monopole contradicts)


5.8. Defects of the concept of dark matter      

Currently, all dogs are hanged on dark matter. All, that is not clear in Universe, is dark matter. What does not correspond to known physical laws and theories is dark matter. What does not coincide with mathematical calculations is dark matter.  

It is believed that Universe contains dark matter that cannot be seen directly [4, p. 160] This is an obvious first defect. A good object of study! Say anything about him and write off all the paradoxes of physics on him, since no one will ever see him.  

It is believed to be located in spiral galaxies. This is the second defect. Why, exactly, in spiral? After all, they have not yet established a plausible mechanism for the formation of various types of galaxies?  

They also suggest that these are huge clusters of stars and gas, in the form of a frying pan. This is the third defect. Why is the form of matter limited to domestic kitchen?  

It is believed that they rotate around their center with great speed, and if they were visible, they would fly apart. This is the fourth defect. And why did not visible neutron stars spinning at tremendous speed not fly away !?  

It is assumed that this invisible form of matter is large enough and that it gives gravitational attraction. Therefore, galaxies are kept intact during rotation. This is the fifth defect. If Gravity is a dark spot in science, then this is dark matter!  

Dark matter is also believed to be found in clusters of galaxies. However, the speeds with which individual galaxies move in clusters are very high and the clusters must fly apart. Then here, as in star clusters (see above), dark matter saves. This is the sixth defect.  

It is estimated that this dark matter should be no more than 10% of the density that should stop the Universe in its expansion. This is the seventh defect, since here mathematics, embraced with dark matter, saves another, not very reliable, basis of modern physics - the Big Bang theory.  

It is believed that dark matter is different from the normal matter of which stars and planets are composed. It is suggested that this may be a neutrino. This is the eighth defect. But how then does a neutrino cause Gravity (see above), if it is known that a neutrino has no mass?  

Confirmation of these defects is that the Unified Theory of Nature unequivocally proved (see Working out of the Unified Theory) that the Universe perfectly exists without dark matter. In this case, the fact that the system consisting of stars and gas or galaxies is kept in integrity, reliably confirms the nature and essence of Gravity discovered by the Unified Theory of Nature. For the mysterious Gravitation existing in modern science, it is necessary to have a second - the same mysterious (hidden) mass. For the Unified Theory of Nature described here, this complication is completely unnecessary. In particular, this follows from the fact that, according to the Unified Theory of Nature, Gravitation is not attraction (see Essence of Gravitation). The following is full evidence of the failure of the modern concept of dark matter (Dark matter - revealing its secrets see). 


5.9. What is a Neutrino – News 


It is supposed, that particles neutrino fill all Space of Universe and that its mass makes 90 … 97 % concerning other substance, but why it so, is not known. 

It is reported that motion of galaxies in their aggregations occurs as if any invisible force acts on them. Presumably it is considered that it is caused by particles neutrino. It is considered, that mass of neutrino in 20000 times is less than an electronic mass. It has been established that the neutrino possesses all-pervasive ability, has a speed of motion, equal of light speed. Neutrino do not participate either in strong, in electrical, or in magnetic interaction. A particle with extraordinary properties! Let's try to solve it's secrets (Neutrino is not a particle see).


5.10.The elimination of dualism. Wave dualism, forcedly entered into the modern physics, is grounded on the various experience, including T.Jung's experience on  interference of light, proceeding through two slots. It namely is the parent of the wave dualism in the physicist.  

Quantum physics could not explain the passage of one quantum of light at once through both slots. None of the published unified field theory also gives an answer. Unified Theory of Nature has discovered the true cause of the indicated interference without contradiction (Wave-particle duality see).




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