The Theory and the experiments

Unified Theory of Nature and its experimental corroborations on original installation


Installation exposition 

The experimental installation on confirmation of the Unified Theory of Nature represents the base in the form of the horizontal plate from bakelite, standing on the table on three legs with the adjusting screws. On the base the vertical glass tube of 13 mm thickness with the internal passage of 11 mm and the length 680 mm is anchored. The enameled copper wire by section 1, 2 mm in the form of the solenoid is reeled on the tube.

On the tube top end is the hole through which the mobile rod (trigger) transits. It put in action by the starting relay assembly which is anchored on the indicated tube. The bead from the dielectric material (bead in diameter 10 mm, which is intended for slope in a tube) lies in tube top end on the rod. From below the tube (on the escaping of it) the tip relay assembly is erected. It fixes the moment of the termination of flight of the bead on the tube.

One more the tubular reel by length 160 mm from the wire section 1, 2 mm is dressed densely and anchored on the solenoid. The tube reeled along its length by the consecutive conducting of the wire inside and outside of the reel skeleton.

The installation is supplied by the source of constant current with voltage output 12 V, by the button of start of the installation, by the stop watch with the measurement accuracy 0,01 c, strengthened on the basis of the installation, and by the compass.

The experimental installation is intended for fulfilment of the several quality various experiences

Apparently, the featured installation outwardly cannot  be compared to large colliders and space telescopes. But it was possible to me, and not once, to reach success by the invention of small installations which appeared more effective, than known bulky installations.

So, in the field of a fluid cavitation. Instead of huge hydrodynamic pipes or ineffective  because of the functional boundedness of ultrasonic installations diminutive installation has been created. Being the small room installation, it has allowed to discover the most interesting appearance Heat-mechanical shock in a fluid”. This appearance yields in essence new expedients of deriving of energy, and also expedients of almost instant stopping of the "infuriated" nuclear reactor (The generator of  energy "Ray"and Unified Theory of Nature prevents explosions see).

In the field of designing of tractors. Instead of huge tractors  it has been developed  the tractor – dwarf  with the traction greater, than at heavy known tractors several times[46].

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