Universality of the Theory

Neutrino is not a particle





It is supposed, that particles neutrino fill all Space of Universe and that its mass makes 90 … 97 % concerning other substance, but why it so, is not known.  

It is reported that motion of galaxies in their aggregations occurs as if any invisible force acts on them. Presumably it is considered that it is caused by particles neutrino. It is considered, that mass of neutrino in 20000 times is less than an electronic mass. It has been established that the neutrino possesses all-pervasive ability, has a speed of motion, equal of light speed. Neutrino do not participate either in strong, in electrical, or in magnetic interaction. A particle with extraordinary properties! Let's try to solve it's secrets.                   

From Unified Тheory follows that the known concept of science «neutrino» is  closely related to featured in chapter Working out of the Unified Theory the ethereous concept of Universe. On the Unified Тheory the maternal ether – the vibrating material Space (Ether properties see), i.e. the space of stochastic arising submicrovolumes of the seals-expansions.

At the perturbation occurrence, for example, at interaction – collision of ethereous microvortexes, a microvortex in maternal ether can "be unreeled" (Annihilation of particles see), having transmuted its closed motion of the sealed microstream in the unlocked, having front.

As a microvortex is the ring longitudinal fluxion of a jet with its cross-section gyration (The appearance of a proton and an electron see) then at its unreeling also there will be the circumrotatory fluxion. So from beginning of disconnection of a jet from a vortex (its disrupture) at once in this point of disconnection at the front of the jet the microvolume of a seal (a wave) starts to grow with its travel on the tangent to the direction of fluxion which was here (fig. 30). 


Fig. 30. Stages of formation of a neutrino. 


As the tangent to former direction of fluxion is the tangent to the total of the longitudinal and the cross motion, then the jet disconnects from the vortex not on a straight line, but on the cylindrical spiral with its gyration also about itself centerline. Thus, the fluxion is transmuted into the seal i.e. in the single shock wave (but not the usual).

As result of consecutive meetings of this seal of ether with submicrovolumes of the another seals – the seals of "shivering" maternal ether ("Ether properties" see above) arises unidirectional travel of this seal («neutrino»). The motion without expansion of the front it is maintained. It follows from continuityundispersity, so, «unbilliardity» of ether (1st fundamental property of ether, squeezed zone of  ether  is spread rectilinearly , a seal of ether - an electromagnetic wave , the interior fluxion see) and uniqueness of the shock – the  shot of the microvortex. By that at initial stage of the motion the gyration across the motion direction is generated (see above) - spin of "neutrino".

From the above and the Unified Theory the surprising results ensue:

Firstly, because of uniqueness of microvortex unreeling the travelled seal is perceived not as a wave, since it has no frequency, but as a particle.

Secondly, velocity of travel of the microseal – the wave («neutrino») is equal to the velocity of travel of "electromagnetic" waves i.e. of the light speed (What is the light speed? see). That explains the travelling speed of «neutrino».

Thirdly, since ether fills all Space of Universe and all is constructed of it by means of vortexes (Working out of the Unified Theory see), then this is perceived as neutrino fills all Space of Universe and transits through all. Namely by this it is explained the ollpiersing ability of «neutrino».

Fourthly, the mass of a microseal («a neutrino») is aimed to zero, because the elementary mass is a microvortex (What is the gravitational mass? see) and here it annihilated.

Fifthly, essence of «neutrino» in addition confirms that light and all electromagnetic waves are not the cross , but the combined – the longitudinal-cross waves ("What is the light speed?" see above).

Sixthly, «neutrino» at initial stage of its motion gains a spin, the axis of which coincides with direction of its travel in Space.

Seventhly. As «a neutrino» − is not a microvortex, then «a neutrino» has no "charge" and has no own magnetic field (What is the charge and magnetic field? see). Accordingly «a neutrino» will not react on "the electrical" and "the magnetic field".

Eighthly. In strong interaction «a neutrino» does not participates, since strong interaction is the catch of microvortexes (The atomic nucleus structure and Unification of fundamental forces see) but «neutrino» − is not a vortex (see above).

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