Prevention of the catastrophes

Spacecraft Tornado

Using the first necessary condition for the creation of anti-gravity apparatus (Unified Theory of Nature and designing of flying antigravitational kettles see), another design can be developed. This spacecraft represents the vertical cylinder. It is carried out with use of bottoms of designing antigravitational kettles  and the physical essence of a Tornado (The tornado nature see). For this purpose featured in the given chapter the spacecraft Antigravitational umbrella erect the overturn. In the middle of the gained return calotte hole. At Umbrella insert over the calotte surface the converging spiral ether vortex (look Formation of a vortex of ether) is formed. This vortex in process of a refluxing of its streams to middle of the return calotte speeds up the gyration (look above "The Tornado nature"). As a result the specified hole is more and more it is corked and then becomes completely radiopaque for ether. The subsequent streams of the ether vortex twirled over the calotte with huge velocity, reflux downwards from outdoor boundaries of the calotte. Gravity under the calotte disappears.

In the featured spacecraft, except protection against vertical inflow of ether, settle its lateral protection. For this purpose add gyration of artificial dense streams of ether from sides (look above "The Tornado nature"). It is carried out for the gyration account featured in Gravecettle Cylinder the magnetised vertical cylinder. Gyration of the specified cylinder protects salon of the spacecraft from outdoor lateral inflow of a maternal ether (Working out of the Unified Theory look). The spacecraft gets the shape and properties of a tornado. However, as it is erected by the Unified Theory, the inferior extremity of the ether "yoke" of an antigravitating tornado contacts to a surface of Earth. This contact allows to tap the refluxing on walls of "yoke" of a tornado a maternal ether to Earth. The space in "yoke" appears closed, hermetic. A maternal ether is not capable to penetrate in "yoke". As a result the originated under the calotte of a tornado weightlessness is spread and exists in "yoke" from a calotte to Earth.

In the featured spacecraft realisation of the specified contact is impossible. Therefore for prevention of inflow of a maternal ether in the spacecraft from below in the kettle in its inferior part the veil is settled. It is carried out by a horizontal gyroscope (look Principles of control of Gravity). The etherpermeable middle of a gyroscope allows to carry out both spacecraft start, and its flight upwards. These possibilities are caused by that fluxion of ether in the spacecraft is guided upwards (look above "Antigravitational umbrella").

Here the featured spacecraft, besides presence of analogy to a tornado, has some analogy to a globular lightning. However the interior structure of a globular lightning has essential differences from a tornado structure (look "Fireball - a solution of secrets"). Therefore in a globular lightning its weightlessness and "hovering" over Earth is attained only. Globular lightning take-off, as it is erected by the Unified Theory, is impossible.

Thus, the new spacecraft, grounded on the open by the Unified Theory the deep-seated essence of the phenomenon Tornado, is featured.


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