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Tornado in America

Far America, how many gets to you from the favourite daughter of Nature – Tornado. How many energy mother Nature gives to the daughter! Certainly, the tornado "stays" on other continents also, however it have the special "favour" to America. And now March 3, 2019 in Alabama. This guest flies up, as the fury and sweeps away all on the path. Now to be protected from a tornado it is impossible. It is possible to warn against it only - to report about its approach. But warning about approach of a tornado does not protect from disasters, brought by it. 

Really is it impossible to tame it? Here it would be good not to warn about a tornado, but to tame it. After all did they tame in America the feral mustangs!? But how they did it? And they did it not by force, but by very big skill. However any big skill is born only from the profound knowledge. But what is known about this fury? Only that  the vortex have the indomitable power. But whence there is its power - it is not known. And what bears in a tornado the huge terrifying furious "trunk", tapped off from the sky? And what is the mysterious "case", from which various fragments take off outside as a bullet? And when this vortex turns in even more dangerous the indistinct  tornado? Why the tornado in one of hemispheres of Earth can rotate clockwise and against, while a cyclone – only in one direction? Why in the bottom of a tornado "trunk" there is a cascade from a dirt and a dust

3.100. The tornado nature. Since the Unified Theory is the unified – is the universal, then it is obliged to answer these questions. We will begin that the area of concentration of charges (microvortexes) in a cloud can be distributed on more significant area, than in a storm cloud (look Secrets of a lightning). Then the flowing off of ether from the cloud to the lower cloud surfaces will create in this area close to flat the ethereous vortex still before it could be discharged by lightnings and a downpour (look Secrets of a lightning).  On the Unified Theory the formation of this vortex occurs in the same way, as well as at formation of an ethereous vortex in Space (look Stars and galaxies). The arisen ethereous vortex will rotate the specified region of the cloud also. In connection with the overwhelmingly smaller dimension in the plan of the arisen vortex in comparison with a cyclone (look Tropical cyclone) the rotation on either side of equator of Earth will not be prevailing in any one direction. 

From essense of ethereal vortex (look above Star and galaxies) follows that rotation of this quasiflat vortex will be steady. However its progress in various directions, including in the direction, perpendicular to the rotation plane, is stabilised by nothing. It is means, in these directions the vortex possesses the neutral stability [27]. Therefore the slightest perturbation, reacting on all vortex equally, that is not the gyral influence freely displaces the vortex in Space. Such influence under the Unified Theory is Gravity. Even the insignificant ramification of ethereous stream to the next massive cloud (Under the Unified Theory this is the aboriginal Gravity, look  Essence of Gravity) can lead to such shift of the vortex. Especially, the arisen vortex can be displaced freely to Earth by the basic ethereous stream (the general Gravity). 

As a result the specified quasiflat vortex is extended by Gravity to Earth. On its place, according to the Unified Theory, the new coils of the quasiflat vortex are formed for the former causes. These new coils of the vortex, again by Gravity, will flow in the extended previous vortex. The former quasiflat vortex turns to the spiral, extended to Earth – the tornado is born. Gravity under the Unified Theory, as though, "milks" a cloud, forming the pseudo-cone vortex - the tornado. Then from the Unified Theory follows that  the tireless power of a tornado is generated by Gravity! Now the disclosing of this secret allows to direct search of the protection frames from a tornado in the found concrete direction, instead of simply to warn about a tornado. It is obvious that more low this vortex turns to the pseudo-cylindrical vortex-pipe with a flexible axis - " the trunk" of tornado* for the same causes. 

At the increased area of the specified lower region of the cloud in this region collects even more charges. Therefore the gravitational draught of the maternal ether, directed to Earth, will create effect of shift downwards the cloud (the system of microvortex associations, look Gravitational mass). Because of this shift the vortex cannot undergo significant deformation from flat in the flexible cylindrical of the reduced diameter. It remains the flat former big diameter (the massive), so with even greater the destructive force - «the indistinct tornado». Warning about the "indistinct" tornado horrifies people. Therefore the nature of its formation, positioned here, facilitates search of paths of influence on this destructive tornado. Thus, the Unified Theory positions the mechanism of formation of the indistinct tornado (look the photo).


From the Unified Theory follows that in the cylindrical vortex of ether the charge (microvortexes, look above) from above of the cloud and from sides of the vortex flows down to pipe walls and further to Earth on a spiral under the influence of the natural Gravity. Rotation of top of the tube retards an outlet of charges in its wall (look the Unified Theory 2nd law of existence of Universe). Therefore the charges, arriving from the cloud are retarded and collected in top of the tube in the form of the arch. Under the Unified Theory (look above "Essence of Gravity") this arch impedes the descending outlet of ether even more. Here there is an antigravitational umbrella, which starts to overlap a path to ether in the tube downwards. In the tube to its most bottom starts to be created "the calm" - the region of ether without the vertical flow - without Gravity - the weightlessness region. Here is opened one more the secret of a tornado, which use will allow follow-up not to confine by the tornado warning, but to develop the effective remedies of influence on a tornado. 

From the Unified Theory follows also that air in the pipe walls begin to turn by the filtration pressure of the ethereous spiral upon air of the spiral and upon charges of the spiral (look above "Essence of Gravity"). Outside of the  tube the lateral streams of ether, running in the pipe walls, render on it the external pressure. These lateral streams are caused by that here there are microvortexes  and atoms of air (look above), consisting also from the microvortexes (look above "Gravitational mass"). As a result of rotation of the currents of air, the Inertia of air (look Secrets of Inertia) is displayed. Air in the tube moves outside by this force of Inertia, pressing to the intrinsic surface of wall of the rotating efirno-air vortex. As a result in the cylindrical vortex-pipe arises, besides the weightlessness (look above), the air depression (fig. 42) - the air vacuum also. Here one more the path of the real effective influence on a tornado, instead of the simple warning about tornado approach. 


 Fig. 42. A tornado.

                    1 - the wall of «trank» - the downstream of maternal ether together with microvortexes;                             2 - the vacuum and the weightlessness region; 3 - the case; 4 - the stream of a maternal ether;                     5 - the downstream of microvortexes; 6 - a cloud; 7 - Earth; 8 - the antigravitational umbrella; 9 - the upflow of microvortexes. 


As follows from Unified Theory the stream of a maternal ether, rotating on a spiral, together with flowing down from a bottom of a cloud the microvortexes of ether (charges), having reached a surface of  Earth (land, water), it is divided. The matenal ether because of it the allpenetrating abilities (look above "Essence of Gravity) easily leaves to Earth. The microvortexes of this stream are detained and settle (look the Fireball) at the surfaces of Earth. It can be both the ground particles and the drops of water, which the "trunk" can create at a water surface contact. Microvortexes collect on the surface of these particles. However, mutually making a start, the microvortexes together with the particles, on which they have settled, separate from a surface of Earth (look above "the Fireball"), moving (rising) outside about the pipe wall. 

By that, to keep away from the pipe wall, beginning from the bottom of "trunk", does not yield to them the maternal ether, running in from different directions in the tube body (in its wall)**. Depending on the specified outside inflow of the maternal aether to the tube body this rising stream can be wide or narrow. It will depend on the width of the antigravitational screen over the tube (look above) and the shadow effect of the cloud (look above "Tropical cyclone"). The rising stream of the microvortexes, formed about the "trunk," cannot come nearer to "the trunk" wall closely.  The identical "charge" with the wall (look the Charge)  does not allow this. Thus, the rising stream cannot be admixed with the compacted wall of the "trunk". 

As a result, the "case" is formed about the tornado "trunk". There can be at it a water, a dust, a dirt and lifted by upward movement of this stream of charges the subjects. These subjects at approach to the rotating quickly trunk wall are thrown outside, forming falling "cascade"

The subjects, covered with the "trunk", which have alit on them of a tornado, receive a linear acceleration because of influence of the rotating «trunk». At achievement of the intrinsic surface of the wall of the rotating tube they receive the centrifugal acceleration and also are thrown out outside in already the existing cascade. 

The height of lifting of "case" it will be obvious to be defined by its weight and the pressure of the upflow of microvortexes of ether. 

Consequence. From resulted it is visible, the Unified Theory positions, that in appearance of a tornado and lightnings much in common. From here follows, first, that the tornado can be accompanied by appearance the spherical, the linear and other lightnings. Secondly, itself the tornado can be qualified as a slow lightningThirdly, the effective protection against a tornado will have the basis, positioned by the Unified Theory - control of Gravity, using the essence of Gravity disribed in the blog (look Gravity сontrol ).


Their characters strongly differ, however these two furies - two sisters  


In the following article I will show, how the tornado give birth to various miracles. 


* With the flexible as each coil of the cylindrical vortex is the flat vortex, possessing as it is specified above, the small stability, concerning its forward moving, here - moving in a horizontal plane. 

** From 2nd interior closure of Universe (look  Space vortex changes) follows, that all bodies, including microvortexes in a tornado body, exist because of flowing in them of the maternal ether.








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