Universality of the Theory

Red Giants and White Dwarfs - the new



A White Dwarf and a Red Giant 


Red Giants throw off an envelope. It is known that stars Red Giants can throw off the external gas envelope. By that the Red Giant is transmuted into a superdense White Dwarf. Now this appearance is not explained full enough.

Under the Unified Theory in the certain phase of life of a star (of an ether vortex) the interior pressure in a star reaches of meaning of the exterior – there is an explosion: the gas envelope comes off the condensed kern (The gear of occurrence of explosions see). The central zone – the maximum condensed rotating kern is remained (The vortex motion – the stable and 1st law of existence of Universe see).

There is high pressure at low temperature in a White Dwarf. It is known that in a White Dwarf there is a high pressure at low temperature. It contradicts gas laws. For elimination of this inconsistency the quantum electrodynamics has been attracted. By that it was necessary to introduce the virtual concept «the degenerative gas». However the essence of the phenomenon remained hidden for the virtuality.

Under the Unified Theory a star kern (but a White Dwarf is a kern of the Red Giant) should have the high pressure at the low temperature. It streams from that at ether concentration in a kern of a star by "winding" of stratums of ether (Ether vibration remains see) the thermal oscillations – the oscillations of microparticles disappear, since the  microparticles disappear (annihilate).


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