Prevention of the catastrophes

Climate and volcanoes management

Climate and climatic phenomena on Earth depend on the state and changes in the temperature of the oceans (Unified Theory of Nature and how to protect the Earth from global warming see). 

You can carry out control of water temperature for the account of use of heat-mechanical shock. You have comprehended essence of this shock in papers Energy of waterthe expedient of reception of energy, the generator of  energy "Ray".

Action on cyclone you carry out for the account of the anticipating development of it (for example, for a sea typhoon) or the periodic dispersed (so, not the dangerous) reliefs of the extensive cyclone from water over continent.  

It is known that the cyclone occupies very major territory in the plot, and the place of its exit on continent has the casual character. Then guidance of a cyclone by the stationary kettles, erected on Earth, will carry out difficult and expensively. Therefore here use of mobile kettles – gravekettles (The spacecraft Drill see) will be the most effective. Their very high mobility, in comparison with mobility of a cyclone, will allow you to serve operatively by the several kettles all territory, occupied with a cyclone.


 Cordilleras - a fine place for basing of the gravekettles on duty


Termed gravekettles will, from time to time, unload the cyclone by the soft fertile rains in process of its motion over continent. It is carried out by means of the ether-drop pump  on your commands or under the given program. Thus,  the possibility of making on Earth of "a paradise climate» is unclosed for you. 

Fracture of the beginning to be shaped concentrated cyclone (typhoon) is carried out by special floodlights with an electromagnetic dispersing beam of certain frequency. Such the floodlight are erected on vessels and gravekettles. 

Action on a tornado is carried out only for the account of the anticipating development of it. You can anticipate development of a tornado for the account of relief from water of the already generated parent cloud by the ether-drop pump. 

Besides, you can anticipate development of the parent cloud for the account of its fracture in the beginning of formation by action on the cloud by the electromagnetic floodlight with a dispersing beam.  

If tornadoes have favourite places of their origination and a path of motion (for example, among mountain ridges), then you can exclude their development by action of the stationary installations, which had on Earth. In the majority of cases an effective remedy will be, as well as with cyclones, persons on duty gravekettles, the design of one of which is described in the article "The spacecraft Drill" (see above).

Pressure decrease in magma in a band of a dangerous burning mountain or an earthquake can be carried out through the safety, next to the given territory, anticipatory eruptions. Besides, to drive pressure decrease in magma of a dangerous territory it is possible by decrease of the general gravitational pressure on earth crust in more remote territory from the dangerous territory.  

You can execute the unloading eruption of magma by decrease of Gravity over the chosen local territory. It is carried out by installation on the  surface of the given territory of the antigravitational shield or over the given territory of the antigravitational umbrella, which the essence you have comprehended in paper "Gravity control". You execute the specified local eruption easier and better, if in the given place will create an artificial local earthquake. For this purpose you can develop N.Tesla's known installation. The bark of Earth will be cracked much easier and only in the planned place with the unloading escaping of magma on a surface. Even more to restrict the territory of local earthquake, round the chosen place it is possible to settle an undular barrier. 

Decrease in hydrostatical pressure at the specified eruption will lead to redistribution of this pressure in the plot under a bark of Earth and to its decrease under the potentially dangerous territory. So you can secure the American continent against the extremely dangerous burning mountain "Yellow Stone" and the expected earthquake in California.                                                                         

                                                                                               To salvage beauty of California 


All it specifies in real possibility of finding by the person of power in the modern dangerous living conditions. At the same time the developed management methods have the special, rather not simple, trajectories of engineeringembodying. They are gained by the author. About that, these solutions not so are simple, as it seems. It is enough  to look at one of the gained engineering solutions (look papers: Energy of water, the expedient of reception of energy, the  generator of energy "Ray"). Author from the certain reasons does not publish here the other engineering solutions in details, leaving them in the capacity of "Now How".     

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