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The unsolved tornado and tornado avenue in America


USA, Oklahoma 


The unsolved in a tornado it is a lot of. The tornado possesses huge destructive ability (look the photo), however, «when will want», enigmatically "manages" tenderly to move the living and nonliving subjects without their slightest damage on the big distances. Till now it is not solved, how it is carried out? Secret. And what secret hides a tornado, "managing" to turn the hardest stone church round its erect axis, by that also mysteriously having conserved its design in integrity? Why in one cases a tornado displays to subjects mysterious tenderness, and in the other cases it blows up subjects as dynamite

What secret is hidden what the tornado can take away all water from a river to the bottom and to move water, at all without scattering? Why the inferior end of "trunk" of a tornado often aspires to move mysteriously, for example, on ravines or gullies? Why it likes the "tornado avenue"? Why on a surface of Earth under tornado "trunk" enigmatically there is a cloud of a dust or the cascade of splashes of water, after all the "trunk" by that can be far from this surface? 

Why tornado "trunk" can sometimes make mysterious jumps as it do a kangaroo? And at last, how the tornado "manages" to thrust a fragile straw without its damage into the  steel covering of garage?! 

Let's slightly open these and the other secrets of a tornado, using Unified Theory and essence of tornado, opened in the previous article (look the tornado Nature). 

Solution of the secrets of a tornado. Solution 1. As in the cylindrical vortex of a tornado the erect gravitational pressure disappears, i.e. the weight disappears, then bodies will "soar" in the space in the vortex, as it is observed. The easy and the heavy bodies become equally the weightless, different by Inertia only (look Essence of Inertia). Therefore they easily come off Earth, and at the small Inertia (the small and not the dense bodies) move on the big distances. 

Solution 2. The rarefaction in the tube in conditions of absence of Gravity at a contact of the tube to water will soak up water by pole*. At breakoff from the aqueous or the firm surface the tube will soak up air together with subjects, lifting them in the tube to weakening of the soaked up stream of air.

Solution 3. At hit in "trunk" of a tornado of the subjects containing air inside (the house, the tree bark, the bird pen) they blow up. It is caused by vacuum in the tube. 

Solution 4. The ether, flowing in the cylindrical "trunk" of a tornado to Earth, will press down the "trunk" downwards. Then its stability will increase (look Self-equalization) at moving on the low places (the ravines, the gorge, the streams), as it is observed. This cause explains and its locomotion on "tornado avenue" - the corridor between Rocky mountains and Appalachian mountains in America.

Solution 5. The lowering of the "trunk" of a tornado on the being on a surface of Earth the subject, can  be displayed rather smoothly. This smoothness arises in the phase of the "trunk" growth at length. The switching-off of action of Gravity on the subject will be rather smooth also at presence in this phase in the top area of the tornado of the already generated antigravitational umbrella. Then at the loose contact of the "trunk" with Earth Inertia of the subject in the tube will be conserved (look above "Essence of Inertia"). As a result the body can come off Earth rather smoothly without the explosive acceleration and then after the conduction (Solution 1) for the same causes to land as it is smoothly. It allows to the"trunk" of a tornado to conserve a subject or bunch of subjects in integrity and compactness after the conduction. 

Solutiont 6. The flow of the spiral downstream maternal ether in the pipe wall (in the "trunk") can be impeded. It arises at the "trunk" bendings. The bending is created at the horizontal removal of the maternal cloud of a tornado with the simultaneous moving of the lower end of the "trunk", not coinciding with it moving on ravines and gorges (look above Solution 4). The ether-air “trunk", pressed by Gravity to Earth, is bent elastically (look Elasticity of ether and above "Essence of Inertia"). This elastic deformation leads to the subsequent the straightening of the curved "trunk". It, as though, makes a start from Earth – make a "jump". Then with the renew intensifying of the stream of ether, at its straightening, press to Earth and again distorts elastically. The "trunk" from one stable state jumps through the mediate unstable in the following stable state (look in the electrical engineer «a double-pole switch»). 

Solution 7. The maternal ether moves in a tornado on the cylindrical spiral from the cloud downwards, carrying away behind itself the microvortexes of the cloud. This  lead cylindrical vortex, consisting from the maternal ether and consequently possessing property of the invisibility (look last paragraph in The space vacuum - how it to solve?), reaches surfaces of earth (of water). In its this phase the following it visible, sank of the cloud, the tornado "trunk" (system of the connected microvortexes) can be considerably removed from the surface of the earth (the water). However under the "trunk" will be invoked a cloud of a dust or the cascade of the splashes of water by the action of the lead spiral cylindrical vortex on this surface (the inclined aboriginal Gravity). 

Solution 8. The small easy subject (a straw, a grass sheet, a chip) can move freely by the ether stream of a tornado. Then at its meeting with the another greater, but the immovable subject (a wall of a house, the iron covering of a garage) the first easily makes through deep into the second. The destruction of the first by that can be absent completely. It flows out from the following. The named small subject is transported not by air. Air at a meeting with a firm surface would spread, increasing the pressure area, leading to reduction of the pressure value). Here the conduction of the named small subject is carried out by an ether stream. The ether stream, on the contrary, does not spread about the solid surface, but freely makes through (look Gravitation - not an attraction) through this body and through the specified small subject. The aboriginal Gravitation of this stream presses the specified subject to the firm surface without lacerating this subject in sides, as the ether in it does not spread, as in the case with air. In connection with the ether great speed (look Travelling speeds in Universe) it’s the filtration (the gravitational) pressure in the intercepted small subject hugely. This just pressed a clover sheet into a house plaster, and a wooden chip in a steel sheet on the depth more than a centimetre. 

The resulted above solutions of the hidden before secrets of a tornado are reached on the basis of the essence of Gravitation, found and described here in the site (look above "Gravitation - not an attraction"). It once again confirms the validity of the described essence of Gravitation and yields the real possibility of the protection against the coming nearer dangerous asteroid (look Gravity will have rescued us from an asteroid).

Protection against a tornado can be carried out by various methods, and not just the known building of a wall. It follows from the positioned deep essence of a tornado and 8 tornadoes opened secrets.

The author considers, that the best requirements for working out of effective remedies of protection against a tornado are in Colorado Springs. Here, on inclining of the author, there is the best environment for the experiments, which are available in arsenal of Now How of the author. Besides, here it is had the highly equipped  Centre on tracing an aerosphere. 


* In the presence of Gravity the such conditions ( the rarefaction in the tube) would lead to the boiling up of water and the infringement of the "continuity" of a fluid – to the cavitation without the lifting by "pole".

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