Prevention of the catastrophes

Space and aircraft "Umbrella"

Space aircraft "Umbrella is in the form of close to the shape of the gravekettle "Drill". On Earth is used against a tornado, forest fires, earthquakes, eruptions of burning mountains. It can effectively be used for the smooth relief of spontaneously originated wave of a tsunami or, on the contrary, its intended making on an enemy planet with guidance in its altitude and a traffic route.

It is suitable for business flights and excursions of people in Medial Space.

The specified applications of the gravekettle on Earth are caused by its following properties. First, the gravekettle "Umbrella" to the basic sign creates an antigravitational shade - the territory of Earth without Gravity. Secondly, sizes of this shade can be rather considerable. The last it is provided with making possibility of gravekettle "Umbrella" of the considerable sizes without loss of its properties. Besides gravekettle "Umbrella" consumes low power.

Possibility of business flights and excursions in Medial Space is caused by making possibility on gravekettle of large supplies of air and a food because of practicability of major sizes of the gravekettle. Reserves place by the same principle, as in gravekettle "Drill". For very far flights air do not take on the gravekettle, as it occupies the considerable volume and mass. Instead of it take only the most necessary component - oxygen with small addition of other gases, for example, nitrogen and carbonic gas. The energy generator settle in the same way, as well as in the gravekettle "Drill".

At the long-term flights for lack of Gravity it is necessary to be psychologically ready to the considerable anatomic and physiological changes of earth person. Crew and passengers in process of a build-up of duration of flight will lose our modern view and to be transmuted into those surprising asthenic figures which are observed on Earth at space newcomers. It is necessary to note, that at start from theirs planet they could be rather similar to us. However at flight on the antigravitational kettles, similar to ours, they became absolutely new phenotype. 

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