Space - with what to begin the unified theory?



Space, what you mysterious! 



To make through into essence of  Nature and to create Unified Theory of  Nature  it is impossible without comprehension of main attributes of Material Space, in which Nature is discovered in set of appearances (The true theory - is the simple see). These attributes are life of the natural material objects and systems, existence of differences in Material Space, motion in the Material Space, presence of boundaries of the Material Space, the geometrical shape of  Material Space, dimensionality of Space, essence of Substance. We penetrate into the depth of these attributes.

Space and Life. Life is the basic attribute of substance in Material Space. Definition: Existence (life) is stability of a material object in wide (philosophical) sense of the word: ability to maintain itself. Vanishing, fracture – instability (The secret of occurrence of life see also).   

The given definition of Life is the prinsiple new and combines all in  Nature.

Space and World. The fact: World – Universe – the existing in Space – is  not identical – is distinguished in different places. We will term this as 1st fundamental property of World. By that World is opposite not always, as they consider, and that is more narrow on sense. World is distinguished – unsymmetrical in different places of Space. It means dualism of World, but in new sense: the major – the smaller (not necessarily the small), there – not there (it is not obligatory here), inside – outside, upwards – downwards, upwards – sideway ....

The featured new property of World – the dissimilarity – is the fundamental and allows to uncover any secrets of  Nature that a reader will see further ("About wave dualism" see).

In Space all moves. (2nd fundamental property of  World). The proof of this property streams from the philosophical concept "stability" (see above) and 1st fundamental property of  World (see above).

 So, if in the small all is in equilibrium – is the stable – equally then in the major Space the equilibrium  – the stable state – the similarity  can already be upset  because of its dissimilarity. This violation will start to be levelled in the major. Then there is any violation in small which, in turn, will start to be levelled. But since such small it is a lot of in the major, then all of them together form violation of disbalance (similarity) in major spaces at the equalizations. As a result all moves in Space.

Important consequence. From 1st and 2nd of the fundamental properties of Universe follows that Life, i.e. the stability in the broad sense (see above) of any objects of Nature cannot be theperpetual ("eternal").

Space oscilation of movements. The dualism(see above) with reference to motion (see above) means a oscilation. Thus from 1st and 2nd laws streams that all in World Space in the natural bottom is necessary moves oscilatory.   

Perpetuity and extremity of  Space. Are there the boundaries for the Material Space? From duality (see above) it is streamed that the major is the small of the still greater. Hence, Material Space is the infinitly in breadth on a size. Similarly the small is the greater of the still smaller. But reduction of the small means rushing to the extreme small size – to the extremity so, Space  is terminating inside. The last is confirmed that is real, the minimum size in Space is equal to zero. This is the  interior closure of Universe.

Space is not spheric. From the perpetuity of Space in breadth: the consequence streams: Space is not spheric (since the sphere has the terminating module of a radius vector). Errors of those who confirms the sphericity of Space, are caused  by the psychology of a person. It is unconsciously convenient to a person to be into a sphere since its sight (so also the thought) is forced to circle because of aspiration to a minimum of energy (of operation) of an eye crystalline lens to accomodation. Many have got in this physiological trap, even the great: Pifagor, Aristotle, and as a matter of fact A.Einstein, A.Friedman... .

The sphericity arises only in the certain volumes of Space at occurrence of the dissimilarity of Space in a point and about it or of any field. So: an electron in ether (see belov); Earth with atmosphere and with Moon in ether; Moon in ether...). The essence of dialectics of the spherical (the curvilinear) with the rectilinear is in it.

Space is not empty. The fact: Space transmits the electromagnetic waves. The consequence: Space is not empty – the material. Used in the modern physics the concept «Space vacuum» is the false concept in the physical relation. Vacuum can take place only in the mathematical sense.

The Space matter – ether. We will term the filling Space matter, as ether on ancient tradition. Here the existence of ether will repeatedly prove to be true, including through presence at the material objects of Inertia. Ether existence was considered as the fact by the geniuses of a science: O.Frenel, M.Faradej, J.Maxwell, H.Lorents, J.Stokes, G.Gerts, L.Ejler, H.Gjujgens. In the subsequent articles will be given the essence distinct from offered earlier materials about essence and the major properties of ether. 




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