Prevention of the catastrophes

Anraveling the secret of the appearance of UFO

The most bewitching secret of UFOs is the secret of their appearance - where do they come from? What is their homeland? Various hypotheses have appeared at different times. However, most of them have not been approved. The following hypotheses proved to be the most viable. UFOs are secret military apparatuses of earthlings, UFOs are apparatuses of creatures moving in Time, UFOs are apparatuses of living beings appearing from various parallel Worlds, UFOs are spacecrafts of aliens. Let's evaluate these hypotheses for truth.

The first hypothesis about military devices. If such devices existed, they would certainly be used to dominate the rest of humanity on Earth. And for this, they would have been demonstrated at least once in military and political conflicts of states. This is obvious - in order to be afraid, it is enough to show the enemy a huge biceps under the nose. Works soberingly and flawlessly. This has never happened. Accordingly, no one on Earth has such extraordinary military UFOs.

Three hypotheses remain. Since these remaining hypotheses relate to the World around us, the Unified Theory of Nature can obviously give an assessment of their right to exist. It has repeatedly proved its power (Universality of Theory see). Let's start with devices moving in Time. The Unified Theory established that time travel is a delusion (Time is a false movement coordinate see). Accordingly, the observed UFOs are not Time Machines. It's sad, but the Unified Theory of Nature inexorably proves it. In return, this Theory gives humanity a huge number of other even more exciting possibilities (Prevention of the catastrophes and "Universal Theory" see).

About parallel Worlds. The hypothesis of parallel Worlds is based on an erroneous hypothetical concept of the multidimensionality of Space (Dimension of Space see). The concept of the multidimensionality of Space allowed physicists to eliminate some contradictions in modern science about the surrounding World. In addition, for many physical problems, a “magic wand” has appeared. What is unresolved - Parallel World! However, only some contradictions were eliminated, and the representation of the World turned out to be extremely complex. As a result, long-term attempts to create a Unified Theory of Everything based on the concept of the multidimensionality of Space turned out to be futile (Unified Theory of Nature and its advantages see). Thus, the idea of the multidimensionality of Space turned out to be false. Hence it follows that the hypothesis of parallel Worlds is also false.

About aliens. The Unified Theory of Nature established the real way of the emergence and existence in the Universe of living beings moving in Space like us (How a Man Originated see). It is obvious that such creatures appeared and live on planets like ours. This is where their name "Aliens" comes from. These creatures could have originated much earlier than us. Then, compared to us, such aliens can currently be much more technically advanced. Their devices. for movement in Space may be completely different from ours. Accordingly, these movements for a person will be filled with incomprehensible riddles and secrets. Thus, the Unified Theory of Nature made it possible to reveal the secret of the appearance of UFOs. UFOs are alien spacecrafts.

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