Prevention of the catastrophes

Hurricane and the ether-drop pump

Now the unique cause of occurrence and existence of atmospheric winds, including hurricane, considers the atmospheric pressure gradient. It is considered, that winds blow horizontally, with small deflections, for example, in mountain district. Thereupon the Unified Theory positions the new phenomenon «the ether-drop pump». The cause of its occurrence is not the atmospheric pressure gradient, but the intensive local erect flow of ether.

3.101. The ether-drop pump. The rain cloud can be generated  the high and the dense – the concentrated. By that it can occupy over Earth the space essentially smaller, than a storm cloud (look the Linear lightning). Then in this cloud there are the special conditions, which are distinct from the storm conditions. Here the microvortexes – charges (look Secrets of a particle) have not time to flow down under the influence of Gravity on the drop cloud to the lowest places of the cloud. Accordingly the cloud has not time to begin the unload from filtration influence of Gravity (look Gravitation - not an attraction) by means of lightnings (look above "the Linear lightning"). Because of the big height of the cloud the big integrated filtration pressure of Gravity (look above «Gravitation - not an attraction») is pitched to it. It leads to the all high drop column of water  starts to flow downwards under the influence of Gravity.

The occurbed concentrated stream of drops of the water, created by the ether stream to Earth, carries away with itself the air, next to the drops – the ether-drop pump occurs *. By that there is some rotation of all stream concerning its longitudinal axis (look the Linear lightning). The air starts to move with the speed of falling of a drop in vacuo, i.e. with the flow velosity of ether to Earth (look the Speeds of movement in Universe). It means, the drops reach the speed, that close by the flying speed  of a meteor in the atmosphere of Earth. Accordingly at the earth surface the horizontal wind, received from the flowing  of the erect stream of air, will have storm value - the local hurricane arises**.

This value will be slightly less in comparison with former erect speed. The last is caused by a detachment of the landing water stream from the erect joint stream (air with water) and by the some divergence of the air current. The divergence on the earth against the cloud will be small because the some spiral (look above) flowing over the surface of Earth. By that the drops of water, which are falling to the ground, inhibit the speed about the air cushion at the surface of Earth, created by the ether-drop pump.

Unlike a tornado, the local hurricane has no the long steady rotation. Besides, in a tornado, unlike the local hurricane, the rain (look the tornado Nature) is not obligatory.

Consequence. The described ether-drop pump, because of it the small dimensions in the plan, can be created syntheticly. How it to make? It is necessary, besides the stuffs, stated in the present article, also to use some stuffs of the Unified Theory, described in the present site. Accordingly, it is necessary to use the stuffs, stated above, about essence of cyclones, lightnings and a tornado also. Apparently, the created ether-drop pump can be applied with big effect to the anticipatory unload of the cloud from the basis of origin of a tornado that is from Gravity. This unload will prevent both the tornado formation, and its further development (Tornado taming see)

 Here one more instance of universality of the Unified Theory of Nature


* The molecular vacuum pump works similarly, for example, in a supermicroscope.

** Author of these lines observed this phenomenon in Nature from distance of 7 km (about 1998) from the village Podmostok over the village Shmakovo Pochinkovsky area of the Smolensk region. The hurricane  caused great destruction. Its appearance was very similar to the plotting resulted above.







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