Vladimir Kumachyov

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At present mortal threats are looming over Earth and mankind. These are global warming, energy hunger, forest fires, cyclones, tornadoes, asteroids, volcanic eruptions and explosions of the nuclear power plants. The reason for that is the lack of knowledge of Nature. So  stars and galaxies and planet Earth are filled with riddles. The atomic nucleus is a mystery. Gravity is a mystery. Inertia is a mystery. For the first time, the Unified Theory was developed (Working out of the Unified Theory see), which revealed these and many other secrets. For the first time, antigravitational kettles are developed and described for moving near the Earth and in Space with the speed of a meteor and with the speed of light. For the first time, means of instantaneous shutdown of a nuclear reactor that has left obedience are developed and described, as well as methods for taking heat from the environment and many many others (Prevention of the  catastrophes see).    

The Unified Theory, unlike all known theories, is all-powerful and universal and its applications are simple to implement. They give a person the means of salvation from catastrophic explosions of nuclear power plants, indomitable forest fires, destructive cyclones, threats from outer Space and will be useful to organizations involved in the global problems of planet Earth and space exploration and can also be used individually. 

The Unified Theory has already been tested on 140 examples of its use (Universality of Theory see) Its main concepts have been verified experimentally (Theory and Experiments see). In addition, the developed Theory has one more result, unattainable for any theory that claims to be Unified. It gives 29(!), most valuable for the life and survival of mankind, predictions (Predictions of Theory see).

The achieved allows the author to publish a proposal on

  designing fundamentally new spacecraft

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The device moves silently in Space. Cannot be detected by radar. It has an impenetrable curtain. The maximum flight speed is more than 100 Mach numbers. Capable of instantly changing speed and heading 




Discoveries and latest developments:   

Revealing the secrets of UFOs - antigravitational spacecrafts based on the Unified Theory of Nature. The named Unified Theory revealed the secret of Gravity (Essence of Gravity see). This made it possible to develop spacecrafts with the properties of mysterious UFOs.

A llot has been written and written about UFOs. All reports of their extraordinary behavior are delightful and always shrouded in many secrets. So it is reported that a UFO during flight is most often not heard and very rarely there were cases when a buzz or whistle was heard. Why is there no engine sound? Why does the sound appear only sometimes? Why is there no visible condensation trail from the engine? (Unraveling the secret of the UFO power unit see). Why is a UFO able to change its speed abruptly from several Mach numbers to zero and vice versa, or also abruptly change its course, because this is incompatible with the life of the crew?! How do UFOs achieve speeds that allow them to freely escape military aircraft? How can a UFO appear as if from nothing and also instantly melt away? How do several UFOs in extremely high-speed formation flight achieve amazingly coordinated overall movement, while performing the most complex aerobatic maneuvers? What kind of foggy veil envelops almost all UFOs? (Unraveling the secret of the UFO Fog Veil see). Why are UFOs, with rare exceptions, impossible to detect by radar? Why a rocket is unable to catch up with the UFO? Why, if the UFO allowed the rocket to come close, then the rocket could not break through the protective layer of the UFO? What is the internal difference between cigar-shaped UFOs and spherical ones, UFOs in the form of a triangle, pyramid and disk? (Unraveling the secret of the unusual shapes of UFOs see). Where are these UFOs coming from? (Anraveling the secret of the appearance of UFO see).




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