Universality of the Theory

Red shift - its secrets

American astrophysicist E.Hubble is revealed the magnification of the "red shift» with the magnification of distance to galaxies – «E.Habbl's effect». 

Red shift


On the basis it is considered that galaxies are scattering − Universe is dilating. The cofirmation to it are considered the most remote from us objects – quasars, found out in 1963. Calculations on basis of E.Habbl's law show that they are leaving from us with velocity v = 240000 km/s. The up-to-date science does not give other explanations (except the scattering of galaxies) to change of the red shift depending on distance. However effect of E.Habbl, recognised for true, began to contradict seriously to recently open ranked ("cellular") structure of Universe [3, p. 129].

Influence of squeezing of galaxies. From the Unified Тheoryfollows that explanations to the red shift and its change can be found the absolutely others. So, at first, the effect of the red shift at the expense of K.Doppler's effect can be caused by motion of squeezing of the galaxies, i.e. by the approach of stars of the observable galaxies to the centre of the galaxies –  by  the removal of light sources from the nearer to us (so, the brighter) periphery of the galaxies. That means: we see the light from the leaving system of light sources – the stars (instead of the galaxies). 

Influence of flow of a space ether.  At second. Influence of motion of ether - the carrier of light waves (How  arise an electromagnetic wave and Secrets of the light speed see) in the direction to centre of galaxies unequal in costs for us in relation to an observable galaxies.


    Fig. 29. The plan to explanation of  change of wave length at expense of removal light sources – stars  and of light speed changes. a – another galaxy; δ- our Galaxy; c – Solar system; 1 – the brighter periphery of the galaxy; 2 – the less bright; I – the first standing of Solar system in Galaxy; II – the second standing.

So, we are approximately on middle of distance from edge of our Galaxy to its centre. It leads to that at observation of other galaxies we see the everyone of them through the smaller thickness of our moving to us galactic ether (Formation of galaxies see), than through the thickness of the leaving ether of the nearer to us part (having the greatest  luminosity) of observable galaxy. It is reflected on fig. 29.

In the first standing (fig. 29) the length of trajectory of ether, moving in passing to wave from another's radiant, will be equal approximately 0,5 of radius of Galaxy. In the second it is equal to the section СД: СД = АВ – ВС. This length also is equal approximately 0,5 of radius of Galaxy. The other (intermediate) standings of Solar system in Galaxy give the same effect.

Therefore in the total the light from the brightest (the dominating) part of the observable galaxy goes to us through ether, which on the greater trajectory of light within 2 galaxies (the our and the observed) has the direction towards to light.

As a result the light from the radiant to the observer transits the increased trajectory in ether at expense of the ether motion towards to  light. It leads to the greater fading of everyone oscillation* and accordingly [1, p. 226] – to the reduction of their frequency – the light blushes.

From here follows the Red shift for the same reason (because of the fading) will be more, then the galaxy will be further.


   * The certificate of fading of light oscillations is impossibility of detection of light of far radiants with unaided eye, while the use of amplifier of signal (telescope) finds out them. The similar example. All the visible is more light in binoculars in late evening, without  binoculars is more dark. (The eye resolution  obvious here is nothing. After all the resolution is for the image, but in the given examples – it is considered the sensitivity to the force of the undular signal and first of all – to the amplitude).



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