Universality of the Theory

Blue and red stars in the scattered and globe aggregations

It is known that aggregations of stars are bind by Gravity [18, p. 76]. It is known that in the scattered aggregations it is a lot of gas and dust. In the scattered aggregations the hot white-blue giants, the blue giants and the supergiants prevail, but it is not enough the red and the yellow giants. The red and yellow supergiants are not present in the scattered aggregations generally.




















Scattered aggregation


 All on the contrary in the globe aggregations of stars.



Globe aggregation


The given features is not explained by the up-to-date astronomy.


The scattered and globe aggregations of stars. Gas, dust. On Unified Тheory (Аggregations of stars see) the aggregation of stars is not the vortex (i.e. the unstable) macromotion of ether to the aggregation zone, leading to the formation and the growth of mesovortexes – stars. By that as the scattered aggregation the younger (The scattered aggregation of stars transmuted in the compact aggregation see) then ether flows to it intensively, involving from the environmental space gas and dust. The processes in young aggregations are more active, that gives the high temperature corresponding to blue stars.

The globe aggregation of stars are the older. It is the phase following behind the scattered aggregation. Accordingly ether flows to it less intensively – the gravity decreases  the  receipt, and therefore,  the quantity of gas and dust decreases. The processes in the stars of the globe aggregation are retarded because of reduction of Gravity – the temperature decreases, that corresponds to the yellow and the red stars.


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