Universality of the Theory

Galaxy shapes - the reason for their curvature

It is known that the edge of a disk of our Galaxy is incurvated towards Magellanic clouds. A.King ([18, p. 117]) specifies that Gravitation does not speak of it, as such arcuations meets much without presence of the next galaxies. By that, what such modifications of the shape of galaxies speak, anybody does not know.





So what is the cause of the curvature? 

In the Unified Theory it is erected that in Universe the space ether compression zones (zones of Gravitation) occupy not all  Universe (In Universe there are bands without Gravitation see). Then near to an existing galaxy there can be one more the compression zone of ether, but in an initial phase. This zone cannot be visible, since bodies were not organised yet. However it influences the next ethereous zone of the already existing galaxy by the driving of ether. It happens by a modification (warpage) of its peripherel streams of ether towards this next compression zone of ether (zone of Gravitation).

Thus, the reason for the curvature of the shape of galaxies is due to the movement of the space ether. The specified concerns to Magellanic Clouds also as Magellanic Clouds − is the blown up galaxy (The gear of occurrence of explosions  and The irregular galaxies see) in which after its expansion (explosion) the phase of the new squeezing (of Gravitation) – of formation  of a new galaxy has begun. 

The erected by Unified Theory  proves to be true by the observation of the evident mysterious jet formations about galaxies, for example, as it is given on the images more low.





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