Prevention of the catastrophes

The guidance of Gravity on Earth

Use in Earth requirements of the stated bottoms of the guidance of Gravity gives mankind very major possibilities (Unified Theory see):

1. Having actuated the high-power antigravitational screen (even over not the seismodangerous territory) to call the artificial earthquakes of the given power and to call the lava eruption. These can prevent also the earthquakes and the eruptions in the proximate being seismodangerous occupied fields of territory of Earth. Such screen it is possible to transport to the given place by a plane, a balloon (or by the several balloons disposed in the plan on demanded by sizes of the screen distance).

Nicola Tesla called the small earthquakes, but drive them could not. And he did not dream at all of natural earthquakes. Guidance of natural earthquakest is accessible to the author of the opened secrets of Gravitation. For comparison the experiments can be executed there where worked Tesla. The places in Colorado-Springs especially approach.

2. Similarly, but by the smaller power to drive by combustion in the open thermodynamic systems – promptly to extinguish  the forest fires.



3. Having equipped the lorry with the antigravitational screen, to transport loads in hundreds times heavier at the former load-carrying capacity of the car and the former power of its drive.

4. At installation of the antigravitational screen over the pump draught tube to inhaust a column of water without cavitation on the altitude not 6 – 7 metres as it is now possible, but on many thousand metres, that in the technician will gain the numerous expedient applications.

 5. Having settled over the road bridge the antigravitational screen, to increase   the load-carrying capacity of existing bridges in hundreds times, and the new major load-carrying capacity bridges to build the small-material-capacious.

6. Having erected before the bulldozer knife the antigravitational screen, to jolt a ground by the bulldozer in tens times of the greater volume at the former power of its drive and the former weight of the bulldozer.

7. Repeatedly to reduce the weight of the municipal transportation that will repeatedly reduce the propellant consumption and accordingly will sharply reduce the air pollution.

8. To buildthe pyramids of the huge stone units not less the grandiose, than Egyptian.

9. Switching of the antigravitational screen will give the chance to the up-to-date heavy plane, equipped with such screen, to take off and sit on the short runways. On an aeroplane carrier the long deck is not required, and on an aeroplane carrier it is possible to increase quantity of airplanes in some times without changing vessel gabarits. The emergency drop of an airplane to make the smooth without a shock about the earth – to avoid an air crashes.

 10. At a fire in a high-altitude building the person with the antigravitational screen – umbrella can safely jump out of a window of the upper floor on the earth.

11. To settle the hydroelectric power station without the water basins, flooding huge territories, and accordingly without the dams, obstructing to the vitally importent spawning  traffic of fish and to fast motion of river transport. By that on such hydroelectric power station the rising of water will realize under the antigravitational screen by the low power of pumps with rather major water discharge or in general without the usual pumps. It is possible to settle such high capacity circuital hydroelectric power station on the small rivers, and on the small closed reservoirs, that will allow to increase the quantity of the hydroelectric power station in comparison with their present quantity in many hundreds times and accordingly to exclude the atomic power station from use.

12. To create the essentially new drives and the energy generators. For example to erect vertically the wheel with blades (the mill wheel) and to the half of its diameter to close from above by the antigravitational screen. On one axis with the wheel is an electric generator. For greater effect the blades of the wheel are done heavier. For the maximum effect the wheel exchange by the handwheel – the gyro. At wheel high speed its suspension are done the soft.

Such drives and the generators can be erected everywhere, including on cars (by that the air pollution in cities is excluded completely), on planes, on sea-crafts*.

13. To exclude the electric power run-over – to exclude all high-voltage lines (at the expense of the omnipresence of the generators indicated in the item 12), and together with them and the catastrophic ice strong gales arising on the lines.


14. To exclude the drifts of cities by snow at the expense of the repeated magnification of productivity of the snow-removing transport (the item 3 see), and also of the active melting of snow at its dropout on the warmed up road coat and the roofing of buildings. The energy on the heating is by that developed by the ubiquitous high capacity generators (item 12).

15. To gain the soft water from the marine in the necessary quantities, having the unlimited capabilities of extraction of energy (item 12).

16. To float at Arctic Ocean in any directions without the ice breaker.


 For this purpose on the sea-craft nose to erect the antigravitational screen. For greater efficiencies this nose structurally to push forward (the bowsprit). On the aircraft carriers practically it is not required of the constructive changes, since the deck hangs over water far ahead of the underwater part of the body of the vessel.

At inclusion of the antigravitational screen the ice and the water under the screen ahead of the vessel will appear with the reduced gravitational pressure. Then the water under ice of the screen cracks the ice of any thickness by the hydrostatic pressure in water next in the plan with the screen of zones that is regulated by the operative power of the screen. The ice by that is transmuted into the blown up hillock of fragments which do not obstruct to a traffic of a usual sea-craft with such screen.

17. Having erected over an oil well the antigravitational screen, to strengthen productivity of the wells, and also to extract oil from "the exhausted" thrown wells. 

18. Having erected on the extremity of the boom of a crane the antigravitational screen, in building to raise and to erect the loads in hundreds times heavier at the former parametres of the crane. 

19. Similarly, having erected over a building the antigravitational screen, to execute transposition without fracture of the whole buildings on the new base.

20. Having actuated erected over a head of the person the small antigravitational screen – "the nimbus", the weight of the person to finish to zero, that will allow him by the easy motion of hands to take off as a bird and continuously to come down to Earth.

21. At the absence of weight (the item «20») to walk the person on a sea as on an overland.


    * Essentially new drives and energy generators can be created also on the basis of the phenomenon «Heat-mechanical shock in a fluid» [45]. Here the person has for the first time capability to influence on surrounding medium towards of decrease of its temperature, and also operatively to reduce temperature of the «furious» nuclear reactor.

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