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Fireball - a solution of secrets

Fireball - one of the most mysterious natural phenomena. Till now it conserves the surprising secrets persistently. So, the deep mechanism of its birth is not known till now. Why it, moving over the earth as though floats in air? Why it often arises on moors? Whence undertakes such its bright light? Why it moves any mysterious paths as though she reflects, choosing itself a path? How she "manages" to make through into the house through furnace duct or through a telephone wire? What the mysterious properties it possesses, if it can pass only through linen of the person, bypassing its body? How she "manages" to take the form of that subject, into which it makes through? Why sometimes the slightest burn can not be from it at contact to the person? Why the subject, into which it enters, can not receive any damages, or opposite, can blow up? How it can occur in air from a wire, from a tree? How it is possible, that at its explosion in a subject, the fragments of this subject moved  in space without dispersing at all?

Let's try to open the specified secrets on the basis of Unified Theory of Nature.

Fireball and Gravity. The mutual contact in "a curling" cumulus cloud of aboriginal air vortexes (the friction in atmosphere) leads to aboriginal occurrence and accumulation in  the cloud of microvortexes of ether, so, charges ( What is the charge? see).

The moving of microvortexes occurs in the cloud to its lower area by ether current to Earth (Gravitation - not the attraction see), and under the cloud – the conduction of these microvortexes (charges) further to Earth - «air is electrified». From  Formation of stars and galaxies follows the ether runs in all vortexes, including in microvortexes - elementary masses of bodies (What is the gravitation mass? see). Then the microvortexes (charges) settle on surface of Earth, trees, telephone wires and other massive or dense bodies by Gravitation action, since to these bodies flows (runs in) more of ether ("What the gravitation mass?" see above). They settle on the surface since the more penetrating charges push out (Why a charge collects on a body surface? see) of the arriving on the surface. These charges because of their mutual pushing away are squeezed out in atmosphere in process of accumulation of the microvortexes (charges) on massive bodies.

The concentration, following from object in atmosphere of the microvortexes, can be rather big. It arises at the big mass or density of towering over a surface of Earth of the object. Such objects obviously will an eminence on a moor, a water tower, etc. Then this flowing down the concentrated - the massive ("What the gravitation mass?" see above) region of microvortexes turns the current of maternal ether (running in massive object) to itself.

As a result the specified region, following from a body in atmosphere of microvortexes (charges) starts to distort by the maternal ether, running in it from different directions. The region turns to a sphere. The sphere has no weight concerning Earth. It is caused by that all next maternal ether runs in the sphere, instead of flows to Earth. The sphere can separate freely from a place of its formation because of petering of weight. As each microvortex, including on a sphere surface, rotates, they excite electrons (vortexes) in external orbits of the next atoms of air. Then these atoms radiate the electromagnetic waves (What is the electromagnetic wave see) constantly, including in the light range - the sphere is shone.

The sphere "floats" in atmosphere because of absence of weight. As the maternal ether runs in the sphere then the sphere accumulates new microvortexes (charges) by Gravitation from atmosphere. Then it increases in dimension and moves by streams of the maternal ether to the places of ramification of the streams. For an observer these these locomotions  are mysterious, since ether streams are invisible and flexible (Mysterious ether see), and also without inertia  (The essence of Inertia see). These are massive or dense objects, but yet not saved up microvortexes - a repellent charge. Such objects can be and subjects in premises. By that this sphere can make through into a premise through duct, without concerning its walls since they are charged pushing away - negative charge. Similarly and through a telephone wire

The objects which has not saved up a charge, can be and underwear of the person. As a rule, it is damper (massive), than the next outer clothing. It can be and the inferior damper lining of outer clothing. At the sphere approach to such object the charges (microvortexes) flow by current of a maternal ether, converging to object, in this object. By that the sphere form variates on the form of the object by action of maternal ether, running in this object. Microwortexes flow on these not charged conductors, without concerning the charged areas (walls of duct, outer clothing and a body as the generator of charges). Further microvortexes continue to move to more massive objects (bypassing the charged areas). Following in atmosphere from object of the various form, they again collect in a sphere (see above). As the processes proceed basically at level of microvortexes of ether, then the warmth (i.e. the molecular and atomic locomotion) is not displayed (Essence of liberation of energy see) – the burns can not be at organic objects.

At an overflowing of microvortexes in not charged rather dense, though the small object or in not charged sharp ledge on massive object arises the dense fast ether stream. This stream presses microvortexes to each other. It is created the intrinsic the intervortical pressure, which grows in process of flowing of maternal ether in object. The compressed region of microvortexes - charges is quickly pumped in object surface layer. The pressure from this region is pitched from within to object. At achievement of equality of pressure of the region of microvortexes to the tensile strength of the body it blows up. Together with its fragments are scattered and the have ran in the body charges. If the fragments are the not massiv (small Inertia, "The essence of Inertia" see) then they will be tolerated by a maternal ether to the proximate massive body and settle on it, without dispersing.  

Here one more the example of universality of Unified Theory of Nature.






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