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Gravity control


When you start to think: «But how to control Gravity now, knowing, what is it», it becomes anxious.  Between bodies to seat something it is useless. It streams from that Gravitation is not present between bodies (Gravitation – not  attraction see). Then it is possible to try to erect something before a body on the path of ether, flowing through the body and calling Gravity in it. However, as in the Unified Theory it is erected, ether flows through any material. Whatever material you was seated on an ether path, it is the pervious. It is all, apparently, a path of protection from Gravity are not present. Nevertheless, the Unified Theory after all is universal? 

4.38. Principles of control of Gravity. Unified Theory of Nature proves the possibilities of control of Gravity. It gives possibilities to fly to other stars. The following streams from the featured essence of Gravitation ("Gravitation - not attraction" see above) and its deep displays. The specified control can be carried out  by action of an artificial stream of ether ("magnetic field" see) on the basic flowing to Earth stream of ether. This basic stream, as it is erected ("Gravitation - not attraction" the consequence 2 see above), stipulates the existence of Gravity on Earth.

Besides, it is possible to affect on the ether downflow by stream of microvortexes of ether (Ampere's rule see) or by travel of the bound microvortexes of ether (of body) with a great speed towards or across of ether downflow ("Gravitation - not attraction" a consequence 3 see above).

Body travel towards to an ether downflow, for the purpose of making under the body of a band without Gravity, is difficult and is almost useless. The travel of the body across this stream was possiblly. By that one of obvious shapes of this body is the continuous disk. Most technically comprehensible travel of this disk is gyration, which is made coplanarly to the plane, orthogonal to the stream of a descending ether.

There is the band not protected from Gravity in fitting to the axis field at the forward  character of this gyration of the disk. It will not allow to the kettle, implementing the specified motion, to become unweighable as its central technical part remains under the influence of Gravity.

Protection against Gravity will be downgraded from disk periphery to centre at gyration of the specified disk concerning its geometrical centre. It follows from kinematics of a motion of its radiuses. That is the same deficiency, as of the previous viewed case, but with a gradient junction from the weightlessness band to the Gravity band. At the considerable mass of this disk it is a gyroscope, at small - an easy disk. Such disks should be two for counteraction to the jet moment of the twirled disk. From Essence of Gravitation follows, that for achievement of the specified effect of partial protection against Gravity the gyroscope will need to be twirled with velocity much more smaller, than an easy disk. Nevertheless, it is possible to conclude that a gyroscope only can partially attenuate Gravity, but basically will not allow to create weightlessness. 

The second  technical shape of the body, which can move across the stream of the gravitating ether, the cylindrical ring is. The forming  straight line of this ring places horizontally, that is across streamlines of the gravitating ether at a finding of crew of the aircraft in the ring.

The analysis of operation of this ring leads to the following. If it twirl concerning the vertical, then this case is reduced to the gyroscope, viewed above with all its flaw. If this ring to twirl concerning the geometrical horizontal axis of the cylinder, then, according to Essense of Gravitation (see above a consequence 3), protection against Gravity of space in the cylinder will be carried out completely. The difficulties will have only technical character. This is the necessity of presence  coaxial with the specified cylinder of a jet second ring or two lateral, being continuation of the basic cylinder.

Thus from the possible mechanical principles of control of Gravity the comprehensible is only last. 

The driving stream of ether can be created, as it is specified in Consequences from the Unified Theory,by a constant magnet or winding of the wire reel with a constant electric current. By that the expedient under "G.Galilej's modified experience" is already confirmed in experience (look Experiments).

Process engineering of control. It is possible to create an artificial counterflow of ether, i.e. vertical upwards. It is possible to turn the existing downflow of ether from a vertical direction, having declined the stream from object of Gravity by an artificial stream of ether or by a stream of microvortexes ("electrons"). The kettle with the magnet or the wire winding thus will be obvious the circular under the shape. Perhaps, it is that "UFO", on which it is possible to fly to other stars and round which so much secrets are covered?  An energy source in the magnetic kettle is not necessary for control. Control of the magnetic kettle can be carried out by the rotational displacement of magnet (magnets), and of the bobbin – by rotational displacement of reels and by force of an electric current.  


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