Prevention of the catastrophes

Gravitation and asteroid

The use of non-nuclear kinetic battering-ram for a shock modification of a trajectory of an asteroid can be effective only for small asteroids. The large asteroids, possessing major Inertia, will transmute of battering-ram energy into the superficial damages, but remain on the dangerous trajectory.  

The gravitational towing vehicle is offered, representing the spaceship, spanning asteroid from an orbit by means of the mutual Gravitation and drives. However the expedient demands a reserve of time of many years because of the unsubdued Gravitation. A similar deficiency possesses also the expedient, using the ionic drives. Even less hopes instal the expedients grounded on making of large lenses for use of sunlight for the purpose of heating and transpiration of substance of an asteroid. 

The expedients with the electromagnetic catapult, releasing substance of an asteroid in Space, demand so much energy that their practicability is improbable. Besides, they are intolerable sluggish. This deficiency is concerned  to use of usual rocket engines also. 

Offered in 2011 by Bong Wie (considered the operative) the expedient of a diversion of an asteroid from its dangerous trajectory possesses variety of absolute obstacles for its success. He demands, at first, of jeweller working on by a modification of the local shape of the asteroid, consisting inside from an unknown material, moreover in far  Space. It not pots to mould on a potter's wheel in the workshop. Secondly, it is impossible to compare a crater from superficial explosion to a volcano crater as it is done by supporters of the expedient. The volcano crater is similar to a rocket nozzle, but the dimple on a firm surface from superficial explosion is similar nothing to a nozzle – there is an unstable (!) system. 

In - the third, the slightest asymmetry in the form of the dimple on an asteroid surface will yield not the reactive traction, but an asteroid gyration. In - the fourth, the dimple can arise not stringently on a normal line to an asteroid trajectory. Accordingly it will lead the unstable system indicated above to not given flight control of an asteroid, but to unpredictable modifications of a trajectory. These modifications can appear in the subsequent near future even more dangerous and already irreparable - the Doomsday will appear inevitable. 

The analysis of offered protection frames shows that for fulfilment of any of the indicated expedients it is necessary to solve before the extremely difficult dual problem – to discover long before and to discover all asteroids. The example of impossibility of the solution of such dual problem is Chelyabinsk meteorite, which has very demonstrated blindness and powerlessness of all known protection frames.  

Way out is the select of one of these two purposes, the second purpose thus should be excluded from necessity. It is admissible only under condition of knowledge of essence of Gravitation and/or Inertia. After all they play a defining role in possible collision of Earth with an asteroid. Because of Gravitation an asteroid comes nearer with terrifying velocity to Earth. Danger of an asteroid consist in its Inertia at the moment of collision with Earth. Because of Inertia of an asteroid it cannot be drived promptly also. 

Thus, it is impossible to be protected from an asteroid, without knowing deep essence of Gravitation and Inertia. If even partially to reduce the Gravity, acting on an asteroid, it will lose former acceleration at approach to Earth and the fractures become harmless for Earth. If to reduce Inertia of an asteroid, then its dangerous trajectory can be changed or made the soft touchdown easily. Even more possibilities occurs at possession of secrets and Gravitation, and Inertia. 

These secrets are uncovered in the present site (Gravitation is not an attraction, The essens of Inertia see). The apparatus is described, that has the functions required to protect against an asteroid, for example, to instantly gain space speed. Antigravity agents, that completely lose body weight are also described (Prevention of the catastrophes see).

Effectively to affect an asteroid it is possible as follows. You can meet an asteroid long before its dangerous approach to Earth. You easily carry out it, using  space velocity  of the gravekettle, which two constructions: "Drill" and "Umbrella"  you have comprehended in papers: Gravekettle Drill and The Aircraft Umbrella. Iner- tia  control of the gravekettle allows it at approach to an asteroid instantaneous without collision to moor to an asteroid. Then for the account of exclusion of Inertia of the asteroid to lead the asteroid to the instantaneous stop. It is necessary to score, what even partial decrease of Inertia of an asteroid gives a major positive effect. So, the subsequent gravitational traction of the moored to an asteroid gravekettle will easily change a dangerous path of the asteroid. Decrease of Inertia without engaging of the specified gravitational traction allows to make the asteroid landing by soft. 

It is possible, using the antigravitational shield, only partially to disconnect Gravity of an asteroid. Then even this unique activity will lead to loss of former acceleration at asteroid approach to Earth. The fractures from its collision with Earth become harmless. 

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