Universality of the Theory

Gas and dust in galaxies

It is known that in spiral galaxies interstellar gas and dust make about 1 % from the full mass of a galaxy, in the elliptical - on two orders it is less, and in the irregular galaxies in many times it is more - to half of mass of a galaxy. The convincing scientific explanation to this mysterious fact absent.

Сontent  of dust and gas  in various types of galaxies. From the Unified Theory streams that spiral galaxies are the youngest (Formation of kinds of galaxies see). It follows from this that they are in a phase of the beginningof converging motion of ether on smoothing of its density so, the ether from environmental Space intensively moves  to them. Accordingly the ether motion conditions the origin of Gravitation . Gas and dust arrive in the galaxy under the influence of Gravitation.  In process of the further smoothing of the density of ether in the field of the galaxy with the ether density in environmental Space the travelling speed of ether decreases. Therefore Gravity decreases also. The intensity of gas and dust supply in galaxy field accordingly decreases. The last means that the gas and dust content on path from the galaxy periphery to its centre and to stars of the galaxy becomes less. It is the phase of elliptical (older) galaxies ("Formation of kinds of galaxies" see above).

Dust in a spiral galaxy


The irregular galaxy (for example, Magellanov's clouds) is in the following phase - a phase of explosion of a galaxy.  The explosion leads to formation of a considerable quantity of gas and dust.

                                                              Dust in a irregular galaxy 


It is possible also the following phase of life of a galaxy when after explosion of the reguler galaxy, i.e. origin of the irregular, it is began the formation of a new reguler galaxy in field of the visible irregular ("Formation of kinds of galaxies" and Magellan’s Clouds see). Accordingly such irregular galaxy will contain the greatest quantity of gas and dust.

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