Prevention of the catastrophes

Unraveling the secret of the unusual shapes of UFOs

The variety of external forms of observed UFOs is striking. Common sense says that high-speed aircraft must have a streamlined shape. However, the observed forms of UFOs contradict absolutely all known laws of physics. They have a disc-shaped, cigar-shaped, and triangular, and in the form of a ball, and in the form of a pyramid. The first agonizing question that arises for a modern physicist is why the external shape of a UFO absolutely does not affect the manifestation of such high speeds? From the first sightings of UFOs to the present day, researchers are lost in a futile search for an answer. The question has become an unsolvable secret. 

To reveal this innermost secret of UFOs, we will use the Unified Theory of Nature. So the Unified Theory made it possible to establish that the spacecraft developed on its basis (Concepts of the Unified Theory of Nature see) can have a wide variety of forms (Spacecraft Umbrella, Spacecraft Rotor, Spacecraft Tornado and Prevention of the catastrophes see). These spacecrafts have the same colossal flight speed as the observed UFOs, while their shape does not affect their unusually high speed at all. The reason is that their flight is due to completely new principles of operation of the apparatus (Gravity Control see). These principles preclude the flow of air around these vehicles during their flight). Here is the answer to this UFO secret. They work on the principles described in the Unified Theory of Nature ("Concepts of the Unified Theory of Nature" see).

The second, no less painful secret of UFOs is why these spacecrafts have just such shapes (disk, cigar, triangle, ball, pyramid)? Let's use the Unified Theory of Nature again ("Concepts of the Unified Theory of Nature" see ). So, the cigar-shaped spacecrafts are developed on the basis of the Unified Theory of Nature ("Cylinder Apparatus", "Spacecraft Rotor" see) with the same flight characteristics as the observed UFOs. The shape of a ball with the same characteristics has an anti-inertial apparatus Sphere, also developed on the principles of the Unified Theory of Nature ("Spacecraft Umbrella" see). There are three unconsidered forms of the UFO: disk, triangle, pyramid. Since the disk-shaped or flattened sphere ("flying saucer") is the most common form of UFO observed, let's start with it.

Earlier, I described the solution to the UFO veil (Secret of the UFO Fog Veil see) This solution was obtained on the basis of a detailed description of the operation of the spacecraft Umbrella, developed on the basis of the Unified Theory of Nature. The upper part of the Umbrella apparatus has the shape of the overturned plate mentioned above. It was found that a shell hangs around this aircraft, inside of which there is a “quiet” zone of the ether. It is determined that this shell consists of polarized - oriented along the Umbrella radii of rapidly rotating, moving downward with cosmic velocity, ether microvortices - electrons. We continue the detailed description of the operation of this apparatus. The beginning in "The secret of the UFO Fog Veil" see.

It is obvious that the density of the ether outside the shell in the undisturbed area of the lateral vertical flow of the mother ether is greater than in the "calm" one ("Secret of the UFO Fog Veil" see). This, as it was established, is due to the withdrawal of the former gravitating ether by the Umbrella to the side. Then, due to the indicated different density of the ether on both sides of the shell, different pressure of the ether will be exerted on it from these sides (Force and Pressure of the ether see). As a result, as the microvortices of the shell move down, it will also move towards the central axis of the Umbrella. Further, at a certain vertical distance from the Umbrella, the walls of the electron shell approach each other until mutual contact. The shell of the "calm" zone takes the form of a closed "capsule" in the form of an overturned circular cone.

Since the shell electrons move at a very high speed, when the apparatus is in the Earth's atmosphere, the air in the vicinity of the shell will be electrified. Then, depending on the intensity of the flow of microvortices (electrons) controlled by the pilot, the glow of the specified cone may appear or disappear. The cone may be visible luminous or hazy ("Secret of the UFO Fog Veil" see), or be invisible. In the latter case, the spacecraft itself will be visible behind a transparent curtain. Accordingly, a side view of an opaque cone will have the shape of a triangle. The same different intensity of the ether flow will lead to a different angle at the top of the triangle. The angle can vary from acute to obtuse.

It should be noted that the mutual contact of the shell walls mentioned above leads to the formation of a compact zone of microvortices (electrons) in this place - ball lightning occurs. At the same time, as is often the case with ball lightning, its buzzing can be heard, similar to a hum or hiss, turning into a whistle (Fireball - a solution of secrets see). These sounds, sometimes heard from UFOs, have not yet been solved (Secret of the UFO Power Unit see). With a high concentration of microvortices, a linear lightning directed downwards will appear from the top of the cone (Secrets of the birth of lightning see). It must be borne in mind that in the practical manufacture of the Umbrella, its border along the outer edges will have a shape that does not coincide with an ideal circle. Accordingly, the boundary of its lower edge will not ideally coincide with the plane. Then the mutual collision of the opposite lower sides of the shell of the apparatus cannot be stable and continuous. The indicated reasons, as well as the presence of always existing dissimilarity in the ethereal Space (Properties of the Material Space see) will lead to some spontaneous displacements of this final compressed zone up and down and in directions transverse to the ether flow. Accordingly, the mentioned lightning will occur periodically.

The established form of the shell of the anti-gravity zone of "calm" under the spacecraft Umbrella dictates the shape of the body of the anti-gravity apparatus. Obviously, the shape of the frame should be such that the frame of the device is entirely inside the boundaries of the shell of the anti-gravity zone of "calm". It follows from the above that the shape of the frame of the Umbrella gravel will fully meet the requirement received if it is an overturned plate, under which there is a saline for passengers in the form of a smaller plate upside down. Thus, the established form of the spacecraft is fully consistent with the shape of the observed UFO with the name of the flying saucer.

About the pyramidal shape of the UFO. When filling the "calm" anti-gravity zone with the lower part of the body of the spacecraft almost entirely, this part of its body will have the shape of a cone. In technological execution, a more advantageous form in this case will be the form of intersecting planes - a pyramid.

Thus, the secret of the extraordinary forms of UFOs is revealed. Thanks to the Unified Theory of Nature!

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