Prevention of the catastrophes

Power generator on a passenger spaceship

The long-term space travel of the craft will demand energy for flight control and ability to live of crew and passengers. For this purpose the most comprehensible is energy reception directly from environmental Space. The Unified Theory of Nature has allowed to develop the gravitational generator of energy for space travel.

The gravitational generator represents the vane wheel rotor. Half of the wheel is closed by the antigravitational shield (Spacecraft Umbrella see). On the second half of the wheel the stream of an ether, affluenting in the spacecraft, is guided. This function carries out the  ether duct.

The  ether duct represents the pipe, executed on the basis of magnetic, not having poles, the cylinder (Spacecraft Cylinder see). On the basis of an operation principle of the spacecraft Umbrella is carried out also the ether lens, which squeezes the ether stream.

Construction of the ether lens for space travel represents the following. Featured in the Prevention of catastrofes the antigravitational umbrella will turn over, as in spacecraft Tornado. In the middle of the Umbrella the hole is executed, and above on Umbrella periphery in contact to it is erected the vertical ether notpervious cylinder - the blind. The blind is made on the basis of the same principle, as the notpervious shield in the spacecraft Umbrella. From above of the hole for prevention of formation of the converging spiral vortex the ether blind works. The ether is squeezed at fluxion in the blind to the hole in the Umbrella. The squeezing is caused by elasticity of ether (Properties of the space ether see). Further the squeezed stream gets in the ether duct (see above).

The electric generator is erected on one axis with the vane wheel rotor of the gravitational generator. According to essence of Gravity (Gravity is not attraction see), the shovels of the wheel do heavy for great effect of the generator in space travel (Gravitational mass - the new concept  see).  For the peak effect the wheel exchange by the flywheel - a gyroscope. At major turns of the wheel its suspension do by soft. 

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