Prevention of the catastrophes

Spacecraft Cylinder

Unified Theory allows you to develop another design of the spacecraft. It is in the form of the cylinder. The cylindrical shape of the spacecraft is dictated by the principle of its operation (Designing of flying antigravitational kettles see) and does not influence at its stream-line form by air as flow process in the spacecraft misses (Gravity is not an attraction see). The spacecraft represents the horizontal ring cylinder, magnetised on a circle along the ring.  The opposing cylinder is erected coaxially to it. It counterpoises gyration of the basic cylinder. Gyro transmitters of a heading, a tilt and a pitch – inside of the spacecraft salon. In one of lateral bottoms there is a port of guidance of uprise of the spacecraft.

The magnetised cylinder does not have the expressed end poles N and Z. In the course of its magnetisation it is necessary to  check the magnetisation direction. The featured cylindrical ring is twirled concerning a horizontal axis of its symmetry with the linear velocity V1 in the direction of a current of an interior magnetic ether (Z - N). According to the Unified Theory the velocity of a magnetic ether is caused by the charging velocity of microvortexes (look above). We will mark out this velocity V2. As a result the velocity V of streams of this ether is increased: V = V1 + V2. Changing the accessible to a pilot of aircraft the velocity V1, and its direction for the account of gyration of the featured ring, it is possible to affect Gravity with different intensity. It allows to drive smoothly by decreasing of existing Gravity or amplification of the Gravity decreased by the pilot.

The spacecraft it is simple enough mechanically, but the time of its initial start can attain several seconds. It is caused by Inertia of the untwisting cylinder.




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