What is space vacuum - only the Unified Theory of Nature could answer this


Space vacuum

Space promises man both bright hopes and dangers (Unified Theory of Nature see). That is why a person should know about his innermost secrets. Let's try to look into the thinnest world of the Space - into its space vacuum. 

As Space is boundless in breadth (First fundamental concept of Unified Theory of Nature see) then in it the infinite number of the greater material volumes (The tridimensional volume of Space is real see), including in themselves the smaller ones. But since all existing is duality (Space and World see) there is the consequence: number of the lesser material volumes, entering in each the greater volume, is infinitely also. We will note that Material Space at the certain its medial density «ρ» in process of reduction of its particles increases their quantity so, reduces distances between them.

So, at the mental division on each of co-ordinates: X, Y, Z of each two particles (fig. 1) in mental space vacuum and their the arrangement between the rests, the distances (backlashes) L between them decrease more promptlythan the size(mass) of a particle decreases: м1 = 1; м2 = 0,5; but if L1 = 1, then L→ 0. At the certain level of the particle sizes the boundaries of the particles become the conditional, and then disappear. 

  Fig. 1. The plan of transition of the linear discrete space in the continuous. a – the scheme of the mental division of particles; d- the initial sizes (the masses) of particles and the distance between them in the mental space vacuum; b – the sizes (the masses) after the division of particles and the distances between them; 1 – the boundary of the oozed volume in mental space vacuum.


It, taking into account given above the consequence, means only one: the space of the motionless particles – the discrete Space transfers in the continuous motionless Space smoothly and imperceptibly. It means also that the smallest particles of the mentally motionless  matter - ether (Second fundamental provision of Unified Theory of Nature see) are not in the taken over concept by the particles since have no any certain terminating size.

Thus, in a limit the matter does not disappear i.e. there is no an absolute space vacuum, but has the certain density. The concept about the infinite divisibility of a matter and that Space is not empty adhered French philosopher and mathematician R.Descartes (1596 … 1650), and also German philosopher, mathematician and physicist G.V.Lejbnits (1646 … 1716). It was termed as the standing about a continuum, but in 19 century has been rejected by the new atomism.

Here it is gained 1st unilateral – the interior mathematical closure of (the discrete material) Space on the continuous one (the 2nd see in Space vortex changes). Here the proof is gained also that Material Space is continuous (space vacuum is not present in it). 

It becomes here too clearer – what is the matter. It is the continuous (the 1st fundamental property of ether) Material Space together with the smallest conditional particles, which cannot be found out never. The last streams from that the resolution of our watch facilities always will be less, than these conditional particles, as our resorts always will be more in the sizes, since they will always form from the smaller particles. However the most smaller are the conditional particles of ether. About such impossibility it is spoke in the aphorisms of F.Bacon about Nature Interpretation [6 p. 13]. The continuity of the space ether is also confirmed by the straightforwardness of the propagation of electromagnetic waves in Space (see  Consequence). Let's call this matter as maternal ether.

The steady structures of material Space.  Material moving macroSpace transfers in microSpace really on the steady (Existence is stability of a material object see) structures: a galaxy, a star, a proton (an electron). From this it follows that the moving visible (i.e. the discrete) Space transfers in the moving invisible (i.e. the continuous one - the ether) really also on the steady stages. From the last streams: the minimum size of the possessing by motion "particleof ether (see above in second paragraph the consequence: ) will be the quite appointed, causing the definiteness of the sizes of the bigger and the smaller objects in the steady structures.



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