Universality of the Theory

What is Gravitation, N.Maskelin's experience

In N.Maskelin's experience (1774) it has been gained that about vertical wall of a mountain from top of which the hairline with a bob overhangs, the hairline deviates a vertical. It is declared that the mutual  Gravitation between a mountain and a bob is proved. Thereby it is proved to be true that the Universal mutual Gravitation of bodies, discovered by I.Njuton, really exists. However, how  has been made the inference about the reciprocity,  N.Maskelin has ignored.


The reason of rejection of a bob. According to the Unified Theory here it is not revealed of the mutual Gravitation between the mountain and the bob. Its diversion has really happened, but there was it because of a filtration of a space ether through a smaller body (bob). By that the filtration flowed in two directions. One direction - through a bob to the centre of Earth (Essence of Gravitation, consequence 2 see). The gravitational filtration ("Essence of Gravitation" see above) of this direction tensions a hairline.

The second direction of the filtration of ether is the branch of a stream of the ether from the basic, which is flowing through the bob, to the large close arranged body - the mountain. This one-sided Gravity (filtration) translocates the bob in the direction - to the mountain. Accordingly, the mutual  Gravitation of bodies here not exists.


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