Prevention of the catastrophes

Spacecraft annihilation

Above at the description of the construction of a space craft (Guidance of Inertia see) it is specified, that at flights in other galaxies or to other stars there is a danger of its annihilationIn the physicist the phenomenon of an annihilation of corpuscles is known. However its deep-seated essence is unknown. Accordingly, it is not known, how to react against an annihilation in the not single cases, for example, at the flights of space crafts. The known unified field theories are here too powerless. 

The deep-seated essence of the phenomenon of an annihilation is opened in the Unified Theory of Nature (Collision of galaxies and stars impossible see). From it follows, that at flights in Space the danger of an annihilation originates at misfit of the direction of gyration of microvortexes of ether, of which the craft consists (Тhe chemical bond see), with the direction of gyration of the ether vortex of the galaxy (star). To avoid this catastrophic dangerin Space, it is necessary for pilots to be able to define the direction of gyration of a space ether in the galactic or the stellar vortex, i. e. (Stars and galaxies see) the direction of gyration of galaxy and star. How to define the direction of gyration of galaxies and stars? 

3.106. Definition of the direction of gyration of galaxies and stars. First of all it is necessary to score, that the space flights make sense only in those fields of Space, where the life, similar to the ours is possible. That is there, where the structures, organised from protons, neutrons and electrons, are possible. These fundamental corpuscles originate at formation of the neutron star (How neutron star has been organised see). As the neutron star – the young formation (Three riddles of Space see) and her mother is the spiral galaxy (Sorts of galaxies and How to solve secrets of galaxies?  see), then to search life follows in spiral galaxies.  

The direction of gyration of a spiral galaxy, more correctly, the ether traffic route in galactic branches, is erected by the Unified Theory of Nature ("Stars and galaxies" see above). This direction is from the outdoor ends of branches of a galaxy to its kern. Then this basic motion of streams of ether can be for the pilot of the craft on- and counter-clockwise. It is all the same, as on the one hand of the plane of its gyration - "on", with another - the same gyration is the gyration «contra». 

Traversal gyration of these streams, according to the Unified Theory of Nature ("Stars and galaxies" see above), can be both: to the right, and to the left, irrespective of a main route of streams. Therefore, even knowing the basic direction – the longitudinal gyration of a macrovortex - galaxy, to fly up on the space craft to the galaxy follows neither on the right, nor at the left, but only in the plane of its gyration. 

The mesovortexes – the stars ("Stars and galaxies" see above), are formed in the already generated macrostreams – the sleeves of galaxy, will have the gyration directions, according to the directions of the longitudinal and the transversal motion of ether in these macrostreams.  It follows from the requirements of coexistence of vortexes of ether ("Collision of galaxies and stars impossible" see above). The mesovortexes – the stars, are formed outside of the sleeves of galaxies, will have the most various in Space the directions of gyration. 

In the mesovortexes – stars the microvortexes ("How neutron star has been organised" see above) are formed. From the requirements of coexistence of vortexes follows as well the direction of gyration of microvortexes in stars – mesovortexes. The microvortex motion will match also to the longitudinal and the lateral motion of ether in the mesovortex (fig. 49).



Fig. 49. Collateral subordination of gyration of the vortexes. 1 - a star; 2 - a star kern; 3 - a proton; 4 - an electron.


Therefore in the stars with the right traversal gyration there will be the right traversal gyration in microvortexes, in the stars with the left – the left gyration. By that in the ones there will are the particles, in the others the antiparticles: in the ones – the   protons, the electrons; inthe others – the antiprotons, the positrons. By that the proton have the return to an electron the gyration (both: the basic and the traversal), and the antiproton – to a positron.

From this it follows, that for exclusion of an annihilation of a space craft, it is necessary to fly up to the galaxy in the plane of its gyration. Having flown up to the galaxy, it is enough to define the direction of the traversal gyration in the galactic sleeves. The last will execute simply, as before the pilot there will be a wide spatial angle of survey, including, from Zenith to Nadir.

Thus, the Unified Theory of Nature, unlike the known published unified field theories, specifies, how to avoid the space craft and crew annihilation at flights in Universe. From here follows also, that in our Galaxy there is no an antimatter, and the space craft annihilation here is impossible.






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