Prevention of the catastrophes

Spacecraft Curl

Another spacecraft can be developed to salvation of mankind.The operation principle of the spacecraft is analogous to the spacecraft Cylinder (Spacecraft Cylinder see and Gravity is not an attraction see). At the same time the spacecraft Curl has the design features. It looks like the horizontal toroidal-shaped wire reel, flattened to the cylindrical shape. That is, this reel looks like, as if the wire is reeled on the circular hollow cylinder (pipe) by the expedient «in the cylinder and then outside» (look the observational installation in «The Theory and the experiments»). Because of the specified strain the reel looks like the cylinder, similar on the spacecraft Cylinder.

The current is brought to the reel through the lamellar electrical distributor by analogy to the direct current electromotor. The accumulator of start of the spacecraft and the gyroscopes of stabilisation of a heading, a tilt and a pitch are had in the reel. The spacecraft in comparison with the spacecraft Cylinder is more combined mechanically, however differs by the almost instantaneous start and the major accuracy of flight.

Besides, its construction allows to use the guidance of Inertia, featured in the Aircraft Umbrella. By that the kettle gets ability to reduce the velocity of flight from peak V (which more than velocity of a meteor, look above «Aircraft Cylinder»), to null almost instantaneous. As a result there is variety of possibilities favorable for planet Earth actions on a dangerous asteroid (look Gravity and Inertia control the dangerous natural phenomena). 




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