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Anticyclone and cyclone - the unified theory



An anticyclone and cyclone it is tried to explain on the basis of various approaches. However the special hopes assign to symmetry. In the physics it is accepted, that symmetry is universal and is the Material World basis. Accordingly the theory of cyclones and anticyclones it is tried to build on the basis of the concept about universality of symmetry. By that it is considered, that the cyclone and an anticyclone are mirror symmetric. However till now attempts to create the unified theory of cyclones and anticyclones remain vain. The cause of it is the erroneous concept of universality of symmetry (Symmetry in the physics see). And now let us consider the anticyclone on the basis of  Unified Theory of  Nature.

The airflows, ingested from the periphery of a cyclone (Cyclone see) inside, arrive from the next, free from the gravitational screen the zones – the high pressure zones. And as these zones are not identical (World is dissimilar see), then the air starts to arrive most intensively from zones with the greatest pressure. It leads to that in the such, next to the cyclone, zone the airflows move concerning the centre of high-pressure zone clockwise (fig. 40).

The viscosity of air in this high-pressure zone starts in gyration the next to the circumferential the interior zones. All high-pressure zone starts to rotate. The rotation will be not necessarily on a circle (fig. 40 see above) because of the unrigidity of air. By that the motion of the airflows will be from the centre to the periphery, and to the centre – from  above from the higher atmospheric layers. The anticyclone is formed.

And as the cyclone here works as a sucking pump then the maximum pressure will be in the middle of the zone of the anticyclone with a gradual pressure decrease to its periphery.

Thus  an anticyclone - is not symmetric to a cyclone. It is not the independent vortex (Stars and galaxies see) since the stability of its motion, i.e. the existence (Life – stability see) is caused by the stability of the generating it and organically bind to it the cyclone motion of air.

Consequence 1. From the featured gear of formation and existence of cyclone and anticyclone it is stream that the cyclone more often, than the anticyclone will have the shape close to the circular.

Consequence 2. The known in aircraft "downdraughts" can be caused not the vertical local airflows and not the different density of air, but the presence of "the gravitational screen». By that the screen can be the invisible if the saved up water in atmosphere has not started to condence.

Consequence 3. A cyclone, ingesting air from the created by it anticyclone, pulls  itself from water area on a land, simultaneously drawing off the anticyclone from its trajectory aside.

By that it can start to ingest air from a new zone – from the deeper continent (with higher, than in the formed by it anticyclone, the pressure) – it is formed  the second anticyclone. Such anticyclones, supplying the cyclone, can be some.

Thus, on the basis of universality of Unified Theory of Nature the unified theory of cyclones and anticyclones for the first time is constructed. 

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