Prevention of the catastrophes

Lightning and its concealed secrets


On territory Space Centre of a name of J. Kennedy is necessary more shocks of lightnings, than in any other place in the USA. In this connection NASA spends million bucks for prevention of shocks by lightnings during starts Space vehicles. 

There is variety of kinds of lightnings. One of them are considered studied enough, others mysterious. The linear lightning is meeting among lightnings most often. Lightning is very terrible  for the person. Each the lightning contains large quantity of energy. Means of protection of a person from the lightning does not exist. It can take you unawares. 

It is considered the cause of occurrence of  a lightning are electric charges, electric fields. However, anybody cannot answer, what the deep essence of electric field and a charge consists in. It is not known, why the lightning propagates on a curve path. Why the lightning does not reach at once of Earth? Why the storm cloud does not rotate as cyclone area? Why sometimes there is an ascending lightning? Why having reached of Earth, the lightning as though is reverted? What cause of division of a lightning on a branches? Why there is a mysterious horizontal lightning? Why the lightning impact can not burn a subject? And at last, what hides the secret of occurrence bead lightning in? 

Presence so many secrets leads to that effective protection against a lightning remains unrealizable dream. Thus, our safety rests against secrets of a lightning. So we will open these secrets, using universality of Unified Theory of Nature (Unified Theory see). 

Secret of a birth and life of a linear lightning. These lightnings can be born in active cumulus clouds of cyclones. They can be born in the same active regions of a tornado and in separate storm clouds. Consideration of these phenomena becomes rather complicated in the first and second cases by their simultaneous joint exhibiting. For this reason the phenomenon of a cyclone is considered by us separately. We will consider a storm cloud also separately. 

The storm cloud can arise both over water area and over continent. For this purpose it is enough, that over certain terrain a significant amount of the evaporated water has got to atmosphere. The storm cloud in the plan will have essentially smaller dimensions in comparison with cyclone area. Then from essence of cyclone (look the Tropical cyclone) follows that the difference of horizontal components of  Gravitation, measured along the edges of a cloud on the chord coinciding with a meridian of Earth, will be rather small. Thereupon, and also that simultaneously with cloud occurrence the faster processes begin, the cloud has not time to begin rotation similar to a cyclone. These fast processes are the formation of lightnings and the fast annihilation of the cloud by a storm rain. 

As appears from  Unified Theory of  Nature, charges (look Secret of a charge) in a cloud collect more all on a surface of drops of water. It follows from  that the maternal ether, bearing these charges, runs into each of these drops (look the Space ether). Gravitation, created by ether (look Properties of ether), flowing to Earth in a storm cloud, carries the microvortexes (look Particle occurrence) to the lower border of the cloud. Here they are oriented by the planes collaterally to Earth (look the spin). 

In process of accumulation of microvortexes (look Charges - masses) on the lower border of the cloud the filtration pressure of ether upon them, that is Gravitation (look Gravitation is not attraction) in a direction to Earth, increases. It leads to flowing off (outbreak) of a stream of these charges from one low region in a cloud and to turn by their aboriginal Gravitation in other lower area or the more massive. There is the intercloudy linear lightning. If this last area is filled by the microvortexes, which have flowed here earlier, these microvortexes will be under gravitational pressure already. Then the new stream of microvortexes - charges in this region will not be intercepted here, and will continue the begun locomotion further of border of the lowermost region - under a cloud. 

As the ether of surrounding atmosphere is elastic (look above), then the specified stream is pushed out by surrounding ether revertively at once. However it here because of constant action of Gravitation in the direction to Earth is reverted to locomotion downwards. By that the stream moves on the same path. It is caused by the following. On the specified path there were former, but have oriented by the plane orthogonal to the stream of the ether microvortexes-charges (look above). It reduces a filtration friction about these vortexes (look the magnetic field). This new locomotion will be now much more low  because of the specified reduced friction and the increased mass of the stream for the account of its elongation. arged moving stream will not reach certain regions on Earth. These are the regions with aboriginal 

"Swing" can be retried some times while this chmore concentrated currents of ether, which is running in the concentrated material of subjects. These subjects can appear as a person, a tree, an animal, a hillock on an equal moor. The stream of charges is carried (flowed) by ether in the surface layer of this object, but the maternal ether - to the massive Earth − a linear lightning «a cloud - the Earth».  

Following more rare the occurrence can be in storm weather. The most massive area of a storm cloud - the antigravitational screen (look above the tropical cyclone) can sometimes appear directly over high object. During this moment gravitational pressure upon the specified eminence in the direction to Earth will decrease. Many charges - microvortexes (look the fireball) collect at top of such object in storm weather. Accordingly these saved up charges will appear also under the reduced gravitational influence in the direction to Earth. Then the aboriginal (lateral) Gravitation of the ether, which are running in from sides in the object, will squeeze out from this object upwards the microvortexes (charges), which have collected here. There is an ascending lightning.

The pressing of charges (microvortexes) by a maternal ether to object leads to growth of intrinsic intervortical pressure. This pressure can lacerate the object: a tree, wet clothes of the person on parts. This process proceeds at the level of microvortexes of ether and quickly. Therefore the amazed objects can not test rise in temperature on the nuclear and the molecular scale – will not burn. On reaching a surface of Earth the stream of charges strengthens. The charges quickly collect on a surface of Earth. Then their filtration resistance to a maternal ether increases. Therefore the pressure in the stream of charges will start to grow from below upwards, increasing a stream luminescence from below upwards, the lightning as though is reverted.

The front of a linear lightning propagates with travelling speed of ether (look an ether Current), it is more exact – with its filtrations in air. Charges, flowing down from a cloud, bombard atoms of air. It invokes the increase of its temperature and a luminescence (look Electromagnetic waves). Air is broke, consolidating on stream periphery, forming a shock wave – thunderous impact. 

From  Unified Theory (look Gyration round own longitudinal axis) follows that a current of charges of a linear lightning not forward, but the steady – gyral concerning own axis. At a smaller store of stability the stream of charges can break up to some streams - the branchy lightning. The lightning path always will be bent since the maternal ether, flowing to Earth, is displaced  to the aboriginal ethereous flows (by the aboriginal Gravitation) because of dissimilarities of Material Space (look Dissimilarity of World). Aboriginal ethereous flows invoke appearance and horizontal lightnings. These ethereous streams flow to aboriginal massive, is possible not to visible, clumps of water in atmosphere (look above "The tropical cyclone"). 

The curvature of a linear lightning, received on the basis of essence of Gravitation (look above "Gravitation is not attraction"), is observed really. It is the actual acknowledgement of that Gravitation is not a linear potential field, but the result of ether flow

At accumulation of charges (microvortexes) in the lower region of a cloud the charges, before Gravitation will break downwards their, can be generated in a sphere by action of aboriginal Gravitation, as it is described at Gravitation and a fireball. Then the occurrence and the locomotion of a linear lightning will be accompanied by a shone sphere in her head. However as the fireball (look above "the fireball") is the object, possessing the fluidity and the elasticity (Substance and its physical properties see), consisting of microvortexes - masses (What is the gravitational mass? see), then this sphere represents the oscillatory system. An impact – push can appear the trigger of start of this sphere in flight of a linear lightning. It can be the push from other lightning, which have flowed from above (look above about lightnings between clouds), including a fireball. Then this oscillatory system is started not only downwards to the Earth, but also in an oscillatory mode. The sphere will then to contract, then to extend with certain frequency – the bead lightning. By that it is clear, that it can exist the periodic changes of its form in various directions also.  

Thus, the concealed secrets of a lightning reveal in the present article. It will allow not only is reliable to be protected from it, of that Chicago and Space Centre for a long time dreams, but also skilfully to use it for the blessing of each person. 

                                                       Attack of lightnings to Chicago


Use of the open secrets of a lightning and the Unified Theory of Nature will allow to do of that Nikola Tesla did not dream.



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