Stars and galaxies - a single mechanism for their occurrence and explosions


Explosion of a star


Speeds of movement in Universe. Definition: a current –fluxion (3rd property of  ether see) – the cophased motion of all parts of a moving volume of medium.  A wave is caused by the anti-phase consecutive motion (interior fluxion) of the next volumes making medium (at the expense of elasticity of medium) of the moving (or the based) volume. From this it follows that a current always more slowly of the wave in this medium. In the theoretical limit, i.e. for microvolumes and short waves («interior fluxion», see above), the velocity of a current can come nearer to the velocity of a wave.

 Accordingly the ethereous current ve  in Universe, including the gravitational filtration, always more slowly of an undular motion of ether, which velocity ve.u.  is the greatest possible velocity in Universe (items 2.38, 2.39). The maximum undular velocity in Universe is the light speed C.

Velocity of current of ether can be great also. So the meteor translocated to Earth by current of universe ether, flies with the velocity to some tens kilometres per second. If about Earth ve it was small, then a meteor, having v= ve in Universe, further (than more close to Earth) it would more and more be braked by ether and has continuously sat. (And a person, having stumbled, would not drop so promptly).

Pressure growth in a galaxy and a star. At formation in Universe of the ether vortexes it is stream from the ethereous continuity the velocity of the current grows to the central region of the vortex. From the converging fluxion of ether follows the greatest velocity in the vortex – a galaxy (a star) will be in its central part and those more, than the curvature of the vortex more grows. From the"winding" of ether follows, that in the central part of a rotating galaxy (a star) filtration of ether misses. Hence, the specified in Universe central zone of vortex is squeezed not by the outside filtration pressure (not by Gravity, the fluxion - filtration see). It squeesed by the own interior elastic pressure for the account of underwedge of the reeled jets (fig. 4) of the macrovortex by the gyration with the maximum velocity of ether in a galaxy. Similarly in stars of Universe. Accordingly the filtration will not be through the star kern to the galaxy kern (for the star into a galaxy) also. There will be the ether flowing in the kern of the star and it’s gravitational motion due to the flow around the toroidal kern of a star (Formation of galaxies and stars see) with a stream of viscous ether moving toward the kern of the galaxy*.

From the underwedge (fig. 4 see) of the each reeled elastic layer of ether follows, that the pressure in the central zone of the viewed place in Universe grows by summation of pressure of each stratum. The frequency of vibration of ether (Microvibration see) is increased. The internal  pressure (The pressure see) is increased** (fig. 5).     




Fig. 5. The pressure profile diagramme on the depth of a kern of a galaxy (star):

R– the  kern radius; V – the direction of fluxion of ether; Р – the diagramme ordinate.


The former potential motion of equalization of density of ether ρi changes on the new motion from the beginning of the phase of winding of ether by stratums in the central region of a vortex (in the kernel).  This is accumulation of ether in the given place of Universe. Here ether density ρkern it is increased in many times in comparison with ρ tp those places with the increased density, whence the ether has begun to flow in the place of the future galaxy (the star). The acknowledgement of that the ether here is condensed more, than there was the density of those places in Universe, whence the ether has begun to flow, is subsequent  its expansion, i.e. the oscillations which are the fundamental property of Universe (Oscillations in Universe see). Otherwise these oscillations will not arise.

Thus, into a kern the ether collects. The ether is in the squeezed (intense) state. From within to outside in it the total pressure of stratums of the vibrating elastic ether of Universe acts. From outside to inside to this pressure the stability of the vortex motion (Vortex motion is the stable see) – the elasticity of the orbits is counteracted

The mechanism of occurrence of explosions. At the ether flowing in a vortex, the ether motion to a kern is retarded because of the equalization of ρ in the circumvortex field of Universe. At the ideal lack of bodies, for example, in a galaxy – the stars, in sidereal system – the planets, the smooth deceleration of gyration happens. By that the interjet viscosity here is not displayed since the ether is active in fluxion. Then this motion stops. And further since the ether density in the outside pulsing stratum of a kern in this place of Universe more than the density of the peripheral zone of ether outside of the kern then the phase of equalization of densities of ether of these zones begins: the ether starts to be unreeled continuously from the kern. In these requirements the ether in a viewed place of Universe comes to the basic state (by a new oscillation) - to the maternal ether without formation of bodies in the viewed place.

Really it is occurs differently. The ethereous vortex in its central part is reeled on itself so, becomes more in diameter and grows until then, when the pressure from within will reach value of the external pressure (see above the paragraph: «Thus...»). Then the vortex partially or completely is collapsed by explosion. At the partial the exterior part of the vortex is fractured - a kern envelope is dropped or parts of this shell. In this case, such parts will often be set on the surface of the star. The reason for this is the dissimilarity of the star over its surface, see Properties of Space. The presence of many such local explosions excludes their catastrophic for the surrounding Space. The surface of the star with its various sections will as if breathe at the expense of local pressure drops. At the full explosion - all vortex collapses. Especially the high-power explosion will be at occurrence of the rapid deceleration of the macrovortex gyration***. It will be at the expense of adjunction to the central part of the galaxy (the star) of a major body or of an aggregation of bodies, which always are available in Universe. This rapid deceleration will call the prompt disappearance of the vortex underwedge, which retains the central part of the macrovortex in the squeezed state (see above) – the squeezing  is realised in the explosion of the galaxy (the star).

Before the explosion the substance flowed in one viewed place of Universe – the kern of a galaxy (of a star). After explosion the allocation of density ρ of ether became absolutely to others. In particular ether can flow now to many centres of Universe (to stars, to planets, to bodies). In this case many of small vortexes are formed of one major vortex. These small are ranked around of the essentially greater and there is a new galaxy (a star).

 It can be and the other situation. The explosion scatters in ethereous Space of Universe to all sides the circumferential zone and the parts of the central kern of a galaxy (a star) (with their straight lines and reverse rotation). In the place of the former kern at the expense of Inertia of parts of the kern the ether rarefaction area is formed (ρ is a little). Then the equalization of ρout of the outside zone with ρi of the interior will follow – again the filtrational fluxion to the rarefaction place – the formation  of a new galaxy (a star) in the close to the former place.

Consequence. Those galaxies which are not spiral, not elliptical and not globe, are in the phase of scattering in explosion (not the gravitational phase) or in the beginning of the following for it (two previous paragraphs see) phase of formation of a new galaxy.


* From the stated it is visible that one extreme (in oscillation) the ether state – the pure ether (the maternal), the second – the squeezed  in a kern of a star (galaxy) self-condensed vortex. From this it follows that all known particles (bodies) represent themselves as the free and the tripped microvortexes and they were formed outside of a kern in the ether concentration phase. At the return ether oscillation they will be scattered on pure ether with the gyration in the direct and the return to the basic gyration side.

 ** Ether vibration remains, but the oscillations of particles, moving in the basic flow of ether, disappear, since particles themselves disappear (How co-exist of ether vortexes see). 

 *** The analogy is the disrupture of a grinding stone as a result of its jamming by the turn subject, for example, by the automobile inner tube ineptly smoothed out for vulcanization.



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