Universality of the Theory

Why stars leave of globe aggregations?

It is known [18, p. 168, 192] that stars leave of globe aggregations of stars. However it is not erected, why the stars leave of globe aggregations. The known explanations (the flight of an interstellar cloud, the activity of the force field of whole galaxy as tensile pulls) are not the convincing and are the inconsistent.

The contradictions arise from the uncertainty of essence of Gravitation. Without knowing the essence of Gravitation, scientists speak: «Bodies are attracted» (to each other). The cause of existence the above given contradiction is covered in that namely.

On Unified Тheory of Nature stars are not attracted to each other. In connection with the erected essence of Gravitation the inconsistent cause of the going out of stars from the globe sidereal aggregation is erected also. Gravity decreases in the globe aggregations (Reduction of Gravity see). Therefore the stars of a globe aggregation can leave the globe aggregations because of the reduction of Gravity. 

Not immediately noticeable consequence. From the last follows, that if the shape of an aggregation of stars is close to the stringently globe, then dissimilarity (see the First Fundamental Property of the World) is practically absent along the periphery of the aggregation. Then according to the Unified Theory, the leavings of stars from such aggregation should miss practically. If the aggregation shape is far from the globe, but the aggregation is the compact, the leavings of stars will be obligatory.

So, the leavings of stars should be present on the given image of the compact, but not the stringently globe aggregations of stars. 

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