Prevention of the catastrophes

The spacecraft Drill

I devote this paper to great Nicola Tesla,

                   but I, using the Unified Theory of Nature

in Colorado-Spings, would make more


The featured principles and process engineerings of guidance of Gravity allow to create flying antigravitational kettles which can move not only about Earth, but also far outside of Solar system.

On fig. 53 it is figured the spacecrafts  Drill. The artificial flow 5 destroys (drills) the natural flow of ether 1, going to Earth. The jets here are collapsed (Magnet, Gravitation and Inertiaitem see) – the filtration pressure on the spacecraft disappears – it becomes the unweightable.

Outside of the ring 2 the directions of the streams: the artificial 5 and the  natural 1 coincide. Therefore for the achievement of the weightlessness the flow 5 should be equal to the flow 1. If it is necessary to sit on Earth, then the flow 5 through the guidance by the power source 3 it is done the hardly more feeblly of the flow of ether 1. If it is necessary to take off – the hardly more strongly. To be sinked promptly, the current 4 it is actuated on reverse. But about Earth it is necessary to have time to transfer continuously to zero and then on the back motion of the electrons in the ring. Otherwise the Gravity (the filtration of two: 1+5 streams of ether) will crush of pilots.    





 Fig. 53. The spacecraft Drill. a – the plan of the monotorus  spacecraft; δ- its exterior; b – the seventorus  spacecraft; 1 – the filtration flow of ether to Earth; 2 – the vacuum pipe with electrons or the superconductor (ring); 3 – the source of electric energies; 4 – the electric current in the ring; 5 – the flow of ether created in the ring; 6 – the windows ; 7 – the cabin; 8 – the small toruses.


At the switching on of the counterflow of ether (to the existing to Earth) weight disappears. But Inertia  does not disappear since the ether flow to the body (the spacecraft) remains. And it will be always while there is the phase of squeezing of ether in the zone of Galaxy, creating Gravity (Essence of Gravitation the consequence 1 see). In the connection with the inertia presence there will be the influence of acceleration on pilots and the spacecraft.

 There are two possible versions: «1» and «2» on the spacecraft for its motion horizontally .

1. To cant the spacecraft and to move by the basic ethereous flow. For this rotational displacement the additional small horizontal reels on periphery of the greater (fig. 54) are necessary.

2. The spacecraft not to cant, but to have the lateral small vertical solenoids (fig. 55).

   In version 1 the loading on a pilot from the attraction to Earth remains partially since the ether flow to Earth is reset partially, and plus the additive loading from the acceleration on the flight direction (trajectory). Here the small reels can be rather small since they are only the driving by flight, but by the tractive reel is the major.


 Fig. 54 The guidance of the spacecraft declination  on the version "1".

1 – the basic torus; 2 – the additive reels; 3 – the additive is actuated.






Fig. 55 The flight control of the kettle on the version "2".

1 – the basic torus; 2 – the small vertical reels.


The loading on a pilot from the attraction to Earth can be equal to zero in version 2. But the traction will be created by the small vertical reels. In this case the basic reel can be less high-power, and the circumferential tractive should be more high-power.

After excess of the natural gravitational traction of the spacecraft downwards (of Gravity disappearance) there is the artificial gravitational force upwards. This force depending on its value will create the acceleration of free "slope" upwards before the equalization of the flow speed of ether upwards with the velocity of the gravekettle upwards.

The spacecraft can fly upwards with the velocity vupgr = vethart - vethnat , equal to the difference of the velocity of the artificial flow of ether upwards vethart through the all spacecraft (that is caused by power of  the energy source of the spacecraft) and the natural downwards (to Earth) vethnat.

Horizontally above Earth the spacecraft can fly with the velocity vhorgr, equal to the velocity of the horizontal flow of ether through the vertical (perpendicular to the motion) section of the spacecraft or to the horizontal component of the flow of the canted spacecraft. By that vhorgr  can be such, as well as vvergr.  

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