Prevention of the catastrophes

The secret of the highest coherence of a group flight of UFOs and its solution
Solving the mystery of the extreme maneuverability of UFOs
How to Find the True Unified Theory
Unified Theory and how to raise controllability and velocity of the spacecrafts
Unified Theory and designing of flying antigravitational spacecrafts
Unraveling the secret of the unusual shapes of UFOs
Anraveling the secret of the appearance of UFO
Unraveling the secret of the UFO Fog Veil
Unraveling the secret of the UFO power unit
Spaceship and ether-gravity energy generator
Coronavirus - Gravity treatment
Cyclone, tornado, eruption - rescue
Gravity and Inertia сontrol the dangerous natural phenomena
Nuclear power plant -- expedient of rapid cooling of a nuclear reactor
Tropical cyclone and its deep secrets
Anticyclone and cyclone - the unified theory
Fireball - a solution of secrets
Gravity and asteroid
Lightning and its concealed secrets
Tornado in America
The unsolved tornado and tornado avenue in America
Hurricane and the ether-drop pump
Energy of water and global warming
The expedient of reception of energy
The generator of energy "Ray"
Efficiency of the new generator of energy
Gravity control
The guidance of Gravity on Earth
The spacecraft Drill
The spacecraft Umbrella
Spacecraft Cylinder
Spacecraft Rotor
Spacecraft Tornado
Spacecraft Wave
Space travel on the craft Drill
Space travel on the craft Umbrella
Salvation of mankind by spacecraft Sphere
Space flight on the craft Cylinder
The spacecraft Rotor on Earth and in Space
Space and terrestrial flight of spacecrafts Tornado and Wave
Search of new trajectories of gravity control
Spacecraft annihilation



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