Prevention of the catastrophes

Space aircraft Wave

In paper «Solar sail - illusion» the author has given the demonstration of impossibility of flights in Space under the influence of light pressure. At the same time in the description of the experience of P.N.Lebedev in paper «Flight in Space is impracticable?» it is specified in existence of pressure of a single wave. An instance of such unidirectional pressure is activity of one of periodic waves on a water surface on a board in sports surfing. The board moves horizontally with velocity of travel of a surface wave across the gravity direction. In the time the surfer slides on a water surface slantwise and viscously at simultaneous fall him under the influence of Gravity and his simultaneous uprise by a wave. Here it is necessary to score that the velocity of travelling of a surfer on an ocean surface is restricted. It is caused by viscosity of water.

Base of aircraft "Wave" is the gravekettle "Umbrella" in the form of plate (Fig.56 look). "Umbrella" is added by a land emitter of electromagnetic waves. For start of the aircraft it erect on the trestle over the emitter of electromagnetic waves. "Umbrella" is switched on - Gravity disappears. Then it is switched on the impenetrable shield, which is a bottom of gravekettle "Umbrella" - Inertia disappears. After these operations switch on the emitter of electromagnetic waves. The lead wave, which represents a band of the squeezed ether, puts pressure upon the kettle at origination of it contact to the aircraft on the trestle. Therefore the wave will bear the kettle vertically upwards with light speed. A viscous slip, unlike the surfing, here does not originate. It is caused by total absence of Gravity in the aircraft.

Power of the emitter because of disappearrance of Gravity and Inertia is required inappreciable. For minimisation of losses of the beam at its divergency a wave length in the beam change, and also use a laser principle. The beam cross-section is required considerable enough as the beam should coat from below all the aircraft. That is the emitter installation is a searchlight with sharp outlines of exterior boundary of the beam. The aimed launcher is close to the alaska «Haarp» on functionality, however its required power more low on some orders.

After an aircraft exit for limits of ether vortex of Sun it is switched on smoothly Inertia and disconnect on Earth the emitter. Further the flight occurs on Inertia with light speed "C" to the planned star of Galactic and its planets. At approach to the star and its planet the flight is carried out in the beginning for the account of Gravity of the stars, and then - for the account of Gravity of a planet. At approach to a planet switch on inhibiting action by guidance of antigravitational "Umbrella".



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