Universality of the Theory

Types of galaxies and their secrets

Origin of galaxies. «Largest problem of the up-to-date astronomy consists in the understanding, why there are these various types of galaxies and what their origin. It is not known anything almost about the origin of galaxies» (F.Hoyle) [10, p. 13].

The Unified Theory reveals a secret of an origin and existence of all types of galaxies (see Galaxies - how they have originated?, Space vortex changes). A galaxy are organised by transmutation of  space maternal ether into the vortex at its fluxion in Universe field where the density of a maternal ether is less. Then it exists, accumulating the vortex ether and varying to an explosion phase. The discovered origin and essence of life of galaxies allows to create their harmonous classification. 

The classification of the types of galaxies. The up-to-date cosmology uses the classification of the types on E.Habbl [10]. The elliptical: Е0, Е1, Е2... Е7 and the spiral: Sа, Sв, Sс.

The classical plan of the formation of galaxies is featured by I.King [18, p. 247] and represents the following. It is considered that the substance was transmuted into stars almost instantaneously that has yielded galaxies  the spherical shape almost. Other future of galaxies were as the gas rather long.  Therefore their kinetic energy has substantially dissipated in the form of the radiation, but the angular momentum was maintained. The disks were formed as the result.

The given classical plan has the variety of the obvious defects. Therefore recently the newer plan has been offered, the  essence of which in the following. The basic initial process in it – the formation of the disks. Then the many disks are joined to the sphere shape. Their joining was favoured by the high density of the galaxies in their early period. A.Toomre (1977) [18, p. 238 see above] considers that as result of the collisions the galaxies this process their joining exists and now. It is considered that it is confirmed that [18, p. 248 see above] «the share of the elliptic galaxies in the aggregations much more above, than where their density is less».

This new plan suffers rather serious deficiencies also. So, there are no substantiations why in the beginning of formation of a galaxy it should gain the disk shape, instead of the orb.

Why the disk galaxies waited, while they become the disk galaxies, and only then began be attracted mutually? After all they were attracted mutually from the very beginning their formations through that gas which they to themselves attracted. Therefore they should merge from the very beginning. 

Why they should be attracted more actively at high density of galaxies in their early continuance? After all they had much smaller mass in this early continuance at major density of a relative positioning of galaxies accordingly, so were attracted more feeblly.

As to a share of elliptic galaxies in their aggregations(it is used for acknowledgement of the plan of A.Toomre) this fact speaks much easier (see In aggregations of galaxies – elliptic galaxies...) and is inscribed in Unified Theory of Nature harmonic, instead of hangs alone about A.Toomre's plan.

The basic deficiency is that the build-up of the plan of formation of galaxies was carried out on the basis of an unknown essence of gravitation.

From Unified Тheory also follows ("Galaxies - how they have originated?", "Space vortex changes" see above) that the galaxies have the harmonious consecutive series of the shapes, beginning from the flat spiral with the more and more growing kern and with the squeezed flat part to the extended ellipsoids, through the ellipsoidal with the lesser difference of the axes to the globe. 

It has thus appeared that Gravitation is not  the bottom of formation of galaxies.

If to change the known classification so that shapes of galaxies will be arranged upside-down then galaxies will lose all inconsistencies and secrets of their origin and existence. This order correspond to the sequence of shaping and existence of galaxies discovered by Unified Theory completely. 

The irregular galaxies. In the up-to-date science the galaxies, which not the spiral, not the elliptic and not the globe, term as the irregular and consider as their first phase of formation of a galaxy.

Under Unified Theory of Nature the irregular galaxies are the galaxies, which are in the state after explosion of the old globe (see The gear of occurrence of explosions). It can be the phase of flying away of fragments of the blown up galaxy or the beginning of formation of a new galaxy (new galaxies) from the blown up, but already of the scattered old galaxy.


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