Prevention of the catastrophes

The terrestrial aircraft "Tornado"and aircraft "Wave"

The aircraft "Tornado". Maintenance of possibilities of guidance by upper, lower and lateral inflows of a maternal ether in gravekettle "Tornado" gives it extremely high functionality in terrestrial requirements. It are the smooth transport of rather heavy objects, and transposition of buildings and constructions on the new bases. It are baring of deep-seated deposits of rocks, and breaking of an ice overlying strata of Arctic ocean on a sea-craft trajectory. This are operative decrease in river floodings, and an edge dangerous storm surf waves.

The space aircraft "Wave"The aircraft  "Wave" is most suitable for protection of Earth against dangerous asteroids. It is caused by the very high speed travel of the aircraft, exceeding the speed limit of an asteroid on four orders, and also by possibility of transport of a nuclear charge.

Besides, the gravekettle is convenient for resettlement of people on other planets, especially, being on major distances from Earth. It is provided, first, by rather high speed of the gravekettle flight, secondly, by possibility of the soft landing to the attained planet, thirdly, by maintenance of high capacity of the gravekettle.

For comfort of passengers at start of the gravekettle the radiation on the starting device begin with long waves. which then smoothly are automatically shortened. Besides, in transit of people the launcher should provide synchronization of operation of its individual emitters for jolting exclusion of the gravekettle.

Because of lack on a new planet of the launcher the retrace of the gravekettle to Earth will be impossible. However the proximal to it planets will are accessible, as the functions of the gravekettle "Umbrella" are maintained in it. If the gravekettle will initially have major enough sizes at start from Earth it can be loaded the doubling stripped launcher. It will allow to carry out its retrace to Earth. At start of the gravekettle in the return flight the gravitational generator of energy of the gravekettle "Wave" (look above the description in the «Gravekettle Drill») is used.


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