Prevention of the catastrophes

The spacecraft Umbrella

Unified Theory allows the development of the spacecraft without Inertia. The roof of the spacecraft – the  umbrella, protecting from Gravity. From essence of Gravity follows that Gravity is caused by a flow of ether guided to Earth (to other planet or a star). As it is possible to attack ether  by ether (Principles of control of Gravity see), then this roof – close to the flat (N.Maskelin's modified experience see) the protuberant spiral from the isolated electricity cable, laid an orbit to an orbit (fig. 56). 



                               a                                                                                   b


Fig. 56 Construction of the roof of the spacecraft Umbrella

a – the top view; b – the side view: 1 - the  spiral; R – its radius

From etheral essence of Ampere's rule and etheral essence of the interaction of magnets follows that about the roof surface from below and from above it the extended "magnetic field" – the additive circular flow of ether (fig. 57) is formed.   



Fig. 57. Cross section of half of the roof.

1 – the spiral; 2 – the circumferential flow of  ether; R – the spiral radius.


At an arrangement of the indicated construction horizontally it is gained the umbrella from the ethereous wind from Space to Earth. The ether flows round the umbrella, but under it there is the "calm" of ether (fig. 58), and consequently, the objects not have of weight ("Essence of Gravity" see above) under the umbrella.  




Fig. 58. Operation of the antigravitational umbrella.

1 – the umbrella; 2 – the ether flow; 3 – "the calm"  of ether; 4 – Earth.


Inertia of the objects under the umbrella (and accordingly the loadings on them at the spacecraft accelerations) remain, because of  the uninertious ether ("Inertia" see above) will be from the sides under the umbrella, without having Inertia, to turn to the microvortexes of the bodies and to inflow from the different directions in them (Dependence of microvortexes see). 

For the theoretically complete elimination of Inertia of the spacecraft (for provision of the instant obtaining of the maximum velocity of the spacecraft) the indicated wire should be laid (in the same way, as well as in the umbrella) in the lateral walls of the cabin to the bottom (to seal from ether flowing in the kettle). By that the umbrella and the cabin are done the flowed round shape for exception of the burbles of ether and of the jolts from these burbles (fig. 59).




                                               a                                                                   b


Fig. 59. The shapes of spacecraft Umbrella.

 a – the vertical section aircraft; b – the exterior of the technological shape of the spacecraft; 1 – the screen; 2 – the circumferential flow of ether; 3 – the windows.


The most technological performed construction will be in the form of a ball (sphere). The shown on fig 59 windows are necessary for closure of the exterior own flow of the screen with the interior (the local vertical flow of ether) and for observations of the pilot over the environmental space.

Really the controllabled flow of the exterior ether in the spacecraft and in its contents (so and the controllabled Inertia) it is necessary to maintain for life  – for the maintenance of the systems of the bound microvortexes: the spacecraft and the person (The secret of occurrence of life , the chemical bond, the essence of Inertia - consequence 5 see). It realized by the guidance by power of the ethereous in-leak in the spacecraft through the lower hole 3 (fig. 59). At the accelerations of the spacecraft the in-leak it is reduced, at the motion without acceleration – it is  increased.

The inlet in the cabin because of the indicated construction of the stacking of a wire is better to settle at the very bottom – it is the port. By that in the port the conducting is put in the same way and at the port concealment the disconnected in one or several places wire is joined again (fig. 60).




Fig. 60. The port construction.

1 – the port; 2 – the joint; 3 – the wire; 4 – the  spacecraft bottom; 5 – the  window

but preferably magnetically soft 


The weight (and the mass) of all construction is only the winding and its retainingwalls of the spacecraft from the strong easy (but preferably from a magneticcally soft) material. The winding can be made the thin – the umbrella all the same will be impenetrable. The current through this winding gives an accumulator. Its "charge"  at the thin winding will suffice for a long time.

Motion of the spacecraft (flight). Here the known jet principle is unsuitable. It is necessary to use ether as it has own motion (The ether fluxion see). Its motion to Earth is most suitable for us.

As on the construction Umbrella ether does not press because of the inertialess the flow round the umbrella by ether then the sail is necessary, which will be under pressure of ether. Here two solutions are possible.

The first. From the spacecraft outside to exhibit the small umbrella and the sail-blade (that is technically difficult). The blade is did of the heavy thin strong material. For stability of the spacecraft it is necessary same pieces of these pairs. The small umbrella, without testing for itself pressure, declines ether from its fluxion to Earth in the direction to the sail. The sail, testing the gravitational pressure of ether, allows to move to the spacecraft by the expedient «abrupt by de wind» − towards to the basic ethereous wind, i.e. upwards. Having taken off, the spacecraft moves horizontally by the «skew tacks» that allows to fly very promptly, as the velocity of ether to Earth – the velocity of a meteor, flying in atmosphere (Speeds of movement in Universe see).

The second solution (the best). It is possible to let in a flow of ether in the spacecraft (under the already available umbrella) through the ports in the spacecraft sides to the massive body (for example, to the accumulater, mentioned above). The body under the umbrella has no weight, but the mass remains. The massive body dispose under the spacecraft ceiling – for the dynamic stability – for the take-off , and on the ether trajectory to this body (too it is close to the ceiling – for the stability) dispose the sail.

Guidance of the spacecraft flight direction also it is executed by the sail, but not its rotational displacement as it is accepted in the marine sea fleet, but by the bias of it and of the mass concerning their attachment to the spacecraft.

The descent to Earth (and to other planets) it is executed by the same rudders.

Intercontinental and Space flights.  The featured gravekettles will alow to deliver an urgent load in any point of  Earth freely in the hedge-hopping flight with the velocity of a meteor ("Speeds of movement in Universe" see above).

Using the spacecrafts, it is possible to fly in Space  and also to brake or to change the direction of motion of the dangerous to Earth bodies - to be protected from asteroids. By that the spacecraft flies silently, and the direction and the distance of its flight practically are boundless*. The greatest velocity will be reached by the way of the aggregations of galaxies (Essence of Gravitation consequence 1, bafflers of the "honeycombs" see) **. 

The Inertia damping at start of the spacecraft allows to reach the maximum velocity almost instantaneously and to brake the spacecraft also instantaneously. Accordingly, the flight trajectory of the device can be performed in the form of a steeply broken line. This will not allow to knock down the device by any known high-speed and high-precision means.

Disappearance of the flight vehicle in the face of the observer. Using the principle of guidance by Inertia, stated above, it is possible to disappear instantaneously (on the featured flight vehicle) from a place of its dislocation, that will be exteriorly perceived as «the kettle dissolution in air» or «the transition in other measuring».

The featured spacecraft, according to the author, it would be most convenient to create and test in Colorado Springs on the basis of Centre on tracing a near Space.

     * At flights in other galaxies or to other stars it is necessary not to hurry to fly in them zone, previously without having defined the right or the left gyration of ether in the galactic or the sidereal vortex. The neglect to these can lead to full annihilation of the spacecraft and the crew.  

     ** Out of the zones of the influence of galaxies and of stars the spacecraft moves by Inertia.

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