Tropical cyclone and its deep secrets


Tropical cyclones - hurricanes bring huge fatalities. Their appearance dips people in horror and is accepted as fate. A person is helpless before hurricanes. However, as it is known from all human existence, the cause of human feebleness before the natural phenomena is covered not in force of the natural phenomenon, but in its secrets. Anybody does not know about deep secrets of a tropical cyclone. About these secrets you learn the first. So, it is known, that a cyclone arise over ocean, especially in tropical regions, but for some reason often move on continent. Why? When to wait for their moving on the occupied coastal region? It is not known. All know that before weather deterioration, including, before cyclone appearance, pressure falls. And who knows, why pressure falls? Anybody! Sign of rotation of cyclones explain by coriolis force, but the causes of the coriolis force are known by anybody.

What does the modern physics yield on disclosing of secrets of cyclones? The physics delicately sends the interested to meteorologists. What does the meteorology yield? If to be fair, the meteorology yields only outer effects of cyclones.

3.97. Tropical cyclones and unified theories. And what yield on cyclones the constructed or nearly so the unified field theories? After all they unified - they should explain and open secrets of any phenomenon. Here in general a complete silence. Here the price of all "unified" theories.

As the Unified Theory of Nature is universal, then in this and the subsequent articles the specified secrets of the tropical cyclones will be opened on the basis of described here the Unified Theory.

Long not to weary the reader, we will report at once: the named secrets are covered in the ethereous nature of hurricanes (cyclones) and in deep essence of Gravitation and  Inertia (Gravitation is not an attraction and Inertia and inertial mass  see).

So we will begin. Over water area as a result of heating and water evaporation in atmosphere together with warm (i.e. less dense) with air rises a steam, cooling in high layers of troposphere and collecting more and more.

In process of accumulation of water in the specified area of atmosphere and accordingly increase of density of atmosphere the ether stream (Ether and its physical properties see) moving here to Earth, is more and more branched in the massive bed of atmosphere filled with water over water area. It reduces a stream of the ether, flowing to Earth, since over water area, beginning from a water surface, there is the absorptive ether gravitational screen ("Gravitation is not an attraction" see above). As a result of gravitation reduction in bed between the screen and a water surface the atmospheric pressure here falls. Here the cause of mysterious pressure drop before the subsequent deterioration of weather. The more close to Earth, the more this falling, as the gravitational screen adjoins on a water fluid phase, and absorption of ether, flowing downwards, is integrated by the screen. In the next regions in the plan, adjoining on the specified region, pressure will be raised. The last follows from this that here there is no bed of atmosphere sated with water - the water antigravitational screen. This region, in particular, can be and the land next to water area. Then in the region with the diminished pressure, being under the screen, the converging motion of the atmospheric streams begins - arise winds*. And, the more low, the speed of a wind there is more. The modern meteorology holds back this change, but the Unified Theory clearly positions it, that follows from integrating work of the gravitational screen (look above).

From the Unified Theory follows that to Earth, rotating about the axis, runs in an ether vortex. As the ether runs in to Earth not strictly erectly (Three riddles of Space see), its speed has a horizontal component. This component of speed is directed from West on East. Then the jets of the vortex, which are running in to Earth closer to equator, have the greater peripheral speed, than the jets, which are running in more close to a pole. The greater horizontal component of speed of ether at equator accordingly. As atmosphere is not bound to Earth rigidly, then in a result of action of the filtrateing ether (of the compounding Gravitation, a tangent to a surface of Earth, see above:Three riddles of Spase) the region of the atmosphere with diminished pressure is moved from the very beginning of flowing in it of the atmospheric winds. It invokes the turn of the specified area of atmosphere concerning a surface of Earth in northern hemisphere counter-clockwise, in southern - clockwise. It leads to that (fig. 40)  the atmospheric streams in the cyclone region are developed in northern hemisphere also counter-clockwise, coming nearer to a circular motion, levelling (raising) the pressure which has fallen under the screen. The enhanced rotation of the cyclone vortex in the centre region (that can be at the rather small dimension of a cyclone or/and the big integrated mass of the gravitational screen on a vertical) will invoke the enhanced exhibiting of Inertia (see above). "The centrifugal force" increases, not allowing to approach to air streams in the centre.

At the expense of viscosity of air [24] these jets, rotating in the vortex, trap and delay air from the central region of the vortex to its ring rotating part. It creates the additional side pressure on the rotating part of the vortex from within a cyclone. 


Fig. 40. Formation and life of cyclones and anticyclones. 1 - an anticyclone; 2 - a cyclone; 3 - «a cyclone eye»; 4 - a stream of the maternal ether to Earth above the screen; 4 ′ - below the screen; 5 - a wall of cumulus-rain clouds; 6 - the gravitational screen.


Then the current of air, converging below to the rotating part of the vortex, start to turn upwards and  to flow in the higher beds of atmosphere ** with the lower atmospheric pressure, rising to level top area of the absorbing screen. The last for account of the specified above drawing  off  in the rotating part of the vortex creates a tube without the screen absorbing an ether. It is «a cyclone eye».

 Through this arisen tube the stream of ether, descending to Earth, strengthens, since here the gravitational screen has disappeared. It leads to motion of the cold air from higher beds of atmosphere to the Earth by Gravitation. But as this cold air is delayed to walls of a rotating part (tube) also, then it, being admixed with wet warm air in pipe walls, forms the aboriginal whirls. There are the curling cumulus-rain clouds, in the form of a wall around «cyclone eye». From these rain clouds the downpour, reducing mass of the screen, downwards falls. The reducing mass of the gravitational screen leads to that swing pressure on a vertical in the middle of a cyclone decreases. But as this difference is at the bottom of cyclone, then its rotation is retarded. As a result the described above processes weaken and proceed until the specified swing pressure will disappear. Accordingly, the tube - «a cyclone eye» disappears.

Disclosing of the specified secrets of cyclones on the basis of the essence of Gravitation and Inertia, positioned in the present Unified Theory (The guidance of gravitation on Earth  see), yields for the first time basic possibilities of  creating  of the reliable protection and escape from tropical cyclone. It and control of development of cyclones, and control of their moving and even their full repressing.



* In connection with convergence, running in a region with low pressure of streams, travelling speed of a wind in process of a distance from periphery grows.

** Thereupon the horizontal component of speed of a wind at approach to the cyclone central region falls.






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