Prevention of the catastrophes

Gravity and Inertia сontrol the dangerous natural phenomena

In the Unified Theory of Nature it is erected that existence - life (Life - stability look) of any object and phenomenon is grounded on Gravity (Secret of occurrence of life look) and Inertia (Inertia as the property, a consequence 1 look). From this it follows that Gravity and Inertia are all-powerful. It means, to affect any life-threatening object, the phenomenon and process is possible through Gravity and Inertia. For a man the most vitally dangerous natural phenomenon is collision of Earth with an asteroid. From the local planetary phenomena eruptions of burning mountains and earthquakes, global warming, a glaciation, cyclones, tornado, forest fires, floodings, droughts are most dangerous.

It can be argued that it is possible to control forest fires, floodings and droughts (weather), if you are able to control cyclones. From this it follows that for binding control you still have asteroids, eruptions of burning mountains and earthquakes, a climate (warming and a glaciation), cyclones and a tornado. 

Possibility of use of power of Gravity and Inertia for action on the specified phenomena rests against knowledge of deep-seated essence of the specified natural phenomena and processes. The essence of Gravitation and Inertia, and also control by them is opened in the Unified Theory and comprehended by you in papers (Gravitation - not an attractionControl of GravityThe essence of InertiaControl of Inertia see). How  can you control the climate, weather, volcanoes, asteroids? We will view, how, using Gravity and Inertia, you can control a climate, weather, burning mountains and earthquakes, asteroids. Obviously climate can be controlled through action on temperature of Ocean, seas and oceanic fluxions. Weather - through action on cyclones and a tornado. Burning mountains and earthquakes - through change of pressure in magma. Asteroids - through their diversion from a dangerous path or their inhibiting action. 

Thus, the essence of Gravity and Inertia, revealed by the Unified Theory of Nature, made it possible to establish directions for further advancement in the search for means of controlling dangerous natural phenomena. At the same time, there was a need to penetrate the deepest nature of cyclones (Tropical cyclone and its deep secrets see) and tornadoes (The tornado nature see), as well as to make it seemingly impossible to find how to lower the temperature of the Ocean if, in accordance with the science of thermodynamics, it is our environment (Energy of water and global warming see).

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