Universality of the Theory

James Jeans and main defect his Theory of Gravitational Instability

British astrophysics J. Jins has developed the theory of gravitational instability on which formation of clusters of galaxies,  galaxies and stars has been explained further. This theory is establishing in the up-to-date cosmology.

James Hopwood Jeans



E.Lifshitz has modified the theory, taking into account A.Fridman's theory of Universe expansion. It is considered that discovered in 1965 «Relict radiation» has confirmed the indicated theory of gravitational instability.

The role of Stability and Gravitation in clustering of galaxies, galaxies and stars. As appears from the Unified Theory, «Relict radiation», is not the illustration of the Universe expansion (Relict radiation – not relict see) and, accordingly, is not corroboration of the theory of gravitational instability. Main defect of theory of Jins-Lifshitz is the use by them of the concept "Gravity", which the essence in this theory – secret. The unknown cannot be discovered through the unknown.

In the Unified Theory the essence of Gravitation is not the unknown person (Essence of Gravitation see). Theory of formation of galaxies  does not contradict  the known laws of Nature: to rushing of systems to the self-smoothing, to an energy minimum (The ether fluxion see). Under Unified Theory  the beginning of formation of galaxies and aggregations of galaxies ("Formation of galaxies" see above) is not Gravitation, but the dissimilarity of density of Universe ether and vibration of ether (The ether microvibration see). The indicated dissimilarity was always and will be always (The first fundamental property of World see). The ether vibration at its unequal density in various zones of Universe leads to fluxions (to the places with the smaller density of ether). These fluxions then are transmuted (The vortex motion – the stable see) into the stable vortex makro- meso- and micromotion of ether (in galaxies, stars, microparticles) and accordingly lead to the subsequent origin of Gravitation in this zone. The arisen Gravitation leads to clustering of galaxies (The gravitating aggregations of galaxies  see).

Thus, the bottom of formation of stars, galaxies and their aggregations is not an instability  on James Jeans, but the stability, and they are shaped not under the influence of Gravitation, but in the absence of Gravitation.

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