Prevention of the catastrophes

Unraveling the secret of the UFO Fog Veil

Two more mysterious UFO secrets are the hazy veil that envelops almost all UFOs and, with the exception of isolated cases, the impossibility of detecting UFOs by radar. Let's reveal this secret.

To unravel the secrets let us consider the further process of movement of the compacted laminar layer of ether around the spacecraft Umbrella, developed on the basis of the Unified Theory of Nature. The beginning of the process is described in Secret of the UFO power unit. As it was established, the specified condensed transverse ethereal flow, which has a cosmic speed of movement, arises almost instantly. Then, on the edge of the Umbrella, it is pressed into the undisturbed flow of mother ether flowing vertically next to the Umbrella, also almost instantly. But this flow has the same cosmic velocity. Then, at the boundary of the collision of the indicated elastic ether flows (Space ether - its properties see) a micro-region of increased ether pressure appears. At the same time, immediately from the beginning of the collision, the lateral vertical flow of the maternal ether begins to shift this microzone of increased pressure downstream of the ether.

As a result, the named microzone falls between the lateral vertical gravitating ether flow and the beginning of the "quiet" zone of the ether under the Umbrella (Spacecraft Umbrella see). This leads to the fact that the outer layers of the compressed microzone begin to overtake the inner ones near the “quiet” one. A stable structure, a microvortex, is inevitably formed from this ethereal microzone. As follows from the above (see "Secret of the UFO power unit"), the size of this microvortex will be equal to the microvortex - an electron, that is, a new electron (without a positron friend!) is born in this area.  

This microvortex immediately from the moment of its formation begins to roll down by the lateral vertical flow of the maternal ether along the immobile "quiet" subumbral ethereal space. However, at the moment of closing the swirling stream of ether into the specified microvortex, the remaining vertical compressed stream behind this microvortex gets a break, from which the formation of a new microvortex begins from it. Thus, on the side of the Umbrella, between the mother ether flowing vertically and the “quiet” zone, a sequence of microvortices moving downwards, born at the Umbrella edge, is formed – a garland of electrons.

Accordingly, in the neighborhood with each such sequence, the same garlands are formed around the entire perimeter of the Umbrella. Around the Umbrella, starting from its edge and downwards, a shell hangs down, inside of which there is a “quiet zone” of the ether. This shell is a structure of polarized - oriented along the radii of the Umbrella rapidly rotating, moving downward with cosmic velocity, stable ether microvortices - electrons.

Obviously, the described electron shell surrounding the Umbrella spacecraft will be impenetrable neither for the radar ranges of electromagnetic waves, nor for light ones. For a terrestrial observer, the apparatus will be surrounded, as it were, by a foggy curtain that disperses light. For the same reason, a focused radar beam will also be dispersed. It is quite real that the spacecraft of alien guests of the Earth have the same properties. The secret of the foggy veil has been revealed.



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