Universality of the Theory

Potential energy, motion, light - three secrets of physics

Potential energy aspires to a minimum. The up-to-date science everywhere uses the universal law of Nature − aspiration of potential energy of bodies and mediums for a minimum. However the essenceal explanation to it is not present. The explanation bottom uses thermodynamics which does not view deep microprocesses, and only their plurality.


Unified Theory of Nature explains the specified universal law. It is a simple consequence from the 2nd fundamental property of  World  and the second fundamental property of the spase ether (The ether properties see) 

The bottom of universality of motion. It is known that all in  Nature moves, but the bottom of universality of movement is not known.

From the 1st fundamental property of  World (see above) and the 2nd fundamental property of ether (see above) this is the simple consequence.

The ray of light moves on a straight line. It is known that the ray of light ("electromagnetic waves") is spread on a straight line. However the cause of it is not erected.

Unified Theory of Nature erects the cause of this fact (Consequence in "The substance properties" see above). The cause consists in 1 and 5 properties of ether.


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