Universality of the Theory

Energy and liberation of energy


Energy is the essentialest for mankind existence. However, it implies so much secrets that mastering by it goes extremely slowly. 

Essence of liberation of energy. On the up-to-date scientific representations the link is broken and there is a transmutation of a binding energy (potential energy) into the kinetic (the thermal) at the particle division into two. By that the essence of process is disappeared behind the mystery of phenomenological concept "energy". 

The Unified Theory allows to open this essence. So, at the connection, two vortexes are caught the friend for the friend (Nuclear interaction  see) or the common (for two particles) electron orbit is the ether vortex, bearing this electron ("the eight", chemical bond see). Electron motion is transmuted (transfers) in motion of both particles at their disrupture. The motion – in the motion. The micromotion (the electron motion) in more great movement (the motion of particles) – the thermal.  Not the mysterious "liberation" of energy, but transition of the mechanical motion of jets of ether in the mechanical motion of particles (All views of a motion it is possible to lead to the mechanical and Inertia as the property consequence 7 see). By that the second (the derivative) motion is the perceptible (the warmth) to us, but the first is not appreciable – is  the hidden.

Consequence. Under Unified Theory of Nature a mass is the motion of microvortexes of ether. It means, the used in a science  the concept momentum "mv" is the product of two movements (in the above-stated case – the micro- and the macromotions).


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