Universality of the Theory

Globe galaxies, their luminosity and activity, new stars, gas

Among galaxies, one of the most interesting species is the globe galaxies. These galaxies have variety of the unsolved secrets.  Сonsider these secrets.

Globe galaxies with the greatest luminosity. It is known that the large globe galaxies do not exceed the certain limit of mass and of luminosity, but the causes of it are not erected [10, pages 11,17].

Under the Unified Theory a globe galaxy – the oldest (Formation of kinds of galaxies see). It cannot have greater mass, since it further blows up. It also cannot be smaller, since it is still young and has not gathered of ether for turning into the globe shape.

In a globe galaxy there is not enough gas. It is known that in galaxies of type ЕО there is the small contents of gas. Existing explanations to this observation are the unpersuasive.

Unified Theory of Nature discovers (Space vortex and kinds of galaxies see) that the small linkings – particles, gas can exist only outside of the kern of macrovortex – galaxy, but in a globe galaxy all peripheral part of a macrovortex was transmuted into a macrovortex kern in which there can not be particles, bodies.

Globe galaxy have a small number of new stars. The mysterious fact is known – in galaxies ЕО arises a small number of new stars and that "population" in them are the old enough [18, page  248]. 

Under Unified Theory of Nature the globe galaxies correspond to the phase of the fading of moving of ether to a galaxy kern ("Formation of kinds of galaxies" see above). Ether inflow to the kern of such galaxy decreases. This decreases formation of ethereous mesovortexes – new stars  in the galaxy.

Globe galaxies – places of the improbably powerful activity. It is considered that galaxies ЕО – the places of the improbably powerful activity since throwings out of substance from the centre of a globe galaxy are observed through telescopes, and also it is revealed, that the exactly powerful sourses of a hard radiation  are in globe galaxies [10, page 47].

The following is erected in Unified Theory of Nature ("Formation of kinds of galaxies" see above). Pressure is collected in a galaxy in the process of her life. This pressure increases  the activity of processes in a globe galaxy and leads to the origin of quasars (A quasar – a predecessor of a black hole see). Besides, the pressure can lead to the one-sided throwings out of content from a central zone outside at the expense of the slightest dissimilarity (Space and World  see) of the zone of the reeled jets of ether.


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