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Coronavirus - Gravity treatment

The fundamental novelty of the treatment is that the coronovirus is not destroyed inside the body, as they tried to do, but the body is freed from the virus.

In accordance with the Unified Theory of Nature local Gravity can be used to remove the coronavirus from the human body (What is Gravitation see). For this, two magnets are used. One of these magnets is located outside the human body. In this case, the north pole of the magnet should be directed towards the human body. The size of the magnet depends on the size of the treatment area. The strength of the magnetic field depends on the required promptness of treatment and the permissible duration of the rehabilitation period after treatment. The more prompt the treatment should be, the greater the field strength. Accordingly, the rehabilitation time will take longer.

The second magnet is placed inside the diseased organ: trachea, bronchus, nose, larynx. The size of this magnet should allow it to be freely inserted into the corresponding cavity. The surface of the magnet should be smooth so that when it is inserted and removed from the cavity, it does not injure the mucous surfaces of the organs. The magnet is attached to a flexible tubular probe, which is known in the art as a flexible shaft. The flexibility of the probe is necessary to allow for easy penetration of remote areas of the airway. The shaft function (transmitting torque) allows you to change and accurately orient the position of the magnet poles relative to the shaft axis. The tubular design of the probe is necessary to provide the function of evacuating the process medium - mucus through the tube. The magnet should be elongated along the shaft. This is necessary to exclude an uncontrolled change in the position of the magnet inside the cavity upon penetration into the diseased cavity. The poles of the magnet are located on both sides of its longitudinal axis, that is, the magnet is not stretched along the pluses, as in conventional magnets, but across. The magnet has a longitudinal cavity inside. The cavity communicates with the outer surface of the magnet through transverse perforations. The end of the cavity is connected to the above-mentioned hollow flexible probe. Perforations are necessary to drain mucus from the outside of the magnet to the inside. The cavity is necessary for the reception of mucus. The connection of the cavity with the tubular probe allows mucus to be removed from the inside of the diseased organ to the outside of the patient's body. 

Before the start of the process of influencing the coronavirus, the inner magnet is immersed in the diseased canal and turned with the south pole towards the surface of the diseased area. The torsional stiffness of the flexible shaft allows this to be done with high precision. Then, opposite to the south pole of this magnet, the north pole of the outer magnet is brought closer. In the diseased area of the body, between the opposite poles of these magnets, a filtration flow of ether occurs (Concepts of the Unified Theory of Nature see). Ether filters through the damaged area of the body of the human respiratory organ to the inner edge of this organ - the shell of the bronchus, trachea. Local Gravity arises (The reason for the attraction of magnets - Gravitation also Inertia and Gravitation - unique experiences see). Coronovirus (RNA, proteins, ...) by the action of local Gravity is drawn from the cells of a diseased organ, for example, the lung (walls of the trachea, bronchus, alveoli ...) through the cell membranes previously damaged by the virus to the internal magnet. If the cell has already managed to repair its membrane, then the constant filtration pressure of the ether on the coronovirus will lead to the pressing of the virus to the inner surface of the membrane. Then the membrane is plastically deformed and ruptured - the coronavirus will be ejected from the cell. Viruses, proteins (mucus) will begin to collect on the magnet.

For greater efficiency of the process, the outer magnet is brought closer to the human body and removed periodically. Filtration flow of ether - local Gravity will change its effect on coronaviruses with variable strength (one-way vibration).

An additional increase in the efficiency of removal of coronovirus can be provided by adding light mechanical vibration from outside the body.

Since the coronavirus has a mass, it has its own resonant frequency, like all mechanical objects. Then vibration of the treatment area will be most effective at a frequency equal to the resonant frequency of the coronavirus. In this case, a high vibration frequency can be created using a piezoelectric crystal. This piezoelectric crystal is applied in the form of a grid to the outer surface of the inner magnet. The piezoelectric crystal is connected to an alternating voltage source through a conductor coaxial to the flexible probe. The indicated external (relative to the human body) and internal frequencies are selected experimentally during the treatment process. At the same time, the method exhibits high-precision selectivity of the effect on the coronavirus.

A low vacuum connected to the tube of the internal magnet allows mucus to be removed from the lung, alveoli, bronchus, trachea into the cavity of the internal magnet. The main intensity of the treatment process is regulated by the different distances from the external magnet to the human body. The additional - by the intensity of external and internal frequencies. 

Modern nanotechnology makes it possible to create rather miniature dimensions of the internal magnet and its attributes. This will allow for the treatment process without the use of additional life support for the patient.

The method can also be used for the treatment of tonsils, adenoids and other infected organs.

Advantages of the method: selectivity of action, efficiency of treatment, no need for long-term tests, no poisoning of the body with drugs and products of the fight against coronoviruses and antibodies.

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