Universality of the Theory

Quantum numbers and the new in theirs essence

The nature of quantum numbers in V.Pauli's principle is unknown till now. Each published claiming for true Theory of All holds back it also.

V.Pauli's principle. In quantum mechanics V.Pauli's principle is used: two electrons in same atom should differ, at least, with one quantum number.

Unified Тheory of Nature discovers deep physical essence of principle of V.Pauly.

On the Unified Тheory the main quantum number «п» will be necessary various at two electrons (microvortexes) of an atom under other identical requirements, because of two electrons cannot be identical (Space and World see), so at  because of their different Gravity and Inertia (Essence of Gravitation and Essence of Inertia see) size of orbits at them will be not identical.

The second from 2 next orbits (ether jets), which less than the first (having the greater number of«п») at coincidence of planes of these two orbits (the jets) interreacts with the first (the greater orbit). Then the second jet is turned from the first at expense of the cross gyration of the jets. Their planes are intercrossed. That gives the difference in magnetic quantum number «m».

And further, at the electron motion on second orbit (the lowest) there is interaction of these two jets of ether again in its two points, closest to first orbit (where they are close to cross). That repels the second jet in these points from the first. As result the shape of first orbit (shape of the vortex with an electron) is extended in ellipse a little. The shape of the second orbit is became squeezed in one direction. Figure "eight", i.e. unstable form (oscillatory in the plane of this orbit, fig. 27) is formed.

Because of the elasticity of jets of ether (i.e. of this orbit) the orbit transfers in stable form, being aimed to a circle at expense of decrease of the pressure in 2 indicated places of two orbits, being extruded by this pressure in the orthogonal to plane of 1st orbit direction. In other words, the vortex (the 2nd orbit) is displaced in itself plane, becoming the asymmetrical concerning the centre of rotation (the atom kern). Then because of the remaining interaction of the closest part of the second orbit about the first this part of the second orbit is distorted elastically from the circular in the more abrupt – this part is became almost-elliptical. Accordingly its most removal (from the first orbit) part is aimed to circular because of the elasticity of ether. Thus, the second orbit has the shape not elliptical as that consider in A.Zommerfeld's model, but the more complicated (fig. 28). The first orbit will be accordingly extended a little in the places indicated above, that approaches it to the slightly-elliptical (instead of the circular, as in A.Zommerfeld's model).

From the given it is visible that the second electron has the quantum number l, necessary distinct from the first.

At the occurrence in this atom the one more electron its orbit (the jet of bearing ether) will take form also squeezed on one side. But this third orbit (the bearing ethereous vortex) will turn  the second, having changed the magnetic quantum number «m» at the second and will gain itself magnetic quantum number, еssentially distinct from the second electron.

  Fig.  27. The unsteady form of the orbit – "the eight": 1- the first orbit (the cross section); 2 – the second orbit; 3 – the oscillations of the 2nd orbit; 4 – the atom kern; 5 – the electron in the first orbit; 6 – the electron in the second orbit.



 Fig.  28. Deformations of the next orbits of the electrons. а – two projections of the orbits (the lateral view in the slit and the plan);  δ -  the comparative shape of the next orbits; 1 – the first оrbit; 2 – the second orbit; 3 – the atom kern; 4, 5 – the electrons


By that the position of the plane of the vortex, bearing the third electron(the third orbit), will be  caused by its interaction with the second vortex also, and with the first, disposing the plane of the third vortex, bearing the electron (the third orbit) approximately in the middle of the corner between the planes of the first orbit and the second orbit.

Own longitudinel gyration (longitudinal motion see) of the microvortex (the electron) at its motion in the bearing vortex (the electron orbit) can have the two directions. These directions in the next orbits certainly the various. It is caused by that in the places of the approach of the electrons (the microvortexes) to each other (in the places of the reprochement of the trajectories) the ether microvortexes interreact so, that the fluxion direction in the microvortexes coincides in the point of their contact.  This is possible at the opposite directions of the gyration of the microvortexes only (at the various spin quantum numbers S) *. Otherwise there is the collision of the jets of the microvortexes and hence the turn of the planes of the microvortexes (i.e. the motion for differentiating of the spins of the electrons to the opposite sign) or even "the unreeling" them (or one of them) i.e. the annihilation of the electron with the occurrence of the wave pressure ("the photon", mutual contact of microvortexes, the wave of pressure and annihilation of the microvortexes see).

Thus, the physical nature of quantum numbers is discovered. She will allow to simplify essentially  Quantum Mechanics, on which there are many censures for its mystical character.

* Look the analogy to a chemical bond. It is enough «the eight» (How ever is formed a chemical bond see) to bend  half-and-half so that its two circles have laid down against each other.


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