Universality of the Theory

Cosmic Microwave Background is created by protons and electrons of Universe


Cosmic Microwave Background, also called Relict Radiation, is considered an echo of the once former hot Universe as a result of the Big Bang. A theoretical explanation of the nature of the named radiation is very complicated.

In the article "Was-wether a Big Bang in general?" of the present site I had been gave the arguments specifying in an inaccuracy of the concept of a Big Bang. On my arguments it was possible to object convincingly enough: Big Bang proves to be true presence of Cosmic Microwave Background i.e Relict Radiation of Universe. However in this article on the basis of the Unified Theory of Nature the convincing evidence will be given of the fallacy of the existing interpretation the so-called “Relict Radiation”.

So, from the 2nd fundamental property of the World (In Spase all moves see), a consequence follows: the orbits of the planets, and the planets themselves, and the stars, and the proton, and the electron, and the orbits of the proton, and the electron change.

According to  the Unified Theory ("All moves - varies" see above, Explosions of galaxies and stars and What is a neutron star see)  each vortex accumulates ether and periodically drops it. Confirmation of regular discharges in the world of microvortex of ether is that even with their very long life, the regular ultramicrodischarges of ether provide the microvortexes (electrons, protons, ...) constant mass. Ultramikro- outthruws of high layers of envelopes of microvortexes (of electrons, of protons, …) create in the maternal ether the waves of pressure - electro-magnetic waves (How  arise an electromagnetic wave see). Besides at spreading of microvortexes (Smaller vortex are spread see) on mezo- (macro-) vortex – a star (a galaxy) and at extinguishing of antiparticles (Why antiparticles annihilate see) arise electromagnetic waves also ("How  arise an electromagnetic wave" see above). These waves create constant radiation of Space. The ranges of lengths of waves of this radiation are defined  by the local density of a maternal ether, by the mutual superposition of oscillations and by beats arising thus. 

From the given follows that Cosmic Microwave Background is not the relict, and is created by electrons and protons of Universe.


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